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  1. I used to always putt with my eyes over the ball, but after watching many videos, I've learned to keep my eyes slightly inside and behind the ball. Mike Malaska has a great video on this...I think it's with Be Better Golf
  2. It's something I'm still working on, but I like to try to play the hole in reverse...basically shooting to a targeted approach distance. So, that usually determines what I use off the tee. Any trouble can play a factor as well. But there are also times when I'm really feeling it with the driver, and I just pull it on everything, but that can get me in trouble if I get to a close distance I don't like going into the green with.
  3. Played a couple days ago, shot 41/41=82 (+10), 7-pars, 2-birdies, 6-bogeys, 3-doubles; 3/14 Fairways, 7/18 GIR, 15/17=32 putts (2-3putts, 10-2putts, 6-1putts) Shot of the day was an 8-iron from 175, landed 2 feet past the pin and spun back 1 foot past the hole...it had to have taken a peek. The other birdie came on a par-5, on in 3 from 195 out, 2-putt birdie. I hit the ball well, and had the feeling that this would be the day that I would break 80, but it just didn't happen...clean up those doubles and it's a 79. It's gonna happen! The bogey on #6 felt like a birdie...I hit a great drive to a wide open space (desert) left of the fairway, but couldn't find my ball...took a 2 stroke penalty drop, hit it on the green and drained a 35 footer for the bogey.
  4. I'm in, but I can't put much stock into this...I thought I did really well last time since I picked John Rahm to win, but I still placed in like the 400's.
  5. I recently played in a 5-club challenge, but the putter counted as 1 club, so there were people who chose to putt with a wedge...but that wasn't me. I went with 3W, 5-iron, 9-iron, 54*, and putter. I think it all depends on the course layout and yardage...the course I played I could reach the green in 2 on par-5's with a 3W off the tee and 5-iron for my second shot...but that wouldn't happen at most courses, for me anyway.
  6. Thank you very much for your response Dave, and I have followed your advice to read and search the rules, which brings me to Rule 16.1 - Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Immovable Obstructions)...I see that the rule doesn't spell out "loose root" (I wish now that I had taken some pictures), but couldn't that be considered an immovable obstruction?
  7. Not sure if this is the correct thread or not, but I have a question about rules. The other day I found myself in a fairway bunker and I noticed what seemed to be a tiny stick sticking up from the sand just in front of my ball. As I went to pull it out of the sand I found it connected to a loose root that ran along and just under the surface of the sand. Now I know that you obviously can’t move tree roots in the rough, because they are mostly immovable, but is it okay to pull/move a root that is connected from one side of the bunker to the other side? Does someone get relief from such things in a bunker? My playing partners agreed to giving me relief seeing as how my club would’ve gotten caught on the loose root during my swing, but was that the right call?
  8. Played in the NM VGA State Championship this past Saturday at NMSU in Las Cruces and shot a 43/43-86 with 19/16-35 putts (3 3-putts, 4 1-putts), 2 doubles, 10 bogeys and 6 pars, 4 fairways and 7 greens. I felt like I was a little timid at times and definitely left some out there. I also didn’t seem to be hitting it as far as I usually do, so I had to adjust quickly. I wound up finishing 1st for my Flight, but full disclosure, there was only one other guy in my Flight. Next up is the VGA Regional in AZ at Ak-Chin Southern Dunes, which is a 36-hole tournament.
  9. As much as it costs to put those stands up around #16, I would've thought those were a staple. Nice looking hat!
  10. "It's a dry heat!" I grew up in hot and humid Arkansas, and I've been living on the dry side of things just long enough to feel like I was going to die the last time I played golf in Arkansas in May in 94* & 100% humidity...and that was back in 2018. But I do miss the green...at least I can keep my clubs looking newer for longer in a humid climate...I know, keep it in the fairway and I won't have that problem.
  11. Great playing there Cody! How did you get the photo to scroll through all your holes played, without having to post several photos?
