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  1. @twyatt700, is the cobra adaptor the same as on the F8+? I have the Hzrds Red but my spin is just higher than I would like..
  2. @dlow206, Have you been using a driving range?? Which one? @IDontGiveAchuck has gone to both the Super Range on 128th in Everett, they have top tracer and Choice Turf in Snohomish and they Trackman if you want to get some real numbers on how you are doing...
  3. @dlow206, The biggest Saving grace about being injured right now is that you do not look outside and think today is so gorgeous I wish i was playing.. the weather is crappy, your injured, so work on what you can.. You are doing an awesome job.. Swing looks good.. Right now i'm in my office watching it rain, Catching up on your progress.. Keep it up your doing awesome..
  4. There used to be a do that lived off the 11th green at a course i play in E. Wash quite a bit. the dog would grab the ball and run back by his house, and lay down.. All you had to do was walk up to him and he'd let you grab you ball, he thought of it as a game to get attention.. never take it so you could not find it just off the green to where he would lay down... the owner let a bucket on a post just on his property with a sign about the dog.. "If my dog took your ball feel free to replace it, also local rule is to place it as close to original spot as possible.. P.S. dog love to be petted..".. you could always find proV's in the bucket, the owner would pick up more from the pro shop as the bucket got low..
  5. We have a couple of really good golf stores that I normally frequent but since I was there and really did not want to hang out in a store buy decorations for the house i figured i would just wander for a while.. that was short lived.. Thanks to everyone for their responses. If anyone need Top Flite golf balls i know a store.. LOL. anything else not so much..
  6. Went into the local Dicks this weekend, killing time while wife and Daughter were in Hobby Lobby. Happened to see a Cobra SZ with the Hzrds Yellow Smoke shaft for $399.00 (the club I'm thinking about upgrading to), so I asked if I could Give it a few hits in their Bay.. I was told they charge $20 an hour, if I wanted to pay $20 I could... WTH.. I get charging for me to bring clubs in and hit.. but testing a club out for a potential sale.. I just said no thanks and left.. Am I missing something? I have always been able to give a club a few hits if I'm looking. Never have I even been charged if I just said I want to try it.. Not that I'm a big Dicks Shopper since the golf area is one of the smallest around. Had a ton of balls and very few clubs...
  7. You will be very happy with that purchase. I have one that is home to my "extra" set. Enjoy it..
  8. All of these look amazing.. If they putt as good as they look you might have a side business.. Great job.
  9. OK as soon as you try it I have to know how the mat does.. I have been looking at the Accustrike, and if this works and last I might pick up one like you just got..
  10. Like Derrick, I live in Wash. also and know about Point Roberts, A little.. If I remember correctly there is maybe 2000 people. Mostly a bedroom community.. Very relaxed place..
  11. Personally I would buy 1 sleeve of the mid grade balls for $10.00 and 2 sprites, that way I could mix drinks and would be searching for lost balls.. If I'm only starting with 3 balls it might be a long day,.,. LOL
  12. I would like to Give a huge Thank you to @Waazzupppp, Thanks Ron for tipping me off to the 12 days of Xmas lessons deal.. I found out by accident that Ron (a member) works at one of the local courses. While looking for Lessons to get my granddaughter for Christmas we called the course and Ron Said wait until the 18th to buy them we are running a buy 3 get 1 free special. We chatted for a while and he said he was on @mygolfspy regularly. I Just want to give a heads up to anyone in the Snohomish Washington area to Look Ron up at Snohomish golf course if they are wanting or needing lesson's.. Everyone I have delt with at the course has been top notch with Ron being at the Top.. Thank you.. And Yes we will need to play soon.. Thanks again./
  13. OK, you guys are making me jealous.. All I got lately was a big credit card bill... Oh yeah and 7 days of this.. We spent Christmas in Cabo with kids and Grandkids.. But NO golf...
  14. OK, I love almost everything about this putter. This is beautiful except to me it looks a little unfinished, and a little rough. the shape and design are fantastic. I do not like the finish on the back of the putter especially the black Lattice portion..
  15. David Monroe, WA I have not used a hitting net. Have a shop bay that would allow use all year long. I have been looking at buying a Personal LM..
  16. Nice read.. Sorry I missed it.. I reviewed the Wilson D300's a couple of years ago (before CCC2) and they beat out my Ping G25's. So i know Wilson makes great clubs.. If you are looking at wedges try the Cleveland RTX Zipcore... They are very nice, FOR ME, i got more spin and stopping.. Tee 'em High and Hit 'em Long my friend..
  17. No just Lime green.. It was hard enough ordering those..LOL.. I see you have only kept the F8 driver and 3wd, and wedges in the bag... just moved on or other reasons?
  18. @HardcoreLooper, My wife wanted/ needed new grips and I put on the Karma's for her and she loves them.. Hope they are as good as she thinks they are...
  19. Welcome @Jacob.fain.21, make yourself home there's beer in the fridge...
  20. @artful_golferFantastic write up. I wish I could chip in the house.. Also what a great ball return system you have..
  21. @B.Boston, Congrats. you did a great job.. @daviddvm, @GB13, @edingc, @Headhammer You all did a great job, It was another great year. Now that this is over What stays and what goes? I am sure you all have had a chance to reevaluate your set-ups... Spill it..
  22. @tony@CIC, it has been a couple of years for me, but I think 2 things 1) contacting Arccos and letting them know whats going on and they might have a way to do it. 2) but also the way it works you would need to keep her phone on you while you play and also she would have to do the same. unless the two of you don't play together that might be an issue.. I think you'll need to get a new phone, I know some guys bought a older Iphone solely for that purpose and it worked fine.. Check with @HardcoreLooper, I think he did that..
  23. Personal best for 9 holes, period. you did not play 18 that day. What you did days later is a different round of golf. Not trying to rain on your round, that is a great round and congratulations. but you asked if what you did days ago, and what you did yesterday count as breaking 80. I say NO, you shot even par on 9. If I played a week ago and had 3 birdies on holes 1-3 then came back today and had birdies on 4-6 and parred 7-9 between the two days does that mean i shot 6 under for a round? You played a great 9 holes, lucky or not. No one can take that from you. You shot par on that course on That day... that's it.. My thoughts, As someone who has never shot par on any course, that is a great accomplishment. Thanks for sharing.
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