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  1. 1. Brendan - Sydney, Australia 2. 20 3. SLDR 460 w/ Fujikura Fuel 50 Stiff (shortened) 4. 104mph Swing - 235-240 meters (255-260 yards) average 5. Lefty!!
  2. I actually almost bought a pair of these in a camo color a while back, but decided against it last minute... Might give them a go for the next Aussie summer, might be a good option when I feel like scooting around for a quick 9 when it's hot.
  3. The thing I'd most like to learn about choosing golf balls is how different balls actually affect your game, based on specific knowledge of your game. For example, if I know I swing my driver 104mph on average, how does a ball that is claimed to be for under 105mph swings affect my game Vs. a ball that is claimed to be for over 105mph. Is swing speed actually the best measurement for choosing a ball, or is there too many variables and that's simply the best constant? I think I'd actually rather see a test of how balls react to miss hits. Which ones are able to minimize swing error
  4. Confirmed I was playing with an older model Q-Star, not the new "tour" model... I will give the tour version a try before writing them off.
  5. Played with the Srixon Q-Star today. May have been last year's model, though. Overall, didn't like it. I really rely on a solid drive as my long irons are bad and mid irons are not very accurate. So a long drive usually gets my between a 7 iron or SW into most greens I play. Couldn't keep the Q-Star straight today. And even my best drive today was over 30 meters shorter than my longest yesterday which was with a Bridgestone E7. Could have just been how I was hitting today, but just seemed to spin way too much off the driver for me. In fairness, they had a very nice feel and fli
  6. I've almost purchased the Huntington Beach #1 putter a few times since seeing it rate so well the MGS Most Wanted list... I am pretty sure I will eventually get one because the price is so good.
  7. I never saw the first run out he in Sydney. Am keeping a constant eye on the shelves for the next batch... Haven't heard a peep yet.
  8. I think I will give this ball a try. I'm currently using the Bridgestone E6 and have been liking it, but have been putting a fair bit of time into reading about different balls and trying to determine what might be better for me. The biggest thing for me is that the balls that seem to fit what I want are made for players with much lower swing speeds than me. I average 105 with the driver. Open to any suggestions anyone has.
  9. Rickie Fowler has some freshest, modern looks on the course... Cant't say I currently own any Puma gear, but I like this gear.
  10. OTG


    I'm sure they'd look great with long pants, not so much with shorts... However, I'd be willing to try them as I have a feeling they'd be very comfortable and perform really well.
  11. Name: Brendan Home State: Sydney, Australia Handicap: 20 Current irons: Callaway Steelhead XR Biggest Strength: Short game around the green, chipping, bump and runs, short lobs, etc. Biggest weakness: Accuracy into the greens from over 100m I was fitted and have had the Callaway Steelhead XR for about 4 months now. Used them for about a dozen rounds. Would love to test the Steelhead XR Pro as I would have loved that option at the time I was fitted for mine and believe I could offer a great comparison of the two sets.
  12. Nice day for it today!
  13. TaylorMade SLDR 460cc 10.5° with Fujikura Fuel 50 Stiff, pured shaft. Cleveland Classic XL 3 (14°) Fairway with Matrix Ozik Xcon-6 Stiff shaft. Cleveland Mashie M3 20.5° Hybrid with Miyazaki 59 Stiff shaft. Callaway Steelhead XR irons (5-PW) with KBS Tour-V 90 Regular, pured shafts. Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 48° wedge. TourStage forged 'Z' (52° - 56° - 60°) wedges. Odessey White Steel #1 putter. ---------- Depending on the course, I might drop a wedge and put in the 4 iron or the 5 wood... Have been using the Bridgestone E6 ball lately and it seems to work for me.
  14. Thanks everyone for the welcome.
  15. I'm a basketball player myself! Who is it? I know quite a few NBL players and it's a very small world!
  16. G'day everyone. Been reading the mygolfspy.com sure for a while now, decided to join the forum. Great site. I'm a member at Campbelltown Golf Course in South West Sydney. Really enjoying my golf at the moment. Cheers!
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