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  1. #YamYam -- You've been a member of MGS since 2017 and never heard of Snell?!? Guess you don't follow the golf ball tests?
  2. Love Snell MTB-X ball's, but now they're short on supply, I've moved to OnCore ELIXR (buy 3/get 1 free), or buy Maxfli Tour, Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide locally at Golf Galaxy/PGA Tour Superstore. Without the buy in bulk pricing/free shipping from Snell - I found suitable alternatives. -- Peejer
  3. The graphic shows Tour Response @ $35, but in the article and on-line it's $39.99. I think at $34.99 they have a very intriguing golf ball that I'd try, at $39.99...I pass. Before the hater's start, yes - it's only $5 difference. But $39.99 is logically $40, so when balls are priced there; Snell, OnCore and Vice are better values. Just my two cents, or $5, in this case! -- Peejer
  4. I'm in! Love the Master's, this just adds to the fun! Thanks MGS!!
  5. I'm a big fan of the Q-Star Tour Divide, so I'd give these a try too....except, at $39.99, there's no point. I'll stick to Snell, OnCore Elixr and Vice Pro. If color or pattern isn't a concern, then Wilson Duo Pro or Maxfli Tour is the way to go. Hey Taylormade, Callaway and Bridgestone, if you want to take over marketshare from Titleist, you need a comparable ball (TP5, Chrome Soft and Tour B-Series) cheaper than them -or- when you come out with a 2nd tier Urethane ball, like the Tour Response, price it at the same level or lower than the primary competition or you won't get many takers...
  6. I have no science to back up the following statement, but I've long been a firm believer that a lot of club damage happens from the range when people don't clean off the face. That grass is sitting on dirt/sand combination and hitting shot after shot, with sand on the face, damages the clubs. Again, no science - just logic. -- Peejer
  7. Because there are dozens of drivers available, I'm not going to try them all. This is how I choose to do it. Fortunately for you, I don't make the rules for every golfer on the planet - you can choose to do it, or not do it, any way you like.
  8. I've been a Taylormade Driver guy, going back to the Bubble Burner - but, I'm going to wait until the MGS Driver Test before I make any buying decisions. Then will take the top 3 in my swing speed range and put them on a launch monitor to figure out my best option. But, I'm itching to try and buy, so come on MyGolfSpy - let's have the numbers!!! -- Peejer
  9. Appreciate it! thanks for the Birthday wishes! -- Peejer
  10. I like the updates and think it gives you a good way to select testing pools. One thing you may want to consider is the golfing season for someone. You can't necessarily go off of the location, meaning even though I live in Colorado, I play year round. I played 122 times last year, and have managed at least once a month for the past 17 years. Granted, January-February can be challenging. I've traveled 2 hrs each way, to get to a playable course in those months. But maybe add a field that shows the start/stop months for when they play. -- Peejer
  11. This one looks more like yours, except the GEOCOUSTIC decal. So maybe yours is fine - hit it and see if it does what you want/expect. -- Peejer
  12. I think they are fake. Look at the paint in the upper right hand corner of this pic and compare it to yours. Close, but certainly not the same. The color of the paint in M2 looks off also. I'm afraid you've been had. I got stung with a fake Taylormade 3-hybrid several years ago, bought it on eBay. Never realized it was fake, until I bought the matching 4-hybrid and they felt completely different. The fake 3-hybrid was significantly heavier. Real M2 below: Your "possibly fake" M2 below:
  13. I did my post-play "survey", but it didn't ask me a single thing about the performance of this ball. It was more of a generic marketing survey. Except to say - what kind of ball did we send you, do you like it better than your current ball. Nothing specific. Well, can't say I'm disappointed as I got two sleeves of the new Titleist AVX balls. Happy for that! -- Peejer
  14. TXG is relevant because of their YouTube following, not sure Club Champion buying their two club fitting locations is significant - except to Mike and Ian's pocketbooks. Will they be able to continue the videos? and if so, will it be under the same name?!? I don't really see an upside for Club Champion. What am I missing here?
  15. Also bagging the Revolver XP Cart Bag - it's great to quickly rotate the clubs in the right position where I'm using a push cart or riding in a cart. If something happened to this one, I'd buy another one tomorrow. -- Peejer
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