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  1. Thanks for the responses - I picked up a Clicgear 3.5+ from Joker. Luckily he lives about 30 min away and I avoid shipping costs! Appreciate it, Joker! So I'm not in the market for a cart, any longer - unless someone has an Upright Caddy/Clever Caddy cart. They quit making those a few years ago, so unlikely to find one - but you never know! Thanks again to all, -- Peejer
  2. Thanks to Joker - I have found a Clicgear 3.5+ cart! I lucked out and he lives about 30 minutes away -- so saved shipping costs. Let's get together for round at Eisenhower some weekend! -- Peejer
  3. Thanks Joker - sorry for the delayed response. I played 9 after work today and a little later than normal checking email. Replied back to your email.
  4. That deal didn't work out - but I appreciate the effort. Still looking if anyone has one they can part with. Thanks, -- Peejer
  5. I'm definitely interested, I sent you a PM. Thanks!
  6. Peejer

    JPX 921's

    Man!! Those things are gorgeous!
  7. I'm looking for a Clicgear 3.5+, if anyone has one for sale? Clicgear has moved on and no longer sell this model, but it's the one I prefer. Or my unicorn purchase is a Upright Caddy/Clever Caddie?? So many golfers on here - thought if there's still one out there, this might be the place?!? Thanks, -- Peejer
  8. FYI - you can buy a replacement net directly from Rukkett for $44.99 https://www.rukket.com/collections/hitting-nets/products/haack-golf-net-replacement-net-only
  9. I recently sold my Rukkett Golf Haack Net - loved it, but went with a full cage with an impact screen/projection system. Amazon sells the same exact net at a better price, its ~$91 and currently showing in stock. This net design is pretty wide to catch errant shots and goes up/down easily. I had it for 2 years and no issues. Definitely recommend it because it slowly kicks the balls back to you so you don't have to keep walking down to collect them. https://www.amazon.com/Nova-Microdermabrasion-Portable-Hitting-Practice/dp/B079P3KDCZ/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3RTF4BYNCT0LA&dchild=1&keywords=rukkett+golf+net&qid=1594604054&sprefix=rukkett%2Caps%2C196&sr=8-2
  10. Has anyone picked up one of the Pyramid Putters? I've watched the "made for television" infomercials and wonder if it's worth the hype? The website claims it will save you up to 9 strokes a round! Hah!! Seems VERY unlikely. Sure wish they would've been tested as part of this year's "Most Wanted" putters. Hey MyGolfSpy - here's another myth buster opportunity for you!! -- P.J. https://www.pyramid-putters.com
  11. Name and Location: P.J. Evans Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)? Owned the original SkyCaddie GS2 over a decade ago, have several since - no GPS watch, but wanting to check it out. Current method of determining yardage: Rangefinder
  12. I've been playing the Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal for almost 3 years now and have been pretty happy with them. I got them custom fit for me at +1/4" and 2* upright in Project X LZ steel shafts. When you hit them, they feel great - when you miss, still really good distance, but the feedback to let you know you missed the sweet spot. I sold my "old set" to my buddy who was just getting into golf for $100. They were Taylormade Burner 2.0's. As of late, I've been missing those clubs as I always got great distance, they were very accurate and felt like the ball just shot off the face. I knew my buddy had upgraded his clubs, so I asked if I could buy them back?!? No chance, he gave them to his son and he took them to college with him. Dang...really missed them. So that started my quest to find another set of them. I picked some up on eBay 5-GW for ~$150 shipped. I put them on the simulator as soon as I got them, doing side-by-side comparisons. The Burner's were longer and had a tighter dispersion! Hmmm, I seem to recall everyone saying that the Taylormade irons have jacked up the lofts, so I did a club for club comparison. Nope, they're exactly the same from 4 iron through Gap Wedge. Odd. So I took them out for a round this past weekend. It was like seeing an old friend again! They felt great, shots were pretty accurate and man - the ball really goes! I find it hard to believe, but I'm seriously considering putting these back in the back permanently and relegating the JPX-900s to the garage/simulator set. I can't believe I'm saying that - but wow, I had forgotten how much I loved these clubs! -- P.J.
  13. P.J. / Colorado 13.1 Mizuno JPX-900 170 yards
  14. I think the point Dokex was trying to make was that if you look at the last two images you posted, on the right side of the face, the overlay lines up on the 4th line, while on the left side, it lines up on the 3rd line. It makes it look off-center...and aesthetics matter. If it's an angle issue, then you might want to retake those pictures. If we both make that assumption, rest assured others will as well.
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