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  1. First name :  Jack

    City & State:  Calabash, NC

    Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds:  No

    Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one:  n/a

    I've been walking a lot lately as I had a quintuple heart bypass six months ago and a knee replacement 3 months ago.   I’d like to take my walking to the golf course now and would be honored to test out this new pushcart.  Thanks for your consideration!

  2. Well, I’m 61 and recovering from a quintuple heart bypass I had in June. Shocker as I am very active and play golf everyday. Anyway, while healing, I decided to spend some money (the old adage you can’t take it with you!). Keeping my Ping G400 driver and TEE EXS 3-wood. Just bought the 2 & 3 Titleist TS2 hybrids (loved my old 915H’s) and ordered some Ping i210 irons (5-UW) with AWT 2.0 shafts. My Vokey SM7 wedges and my Evnroll ER-1 putter are staying in the bag. Still have another 3 weeks before I can hit balls. Very excited to try out my new toys. Good health and happiness to all!



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  3. What?
    [mention=68609]10shot[/mention] is talking about the newly released, and quickly refunded ball.
    Many of us got balls that had little to no issues. I'll certainly be playing my 2 dozen, if a few groove cuts are all I have to worry about, then I am happy.


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  4. What ball would you play if you were in the 90 mph range with a  driver?

    I swing about 90 mph and the Snell MTB X is the longest ball for me. I’ve played the Black for years and love that ball, but the MTB X is even better. Good luck!

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