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  1. I actually had my V3 sitting dormant in a drawer for over a year (shoulder injury cost me a season). Quite surprised to plug it in & see 76% charge still available
  2. May I request 2 badges please? Donor: I have donated anonymously for the last 10 years. Yes, it's only been $25/year (to be eligible for the year-end raffle I used to watch...and never won) because that's all I could spare at the time. Hope to change that going forward. HoleInOne: I got an ace my second round I played (downhill 123-yd par 3). I was with my brother @Pleasant Run GC. I hit down on the ball with 7-iron & buried the club in the ground. It hit the green, spun back, hit the pin, and dropped in the hole! I was so excited I ran back to the clubhouse! Shot 101 but didn't care. In the 30 years since, I've never had another shot closer than 1 foot. My poor brother has never had one but witnessed 3 of my dad's HIOs Side note: how do you create/get the logos in the signature for club manufacturers?
  3. Hi! Have been a supporter (yes, as in donor) of MGS since the beginning but not a huge social media person. Took 2 years off due to shoulder injury & I just got tired of the game...certain men's clubs requiring all to play back tees made for posting 100s & stole the joy of playing for me. Played 2 fall rounds from 'proper tees' (6000-6200, for me) rekindled the fun & passion of playing. My partner/nemesis - Dad - is done due to spinal fusion, so I need to find some new friends/foils. I've been playing for 30 years. Started late in life (despite living on a golf course as a kid). Currently a 15, but ended the year with an 82 on my home course Golf is a chance to be free away from everything. In Indiana, we have seasons - Spring brings warming temps & a chance to get outside again. Summer brings light until 10pm for squeezing in some practice or a tidy round after work. Fall brings beautiful colors in the trees, cooler (yet comfortable) temps, and less waiting. Winter brings time to workout indoors & new hopes for the next season As I stated, I have followed Adam, Tony, & the rest since the start. I have made a couple of post over the years, but not much. I donate anomalously....but would like to know how to earn badges. I have had some interaction with other Spies. MGS is what lead me to support ShotScope & PrecisionPro...both quality products with wonderful customer service Plainfield, Indiana is Home - a clean quiet community close to Indy, but not too close. Twin Bridges GC & Heartland Crossing GC are both 'home courses' (but HC may be sold & bulldozed for housing. At Twin Bridges, you forget you're in central Indiana & they are improving their bunkers For employment, I am a Failure Analysis Specialist (engineer) for Whirlpool. In English, I am an appliance CSI - it's my role to determine why a product failed & how to make it better. My user name? Ha! Cuda is a shortened form 'barracuda' & my nickname as a kid. I had a baseball coach that always pronounced my name incorrectly. I've always been slender, quick, and docile...unless I'm really provoked. I have a tattoo of a barracuda on my shoulder. Kota is half of my last name that coach would mispronounce. Thus CudaKota
  4. In my opinion, Shot Scope got it right with the V3 The size is smaller than my Samsung Watch, all courses are preloaded, and the mapping has gotten better - which means I can still get accurate yardages when hitting blind-shots or have LOS blocked while using my Precision Pro rangefinder. Overall, a great product & an improvement from V2
  5. Joe / Indiana 14.4 Ping i20 152 yards
  6. I'm a huge proponent of ShotScope over Arccos. When I'm on the course, my phone is usually turned-off - I'm golfing - my phone in the bag for emergency situations only. For those concerned about wearing a 'watch' on the course: it's very lightweight. Tanning cream covers the untanned part of my wrist I would like for ShotScope to introduce V3 with (1) a quality, functional, REAL-watch option - not just just some plastic/rubber housing that isn't functional anywhere else but on the course, and (2) a Caddie platform - a la Arccos - that would suggest clubs-for-shots...based on my shot data.
  7. Joe / Indiana 15.9 Cleveland CG-14 Any type...I utilize a 'dial system' which produces fairly consistent yardages
  8. I purchased the NX-7 Pro, based-on the MGS review. It's a very serviceable rangefinder that does as-advertised. Yes, I have a handful of times when it read '58 yards' when I'm standing near the 150-yard placard in the fairway Would appreciate testing the NX-9 & have the 'current' model to base it against
  9. Joe Loukota, Plainfield, IN 17.8  PING i20  Black Cat (I noted the graphite shafts are +1/4", which is what my i20s are) The twin slot technology reminds me of the 'speed slots' in the TM lines. The lofts are 'traditional' (and the same as my i20s)...it'd be nice to compare/contrast this Lynx 'modern offering' to my PING 'aged staple'.
  10. Tier 5: Abraham Ancer Winning Score: -15
  11. First Name/State: Joe...Indiana Handicap/Swing Speed: 19 / 95 Current Ball Played: TM Project a Have you previously played the Z-Star or XV: No
  12. I will be willing to thoroughly review a 2-ball or Marxman model....DON'T send me a blade putter! I just got out of a 7-year relationship, so I have nothing to do but golf
  13. Tier 1 - Dustin Johnston Tier 2 - Xander Schauffele Tier 3 - Patrick Cantlay Tier 4 - Kevin Kisner Tiebreaker - Dustin Johnston -17
  14. Joe - Plainfield, IN 19 HCP / 98 mph SS Cobra ZL Encore (shopping new driver currently) Epic Flash
  15. 1. Joe and Plainfield, IN 2. 19.1 (bad season last year) 3. Cleveland CG-14 50/54/58 4. Satin chrome finish, 52/56/60
  16. Joe Loukota Plainfield,IN Handicap: 18 Have played PING irons all of my golfing career....from Eye 2 to current i20s Would love to test i210s
  17. Joe Loukota Plainfield, IN Currently use ShotScope V2 Please accept my 'official application' to test the Precision Pro NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder. I am currently in-the-market for a laser rangefinder. I recently sold my SkyCaddie SGX because I invested in a Shot Scope V2 to monitor my actual clubs/stats....but it doesn't give me the distance to the pin; only front/middle/back. Yes, I'm a 'golf nerd'. I am a Electronic Engineer by degree, performing Failure Analysis for Whirlpool - I investigate why electronic controls fail in an effort to make a better product 'the next time around'. I'm accustomed to giving monthly reports on positive/negatives of a product. I play every weekend in my local Men's Club (Twin Bridges, Danville, Indiana). Our pins have reflective prisms & everyone else totes a Bushnell V4. I believe I could provide a honest assessment of Precision Pro vs the the other products available. Thank you!
  18. Joe Indiana (USA) ​Yes; SkyGolf 360 Yes; Garmin Approach The ShotScope V2 appears to tie everything together...WITHOUT tagging! It's time for an upgrade from my SkyCaddie (that I have to manually input stats after each hole) And being able to track putting stats...even for multiple putters? I'm in love!
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