  12. Recently purchased and received some paint to paint fill my clubs. I ordered from Club Stamping, and I practiced on an old club before trying it on my wedges. The smooth surfaces worked really well, but I need to work on the grainy/rough surfaces, as it smeared a little bit on those areas. Here is a pic of the best one. https://www.clubstamping.com/
  13. Los Altos - ABQ, NM 43/44-87, 15/19-34putts (4,3-putts) 4/14 fairways, 4/18 greens, 8-pars, 5-bogeys, 5-doubles Played a 5-club challenge yesterday and used my 3W, 5-iron, 9-iron, 54* and putter. I would've liked for the putter to stay alive like it was on the front, but it just didn't happen. One of those doubles came from hitting my tee shot OB on a par-5, so I had to hit 3 from the tee box...got on in 2 from there and 3-putted. I played with a bunch of guys...4 tee times in all, and we did a low net 3 score for skins. Basically you add up the 3 lowest net scores for each hole from your foursome, and if it's the lowest score your foursome gets the skin.
  14. Pretty awesome that Rahm got this win, especially after that COVID notification a couple weeks ago. I thought to myself…wait, I picked him to win…but it looks like many others did as well.
  15. Saturday at Los Altos (tournament) - 43/42-85, 9/18 GIR, 38-putts (4, 3-putts, and 2, 1-putts) I was playing with 2 other guys that had better handicaps than me, which doesn't happen for me too often, at least not as much as I'd like for it to. I've heard it's better to play with people better than you. Course Handicaps were 4, 6, and 11, and we all shot 43 on the front...I had 2 doubles on the front, over shot the green on my 3rd into a par-5, then 3-putted, hit my second shot OB on #9 and that turned into my second double. The putting was really frustrating because I had been putting so well the last 5 rounds (30, 30, 33, 30, 32). I was actually playing pretty well on the back, until I missed a really short putt on #17 for par...then I never drive it right on #18, but I did this time...into the fairway bunker with a tree between the bunker and the green, I hit the tree coming out of the bunker then had to try to go under the limbs to get on the green...chunked it, pitched on and 2-putted for my third double of the day. The good thing was the 9/18 GIR, I can't remember how long it's been since I hit that many greens. I don't know what it is with me and putting, but I have found the same thing last year, where I just didn't feel comfortable over the ball. Last year I switched up putters and that seemed to help for a while, so maybe I'll be doing that again.
  16. Way to go Kirke!!! 2 great accomplishments, and hope to see you on TV at the DCP Finals in Augusta.
  17. Now, if I could just find the money to buy a new set right before I go play...I'd be breaking 80 in no time.
  18. For whatever reason it's not always easy to get out there at the same time as the guys I'd like to play with, so I usually go out as a single, which I don't mind. I can usually go with the flow and either keep to myself or chat it up with whoever I'm playing with. As far as playing from a set of tees, I usually just go with whatever might have been decided before I showed up to the first tee. However, there have been times when the people I played with wanted to play the tips, which I would go along with, but most of the time these guys shouldn't be playing from that far back, so usually at the turn, I'll suggest moving up.
  19. Yeah, and I'm pretty sure the Tour hands those greens books out to all the players as they check-in...whereas I would have to probably have to pay for something like that. I know Golf Logix has greens books for purchase, and I have a couple of those. They help out some, but you still have to determine the starting line and speed yourself, which is what confuses me about what McIlroy said about them taking the skill out of the game. Also, on a side note, the Tour players have caddies to help them read greens, and the Tour also marks the spot for the hole for the following round...so that's usually the first thing the caddie looks for when they walk up to the green, so he can mark it down in his book...then he reads the current putt his player has.
  20. @Timmytoe I wanted to thank you for starting this thread...it really got me to thinking more about which wedge is better for me to use from different distances and/or lies. I found myself being more conscious of my wedge shot selection during my last round, and I felt like my short game improved slightly from the previous outing.
  21. So, there was a thread about Arm Locking needing to be banned because a Tour player said so...so now here is the next iteration of what needs to be banned in golf. Rory says that reading books should be eliminated, "it's just taking away a skill that takes time and practice" Personally I think this is getting a bit ridiculous, I mean what's next? I'm sure someone will say that we should not be able to put a line on our balls anymore. What are your thoughts guys?
  22. Some of us Americans are like, what does that mean? Thankfully I was stationed in England for a while, so I know the difference between trousers and pants. We used to say all the time..."that's pants!"
  23. WOW! Maybe you should've just gone for the green...that's an incredible 7-iron!
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