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  1. Dude, You are being forced to test these clubs. They should understand that you are doing your part so that they have a little extra $$ buy being forced to test these clubs. They should fell honored that you are thinking of them. Giving them a little extra Mom and Daughter time, since life is so short and they deserve that.. God I am good.. LOL.. My wife told me I was full of Crap, Go play.. So I did.. LOL
  2. I will be testing the 58* Mid bounce Zipcore. As someone who typically does not get a ball to stop quickly, this gives me a chance to put it through it paces up against another top notch wedge, the King Black from Cobra. Granted the Cobra has a few miles on it but it is far from retirement age. But then again maybe not we will see.
  3. 10/2/2020 Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge 58* Mid Bounce – Official MGS Forum Review by Reesedw Intro First off a huge thank you to My Golf Spy and Cleveland this is a great opportunity. I started playing in 1997 and over the years became more and more obsessed, I do not have a “home” course but have a couple of courses I play with regularity. As someone living in Western Washington, we tend to see softer and wetter conditions then our brothers and Sisters to the east. I do play quite a bit in Eastern Washington where the conditions tend to be firmer during the summer. I play to about a 16 hndcp, but was as low as a 12, and as high as a 24.. ● I have not kept an official handicap for a couple of years now but would say I based on stats and prior handicap I am in the 16 range. ● My swing tempo is pretty fast, I also swing just over 100mph on driver. ● I play out of the Seattle area with monthly trips to Eastern Washington, I get a chance to play varied conditions ● My typical ball flight is middle (top of the bag) to high (low end of the bag). My misses can be any which way. ● Strength of my game I would say is scrambling (I do a lot), Weakness would be around the green (50yds and in) ● My current Gamer is the Cobra King Black, I was fit and at a local shop. ● This club is to be used from 60yds and in and almost everything around the green. Not that I expect miracles, but I am hoping this club will allow me the get the Stopping power to allow me to be more aggressive. First Impressions Right out of the box this club is beautiful, the club is exactly what you want in a club. The First thing I noticed was the weight. This wedge feels heavier, swinging it you can feel that weight in the head. When placed side by side with the Cobra it was noticeably shorter. The engineers at Cleveland made the core of this wedge lighter so they could move weight to where it is needed most for better consistency across the entire clubface for increased Spin, Distance, Feel, And Control.. They have however added UltiZip Grooves, which are their sharpest and deepest groves yet. As well as adding 2 extra grooves per wedge face creating more contact on every shot. Looks (9 out of 10 points) This club is almost identical in shape and size to the Cobra. All of the finishes were perfect. My only nitpick was the grip, it was a Golf Pride Tour Velvet, great grip my issue was that it said Golf Pride Not Cleveland anywhere. I just found it a little odd. Sound & Feel (7out of 10 points) This is where I noticed the biggest difference compared to my current gamer. This club felt heavier, holding it, pulling it out of the bag, and mostly swinging it. It was enough that I felt like it was not allowing me to generate the speed to create spin. Was I wrong, I am not someone who gets a ton of spin, I did with this club. Moving on from the weight, one thing stood out to me was the sound. I noticed it almost immediately, it had a click to it. Not Ping G30 driver loud, but loud enough to notice. Most noticeably on hits towards the toe. Which I did quite a bit. Basic Characteristics (18 out of 20 points) This is a 58* wedge, I use it all around the green and out to about 60 yds. The first range session the club felt good, strike location was a little higher then I like. It is a very solid club, and has great feel on well struck shots. I did some chipping, and noticed the ball landed softly and did not roll excessively. The distance was very consistent and predictable. On-Course Performance (27 out of 30 points) This was a little tough for me. I fell in love with some aspects of this club but others hurt it. I did not get the same distance with this club, I came up short a few times where I should have been putting for birdies. Do I chalk that up to the heavier feel in the head or just me? Once or twice I would say me, but not when you flush it and still don’t get there. Dispersion was fantastic. Now onto on course intangibles, I was able to throw the ball into the green with a low spinner and watch it hop and stop. I watched this club launch balls to the sky and land in their ball mark. This club hits the mark for me, I think if I use it more and get a better feel this club could be money.. Miscellaneous (8 out of 10 points) I did not fall in love with this club in the first few swings. It just felt off to me. Maybe the weight, maybe it was the length, not sure. The club is a great club, plays well, and creates a ton of spin for me. But is that enough to keep in it in the bag??? Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points) Play it. I get things from this club I have never gotten before. Incredible spin, Soft landings and more birdie opportunities. We have still have a few things to work out, but it is not going anywhere. Conclusion What can I say, this club is great. Took a little getting used to, and I’m still not sure it is perfect for me. But now that I have same rounds with it I like this club a lot. I still have to work with it on distances but beyond that I could score with this club. Now do I go get the matching club in 54* and get rid of my old ones??? Final Score: (89 out of 100 points)
  4. Honey I know my birthday is coming, don't get me anything. I am going to get me this new putter and wouldn't feel right you spending more on me after me getting a new putter I have used that one before.. also my wife after 26 years knows that for my birthday I go hunting. If "I" decide not to go then I'll let her get me something.. if I go hunting that's what I want and what I get.. done.. And NO she does not go with me, it's my birthday and she does not get to f that up..lol.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. @PMookie, I have used this for a few years now. Wife started using it a few months ago and has been buying for everyone she thinks might need it.. great stuff.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. Very nice.. I grew up shooting competitive 3 and 4 position. But would also shoot trap when I could.. quality father/son time also.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. I have been playing the Srixon Z-STAR's for 2 years now. Love both the regular and XV.. I am glad both Companies took care of you.. The Srixon ranks right there with the Pro V and playing them you'll know why.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. My old golf league had 2 divisions. 1 was Hdcp of 17 or better and the was 18 and above. I won both of them. And when I won the 17 and under division during our league championship we always would throw $20 into a pot to cover kp's, long drive, low net, and low putts. When I won I won the division and about $240 cash, the only one I didn't win was kp.... miss that league.. lol.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. @GB13 stats be damned, Bomb and gouge.. your playing very well, now is the time to find your strengths and start playing to them during each challenge.. play smart Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. @Big Stu, sorry I'm coming late to the party. Here's to wishing you a speedy recovery. The sooner your back on the course the better.. I'm sure Mrs Stu will agree. Enjoy a nice cigar for me.. God speed.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Dave Monroe, WA Hndcp: 16ish Currently Gaming Cobra F8's...
