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  1. Got fitted for some new irons a couple weeks ago... Srixon Z-565, 5-PW, with Nippon NS Pro 980 Stiff Shafts, +.5" Absolutely loving them.
  2. 1. AGE: 37 2. SWING SPEED: ~105 mph 3. HANDICAP: 20 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: hopefully 40-50 5. CURRENT DRIVER: Srixon Z-545 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: Y 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE:266 meters (290 yards) according to Arccos.
  3. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. I'm only 6'2" and I found the umbrella to be a bit short, but I think it would be the same no matter which buggy... No hook for sand bucket and/or towel was my only real issue.
  4. I'm thinking about trying a new Cleveland CBX wedge. Might just start with the 60° and see how I like it completed to my other wedges. If it really works for me then I'll get a full set.
  5. Went with the 4 wheels... Folds down a bit more compact.
  6. I just saw an add come up after I was looking at Clicgear buggies... Over here in Australia, they seem to be available online only, but as mentioned, in the States they're at Costco (unsure which version). Any thoughts on 3 Vs. 4 wheels?
  7. I came across these Caddytek buggies recently... Price seems amazing for what you get. Comes with a lot of accessories that others charge extra for. Has anyone got any reviews on these? I'm weighing up between the 3-wheel and 4-wheel ones - so could use an opinion on the benefits each of those also... I have only ever used a pretty cheap compact buggie.
  8. Have made a few changes recently.... Dropped the SLDR and after a bit of testing and practice, have settled on the Srixon Z545 w/Miyazaki Blue 7X shaft. Also, dropped the Steelhead XR 4 iron and have gone with a Srixon Z45 #4 hybrid and swapped out the Odessey White Steel blade for a Cleveland TFi 2135 Cero mallet putter.
  9. Here's one from Lakeside Camden!
  10. Played Lakeside Camden yesterday. Absolutely beautiful day on the course. Scored 40 points. 26 on the front nine, but started to run out of steam towards the end of the round in the heat... It's the 7th competition round I've played in and the first in which I've beaten my handicap. Hopefully it's the start of my improvement and I can start chipping away and getting it down. EDIT: Just found out I dropped 2.6 shots off my HC. 🤘🏼
  11. Thanks for the opportunity! Also, being from Australia, I'd be more than happy to pay my own flight to LA for this fitting!! Brendan Edmistone - Sydney, Australia Handicap: 22.7 Dream Bag: Launcher HB driver Launcher HB 3 wood Launcher 3 & 4 hybrid Launcher CBX irons 5-PW CBX 48°, 54°, 60° wedges TFI 2135 Satin Elevado Srixon Z star XV
  12. I played the Srixon Z-Star XV for the first time last week. Absolutely loved it.
  13. I'm heading to the States this time next year and fully intend to swing by Huntington Beach and do a fitting. Thanks for this review and run down of your experience there, I have been enjoying Cleveland golf products that I've purchased recently and reading about your fitting with Srixon/Cleveland sealed the deal for me.
  14. Brendan Sydney, Australia Taylormade SLDR, Fujikura Fuel, stiff Average 104 mph swing w/ ~250 yards carry Twitter & Instagram: @Brendan_E Facebook: Brendan Ed
  15. So I set my driver back to neutral and used it sparingly during my round yesterday... Hit my 3 wood on the 1st & 2nd then had a swing of the driver on the 3rd once my swing was a bit more warmed up. Then mixed it up depending on the hole from there on out, but mostly went back to the 3 wood when I needed to be accurate. The biggest take away is that with the 3 wood, I am confident to wind up and crank it. And it's going to be pretty close to where I wanted it to go. Where as if I wind up and crank the driver, I just don't know what's going to happen.
  16. Walked 18 yesterday. Wore some nice socks and had no issues with the heel. The stability and grip of these shoes is the best I've ever felt, in fairness, these are only my 4th pair of golf shoes... My only complaint is that by the 14th/15th hole, I was wishing the cushioning was a little softer. My guess is this was a balance between cushioning and stability, and stability won. I think I'll add a memory foam inner sole and it will probably be perfect.
  17. I did a fitting and was matched with a new shaft into my SLDR. Generally hitting it pretty well, but after working on my irons more, I just started getting loose with the driver. Then I think it's a bit of over thinking mixed with making unnecessary adjustments to the configuration of the driver and now I'm over thinking and I've just started to lose confidence. And I was noticing that I hit my 3 wood (Cleveland Classic XL) much straighter consistently and the distance is pretty good. I don't over think my 3 wood, there's no adjustments, I just step up and smack it.
  18. Funny you say that, because I had felt like I've been hitting my irons a bit better than usual. Why can't it all click at the same time? lol
  19. This is exactly what I'm thinking of doing for a couple rounds and seeing how it goes. Problem is that I know in my head that I have hit this driver well and know what it's capable of when I hit the sweet spot. Just in a rut with it and over thinking, where the 3 wood just feels so effortless. Yeah, I was fit for this driver. I'd made some tweaks to it after fitting (lofted up, etc.) and thought I found a nice combo, had been hitting it reasonable well, occasionally very well, but over the last 2-3 weeks it's just getting worse and I'm in my head with it. Now I'm making adjustments to th
  20. What should you do when you start hitting your 3 wood better/more consistently than your driver? I get more distance from my driver when I hit it very well. But when I'm not hitting the driver well, like the past couple no of weeks in particular, I get comparable distance (maybe even better) from my 3 wood off the tee with better accuracy. Any thoughts and opinions?
  21. So, went out for another quick 9 today and noticed an issue with this shoe. Now, maybe it is a difference in socks that made this noticable today, but there's a seem inside across the back of heel. And it just seemed to rub right on the point of my heel after about the 2nd hold today... That's why I'm willing to give benefit of the doubt towards thinner socks today, but it was quite uncomfortable to walk, especially up hills. I tried to take some photos that show this seem, and I will wear some nice thick socks next time and report back.
  22. After reading the My Golf Spy best spiked shoes of 2017 test results I, like many others, were surprised to see a Sketchers model as the #1 rated golf shoe. Obviously, I'd looked at Nike, Adidas and Footjoy. And I look lovingly at G/Fore shoes, but I'd never considered Sketchers. In fact, I'd never even SEEN a pair of Sketchers golf shoes before and now my most trusted golf site has rated them #1, I needed to investigate. I went straight to Google and tried to find out where I could get them in Australia. I quickly found that Sketchers do not stock them in their stores here, or in their onlin
  23. I had my irons pured when I got fitted, along with my driver shaft... I couldn't say if I can tell any difference. Am I hitting my driver better because I got fitted to the right shaft? No doubt. Am I hitting it better because it's pured? Maybe... But after it was done, I made an adjustment on the hosel and lofted it up a notch (SLDR) and am hitting it even bettrr... So didn't lofting it up change the alignment that the shaft was pured to?
  24. Agreed. It's also very valuable information to use in order to improve and then measure your improvements. (And it can back up your claims lol)
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