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Test Comments posted by Reesedw

    Edel SMS Wedges

    4 hours ago, xOldBenKenobiX said:

    Me too

    I have backed up the ball once in my life, and only about 6 inches, but I still cant figure out how to replicate it

    the easiest way to get a ball to back up for me is to drop it on a hill.. LOL 

    I know how you feel. I did get a few crazy backups while testing the Cleveland Zipcore wedge. and a few 1 hop and stops but those shots have since past... 

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  1. 6 minutes ago, jddaigneault said:

    Saw a stat recently that the M's have not made the playoffs since 2001. That's crazy! They had some pretty good teams in the last 20 years.

    That's the facts.. 20 yrs of this might be the yr.. Longest Playoff drought in MLB, and the ONLY MLB teams to NEVER go to the World Series.. 44 Yrs and counting on that one.. 

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  2. 59 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

    Ha! you may be right, you may be wrong... 

    BUT since you brought up the Sox, my boys started baseball last week and got some excellent Jersey numbers.

    Grady is wearing #24 just like the great Dwight Evans and of course the slugger Manny Ramirez as well.  And Jackson is wearing #9.  Mr. Ted Williams's number. 

    These would be the Same Red Sox, that just split a series with the Seattle Mariners, the undisputed laughing stock of MLB.. They unfortunately are my team, and yes I know the whole thing about blind squirrels finding nuts.. I have to take my shots, they don't happen very often with the M's... LOL

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  3. It's funny how the CCC brings out the SHIp talking amongst us all.. And to a very high level, some of the Best I've ever seen... LOL 


    the best part of this is watching painfully, the competitors try to figure out how to win.. as Any Alum knows it's hard to do... 

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  4. 17 minutes ago, edingc said:

    We need some alumni challenges!

    I agree.. All the Alumni should be involved some way.. That would be soo fun.. 

    Please Cody no more Calves pictures.. LOL, they seem to have let us down last year.. 

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