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  1. Betty, Watertown, MN USA 12.5 handicap No No, haven't known what to get. So many guys at golf stores discount my questions about various options. I
  2. Watertown, mn Betty Carlson 14.4 Wilson 2degree infinite Odyssey
  3. Betty Watertown Mn 15 Graphite flex Phil Mickelson Pick me.. i need a new driver!!
  4. Betty Carlson Minnesota,USA 16 handicap Wilson C200s Would love the opportunity to try these, thank you.
  5. Joy fit offers long in skorts and runs a little big so you will be comfortable in size, Nike cuts clothing narrow (they forget some of us have boobs) so also an option. Tail, Jamie Sadok, Ep pro has longer options, Loudmouth golf you can customize skorts to you size.. they're great just never put in a clothes dryer. Hope this helps
  6. Betty Carlson Minnesota 15 Wilson C200s-mens Strength-- pw,putting consistency Weakness-- distance and pulling 6,7 left.
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