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  1. The only thing I didn't really like was three lack of spin on the short shots. Try `em. I forgot to mention I hit a couple low bullets and the e12 rolled out forever.
  2. Congrats to all the testers that were selected. Here's my review anyway. My regular gamer is the Srixon Q-Star Tour. I picked up a sleeve of the e12 soft at my pro shop for $7. Longer: I played multiple holes on 3 rounds (no one behind me) alternating balls which I hit first. Not once did the e12 go longer than the q tour. With that being said, the difference in distance was not significant except for 2 occasions. Most likely operator error. I would be interested in seeing iron byron testing results on both. Straighter: Absofrigginlutely! My natural ball flight is a fade. I aim down the left side and let the ball come back towards center. The bridgestone ALWAYS landed left of the q star. There is a par 5 on my home course with a lake on the right and a tree line left of the cart path down the left. The e12 stayed on line and came to rest on the left side of the cart path. I did hit 2 big slices. But I was still able to make a second shot on both. Yes it definitely stays straighter! Feel: I prefer the feel of the e12 to the q star. My first shot with driver felt like I should have had the caption "POW!" from the bat man tv show. I love the feel off the driver. The feel off the putter is like butter as well. Approach shots: For me, the q tar stops on a dime. I hit an approach shot uphill with the e12 and it still rolled out the length of my putter. On flatter greens they roll out quite a bit. Pitching and chipping: The e12 rolls out a lot more than the q star. Although, when I hit the fringe the q star usually stops and the e12 made it well onto the green. Putting: I love the way e12 feels and rolls on the greens. More so than the q star. Will I replace my gamer with the e12 soft? According to the USGA rules we can change balls between holes, so I will use both. The e12 is perfect for those holes where I normally find trouble. Instead of reaching for the 4 iron, I can now grab an e12 and the driver or 3 wood and not worry about keeping it in play. If the e12 had better spin, it would be my exclusive gamer!
  3. John, Florida (83 degrees today :) 18 handicap Srixon Q Star Tour soft feel baby
  4. John Richards 45 Jacksonville, FL My biggest issue is my ball striking costing me strokes. I'm a 19.5 because of erratic ball striking. I shot my best score last week (84) with 4 doubles and a triple bogey. If I can minimize penalty strokes and miss hits I know my scores can improve dramatically.
  5. John, Florida 20 handicap Current irons JPX 825 4 - GW I'm down to try the HOT METAL and see how they stack up to the 825's
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