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  1. My wife laughs at me for taking/eating these on the course...says I'm taking kids snacks to the course. I'll usually take 2-3 of these and some nuts or a protein bar. It really all depends on my tee time...if I'm gonna be playing through the lunch hour then I'll usually take more snacks with me, but if it's first thing in the morning, then I'll usually pick up a b-fast burrito on my way to the course.
  2. I lost mine as well...at the driving range none the less, as well as the first time using it. The magnet in the brush end had come loose, so I put the magnet back in and connected it to the bag end of the other magnet and walked to my truck telling myself that I would add some glue to it when I got home...only to find it missing when I got home. I called and went back to the course, but no one turned it in. I've been golfing since 2001, and the integrity of people has gone way down in this game. Anyway, I emailed the company and they replaced it for free...I only had to pay shipping since that is handled by a third party. I did enjoy the quality of the brush (bristles) for the short time I got to use it, and do look forward to receiving my new one shortly.
  3. I've been wondering about this myself. In 2017 I was fit for an Evnroll ER6, which was the first & only mallet I've ever own, and moved from a traditional blade putter. Since 2017, my putting style/setup has changed and I am not very confident with the mallet, but I think it might just need to have lie angle adjusted. I played in a tournament last weekend and used the blade...34 putts, with one 4-putt and two 3-putts. I would definitely like to get another fitting done, but it's not super high on my list right now. I think the LAB putters are a very interesting concept and possibly worth looking into. When I did get fit in 2017, it was at Evnroll's HQ and they didn't have the fitting system they now have.
  4. I couldn't agree more...and there were so many members that wanted to be in on this one, that I'm sure we all have some jealousy getting the better of us right now. Kind of like the same jealousy towards those that still have courses open in their neck of the woods...the itch to get back out there is killing me.
  5. I used to live in Las Vegas, and I can recall playing one of the big tourist courses with a couple guys from the east coast that wanted to play from the tips, because "How many times to get to play Bear's Best?" My playing partner was the only one simi good enough to enjoy playing from that far back. Needless to say we simply moved up to the blues once we led the way to #10. Most of the time I run into 20 somethings that just started playing that want to play from the tips, that I usually have to convince to move up after a few holes. If I'm outnumbered with which tees people want to play from, then I'll usually just go with it.
  6. Congrats guys, looking forward to your reviews of this driver.
  7. Mine is not a very lengthy list, but it's been fun: Countries: England, Japan, Korea, Zambia... States: Utah, Arkansas, Hawaii, New Mexico, Georgia, Florida, Nevada @Philly Golf Guy look me up when you plan your New Mexico trip, I'd love to hit the links with you.
  8. I feel like it just depends on the other people I'm playing with. I'm not a huge conversation starter, but I can keep one going and stay engaged throughout a round if it's a good one. During tournaments I'll typically only talk to the person I'm in a cart with or the occasional pleasantries with the other 2 guys. I've played with guys that are always joking (running over your ball and whatnot) and it doesn't bother me really, I can joke back...but usually I'm more of the encouraging type.
  9. @MattF that's unfortunate, you would've thought they would've let you play thru. I'm with @tony@CIC it's very frustrating to have to wait on every hole...especially during these times when courses that are open aren't allowing any more than 2 per hole...at least that's what I've read.
  10. Congrats & Happy Birthday, hope you had a blessed day and even more so throughout this next year.
  11. I know what you mean about it feeling like it's been an eternity since being able to get out on the course. I played in a tournament on 3/15, and was schedule to play in another one the following weekend, but the season has been cancelled until 5/15. They closed all courses in NM until at least 4/30, but I drove by one yesterday that was all locked up (you couldn't even drive into the parking lot), but low and behold there were a couple of guys wearing masks teeing off on #4. You're game is looking much improved from the beginning of '19, keep it up! Looking forward to reading more about your progress this year. Also, thanks for the info on the Greg Nuckols' 28 Programs.
  12. That looks nice, and you have some great ideas to add some break into your putts...interested to see how the finished product turns out down the road.
  13. He sure did have some iconic hits.
  14. Never thought I'd see the day that my wife tells me, "why don't you go golf...oh, and take the kids with you."
  15. Michael Albuquerque / New Mexico 105 13
  16. Wow! Only 6 years old and a +2, this guy's gonna be the GOAT! Just kidding! Happy Birthday @jayjay0808, may you be richly blessed this year.
  17. Congrats guys! Looking forward to this review and your fitting of these 2 sets of irons. Have fun out there!
  18. Also, check out @jwlong410 's last post in the Wedge Setup - Need Help! thread...there's a great video from Padriag Harrington
  19. @Sluggo42 are you using a tripod to set this up? If anyone has pictures of how they set it up, that would be helpful. Thank you.
  20. I was gonna say the same thing...very brave @Average Mo Also, if you get a chance to check out TXG videos, there are some recent ones with Matt going through some chipping / pitching drills...this might help with the digging.
  21. I downloaded the app, but when I open it there is a pop-up that says "Device Not Supported" which is weird, because the info on the app in the app store says that it requires iOS 11.1 or later, and I'm running the latest version on an iPhone 11. Did anyone else have this happen to them?
  22. I'm an estimator for a mechanical contractor so I'm basically doing the same things I would do everyday (work wise), except I have a much shorter commute, don't waste any gas, and work from a much smaller computer monitor. The kids think it's great to have dad home and conference calls are more of a challenge, but at least I can take a break every now and then and practice my chipping and pitching strokes...without a ball of course. I had been working on bouncing the ball on my wedge to see how many times I could do it in a row, but that was inflaming my elbow. Great to hear & see what you all have been doing to stay sane during this time. I told the wife that there's gonna be a lot of babies born 9 months from now, and unfortunately I'm sure there will be a lot of divorces as well.
  23. Exactly what I'm saying...that we all need to heed the warnings and stay in as much as possible...but that's obviously not happening, just look @Shankster posts in this feed about people going out all over the place. This was my point, that people can be told over and over again what needs to be done, but some people only learn by going through the "fire", or being dumb as you put it in one of your earlier posts...you can't blame the government for that.
  24. Thanks for sharing this with us...great info from a "boots on the ground" perspective.
  25. I completely agree that China was misleading, and even might still be. However, I'm not so sure we can blame anyone but our typical American lifestyle. Here's what I mean by that: China is a socialist/communist country and their government can control the movement of their citizens...but in America the citizens are prideful and won't submit to any authority in their lives...so the government can warn the people to stay inside until they're blue in the face, but people are still gonna do what they want (a.k.a. NYC). It's kind of funny to me that there are some many young people in this county that want socialism, but they would be the first ones to tell the socialist government, "you can't tell me what to do."
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