  12. @GB13, @B.Boston, @daviddvm, @Headhammer, @edingc... Alright Gentleman, who has started plotting which courses to play based on which weekly challenge is up?? Or are you all just playing courses you normally would? I played courses that I knew would give me the best chance at meeting the Challenge.. Course with wider firm fairways for driving challenges ect.. Courses with Bigger greens for GIR.. ... You guys are doing a great Job keep it up..
  13. How did I play? There are several ways to answer that... let me set the stage.. 1st hole 291 yd dogleg left.. I drive 271 just in front of the green.. par. 2nd 148 yd par 3 15 feet short of pin, par. That was the highlight of my round.. 2 holes in 2 pars.. I ended the day at 110, losing 10 balls.. with the only club I could hit straight was the putter.. the few glimmers of hope made me decide not to give up the game.. but seriously considered it part way through... Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. Good looking calves, I'll give you that... But your still from Boston.. No offense.. LOL
  15. David/Monroe, WA Cobra King Black 54* SW.. Would love to test these with the Srixon Z-Stars I have with the MGS logo on them...
  16. Stupid stuff we've done.. Hmmm lets see, I jumped a truck on a quad.. I cartwheeled said Quad at about 80mph, in a race.. we used to drive along the river at night without headlights on.. Jumped a bug over a 35 ft jump.. yeah still not doing the Gator thing or the cobra kissing.. NOt gonna happen..
  17. With the Cobra driver, Mind you I am playing a F8+, I found that slightly high and towards the toe is where i got the best performance.. i just noticed better flight and more consistant direction (less offline).. Any thoughts???
  18. Alright guys @edingc @B.Boston @GB13 @daviddvm @Headhammer, now that you have the clubs, and are using Arccos, what has stood out most to you? the clubs, the stats, Ease of use??? And what did you think you were better at than the statistics show???
  19. Seriously @GB13, great round..Just be careful not to Peak to soon.. Unless you think you have a 66-67 in your future, you might have Finished your prom night before it ever started...
  20. Yeah but isn't that a Putt putt course??
  21. Prior to Me playing the Cobra F8+ i was playing a G30 LST. With the Ping I hit some monster drives, I had 1 measured at 315, but I could not control it.. Once i got the Cobra my average distance increased as my dispersion decreased. Good luck.. Have FUN.. it'll be a Short/Long summer...
  22. Ok as a CCC alum, i have got put in my .02$... Can't give my vote to @B.Boston, as cute as the kids are, your from Boston and yeah I can't do it.. @GB13, I was on board until I saw the Intro, I really was.. Not happening... Sorry.. @Headhammer, Using @fozcycle, Not gonna win me over, Love him but he got me after leading most of our season.. Sorry.. Good luck. And then there was 2, @daviddvm, and @edingc... Unfortunately I think the One length will take the Good Dr. too long to figure out and be successful with. Not that he won't play great i think he will put himself behind and have to play catch up to much... So I have to go with the Calves... I mean really who doesn't love a good Phil reference. I'm throwing in with @edingc... All of the Intros were great. You all have a great summer and play the best you can.. We are all watching.. Good luck and may the best player win..
  23. OMG, @Rtracymog, Who is Evelyn Reese? that is my Wife's name. Is that 1st and middle name of one of your daughters?
  24. 15- Monroe, WA Cobra F8- 8 iron distance 155 They are a DTC company that produces high Quality Clubs at a fraction of the cost of the OEM's. Their wedges have been raved about for a while now. With their irons gaining a following also..
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