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  1. I tested the Cut Grey and Blue several years ago - found them to be significantly shorter than most urethane golf balls. Although they did spin well, they didn't wear well. I had a dozen of each, still have a few sleeves of each left, no plans to put them into play.
  2. I've been entering the RockBottomGolf "giveaway's" for years, I've yet to hear of anyone winning anything. Maybe just a marketing ploy to get new subscribers, or most likely they get thousands and thousands of new subscribers and give away one. lol At least this one says there are 3...
  3. Pretty cool concept - I think many of us have preconceived ideas about what a ball does based upon what the pro's play and the commercials/ads. This will be interesting!! -- Peejer
  4. I've been drooling over the ER11v since the first time I saw it. Would love an opportunity to game this beauty!! -- Peejer
  5. In 2011, I discovered a company called "Upright Caddie" that sold the 3-wheel version at the top of this post. I bought one and loved it. It's downfall was it was pretty heavy. But, a new 4-wheel version came out a few years later - it had some design issues, that the company quickly addressed. That, coupled with the lifetime warranty (on everything except wheels and grips) made for a fantastic deal. It was pretty stable and I loved having my clubs straight up and down, just like on a riding cart. The company was created and ran by a guy in Arizona, named Andy De Carlo. Sadly, he decided to retire and sold his business to "Clever Caddy", at least the dream lived on and the product survived. They sold their carts via their website and drop shipped them from places like RockBottomGolf.com and Amazon. Sadly, the brand went out of business just before the COVID-era made carts so popular. I found out about it a few months too late. When I moved, my wife mistakenly threw away the wheels for the 3-wheel version and the entire 4-wheel version. I took apart the 4-wheel version when I was packing, she thought it was broken (as the wheels were off) and threw it away also. Crushed.... I've searched in vain all over the internet, including contacting the original manufacturer in China. No luck - I saw one pop-up on eBay, but it sold almost immediately. I still have one of the 4-wheel version, but the wheels are pretty worn, the basket was broken by a friend hitting it with a shanked shot. I'm baffled why some of the bigger manufacturers don't make something similar. The design was fantastic and easy to get clubs in/out, just like a golf cart. I am currently using the ClicGear 3.5+ with the Bag Extension. It's better than most, but I'd trade it in for a Upright/Clever Caddy cart in a minute. Until then, one can only dream.... -- Peejer
  6. I'm in - never know when they'll pull in some newbies! -- Peejer
  7. Looking for a backup driver, mostly for my simulator. Ping 400 LST w/stiff shaft in 10.5 degree loft. If you have one that you're interested in selling at a decent price - let me know. Thanks, -- Peejer
  8. So I've been using the SwingMate with the SuperSpeed sticks and it works great! I was concerned it might not work like the PRGR, but it's perfect. Saved a bunch of $$, also. You can find them on eBay for under $50 pretty easily (eBay Search - SwingMate ).
  9. There's new software in the works for SkyTrak, version 4.0 is still in BETA, but you can download it. I'm using it now and haven't had any issues. Best part is if you don't like it, just put your current version back on it. -- Peejer The features say: V4.0 Release Notes - Improved Range Graphics - Improved Tracers - Improved Camera Views - Limited supported characters in Profile Name - Restricted Altitude and temperature to realistic values - Fixed duplicate club bug in Bag Management - Fixed Bag Mapping bug in offline mode - Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements PC 64 bit: http://dl.skygolf.com/skytrak/4.0.0/..._x64_4.0.0.exe PC 32 bit: http://dl.skygolf.com/skytrak/4.0.0/..._x86_4.0.0.exe
  10. First name: P.J. City & State: Highlands Ranch, CO (outside of Denver) Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: Walk with a pushcart, played 105 rounds in 2020. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: Clicgear 3.5+ I've been thinking that at some point I'd like to switch to an Electric cart, this would be an amazing opportunity!
  11. Looks like Swing Mate might be a better priced option than buying the PRGR / Swing Speed Radar. I just picked one up on eBay for under $40 shipped. That's a no-brainer compared to the $199 price tag on Swing Speed's site. Glad I caught this thread! Thanks, -- Peejer
  12. They have to slow roll the information to keep us coming back! Pretty simple marketing strategy.
  13. I hit a LOT of shots, but only kept the good one's. I only kept the best 5 as I didn't want my bad swings to impact the results. For the Driver, if it was more than 15 yards off target, I discarded it. For the 7-iron, if it was more than 10 yards off target, I discarded it. For the PW, if it was more than 7 yards off target, I discarded it. No real science to that, just was a self-imposed parameter so I wouldn't skew the numbers. -- Peejer
  14. Sorry for the delay, I ran the tests - but with the holidays, forgot to post them. This is a comparison of the Kirkland 3-piece, Kirkland 3-piece v2.0 and a Titleist ProV1 This tests the Driver - 7 iron - PW. I alternated which balls I used first, second, third to try to normalize the results. First up, the Driver: Driver Club MPH Smash Factor Ball MPH Launch Angle Back RPM Side RPM Side Deg Off-Line YD Carry YD Roll YD Total YD Flight Sec Descent Deg Height YD ProV1 96 1.48 141 12.8 2021 116 -2.9 -8 242 33 276 6.4 27 20.3 Kirkland 2.0 96 1.47 141 14.1 2381 -34 -1.7 -10 247 29 276 6.9 32 24.7 Kirkland 1.0 94 1.47 139 12 2648 -696 3.7 -11 228 28 256 6.6 36 20.2 Now the 7-iron: 7-iron Club MPH Smash Factor Ball MPH Launch Angle Back RPM Side RPM Side Deg Off-Line YD Carry YD Roll YD Total YD Flight Sec Descent Deg Height YD Titleist PROV1 81 1.34 110 21.1 6158 -271 1.3 0 158 11 169 6 45 29 Kirkland 2.0 83 1.32 110 20.4 6586 -205 -0.5 -4 156 10 166 5.9 45 28 Kirkland 1.0 83 1.32 110 20.5 6617 -3271.4 0 0 156 10 166 5.9 46 28 And finally the PW. Let me know your thoughts... PW Club MPH Smash Factor Ball MPH Launch Angle Back RPM Side RPM Side Deg Off-Line YD Carry YD Roll YD Total YD Flight Sec Descent Deg Height YD Titleist PROV1 81 1.16 93 28 9176 -535 1.3 -1 122 5 127 5.5 49 27 Kirkland 2.0 80 1.17 94 28 9406 -291 2 2 123 5 128 5.5 48 27 Kirkland 1.0 80 1.15 93 27.8 9518 -408 1.8 1 122 5 127 5.4 48 26
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