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  1. Richmond, VA, 8 HCP use Line M Up tool and Sharpie, always align my putts Snell MTB-X, black line “DOUBLE D”
  2. I've been playing golf for nearly 40 years. Currently an 8.9 HCP. I love the challenge of putting the last shot (good or bad) out of your mind and playing the next shot. I found MGS several years ago when they did the K-Sig vs Pro V1 review. I know a few casual MGS readers, but no one who is overly active. Originally from Nebraska, but been in VA for 35 years. I play a private club on the south side of the river in Richmond. Best thing is you can pretty much play year round. The worst thing is that at least in the Richmond area there are no really good public courses, and the decent public courses are usually packed on weekends - so private is the best way to get a good golf course and a less than 4 hour round on weekends. But obviously there is a huge cost factor. Currently unemployed (thanks coronavirus), but have spent the last 20+ years in telecommunications. C5 is shorthand for the 5th generation of Corvette, which I drove for many years. Hokie is for Va Tech where I graduated from.
  3. Dave - Richmond, VA I always putt with a line and have for at least 10 years Line M Up Pro tool & sharpie marker Snell MTB-X Blue with text "FREE DRINK @ ROCKS"
  4. Dave / Richmond, VA Bushnell Tour V4 Shift and Shot Scope V2 watch
  5. Dave / VA HCP - 10.4 Never used a putting training device before, but based on results I definitely should be using one.
  6. 1) Dave / VA 2) 11.5 hdcp / 107 swing speed 3) Callaway Epic 9.5* 4) Epic Flash Sub Zero
  7. 1) Dave; Richmond, VA 2) 11.5 3) Titleist SM6 50/f, 54/m (bent to 55), 60/s 4) 50/a, 56/a (bent to 55), 60/m
  8. Dave / VA Walter Hagan pants and a Greg Norman jacket. Played the Norman Course at Lansdowne Resort a few years ago with temps in the mid-50s with cold, steady rain and a 4-5 club wind.
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