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  1. Looking for a backup driver, mostly for my simulator. Ping 400 LST w/stiff shaft in 10.5 degree loft. If you have one that you're interested in selling at a decent price - let me know. Thanks, -- Peejer
  2. So I've been using the SwingMate with the SuperSpeed sticks and it works great! I was concerned it might not work like the PRGR, but it's perfect. Saved a bunch of $$, also. You can find them on eBay for under $50 pretty easily (eBay Search - SwingMate ).
  3. There's new software in the works for SkyTrak, version 4.0 is still in BETA, but you can download it. I'm using it now and haven't had any issues. Best part is if you don't like it, just put your current version back on it. -- Peejer The features say: V4.0 Release Notes - Improved Range Graphics - Improved Tracers - Improved Camera Views - Limited supported characters in Profile Name - Restricted Altitude and temperature to realistic values - Fixed duplicate club bug in Bag Management - Fixed Bag
  4. First name: P.J. City & State: Highlands Ranch, CO (outside of Denver) Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: Walk with a pushcart, played 105 rounds in 2020. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: Clicgear 3.5+ I've been thinking that at some point I'd like to switch to an Electric cart, this would be an amazing opportunity!
  5. Looks like Swing Mate might be a better priced option than buying the PRGR / Swing Speed Radar. I just picked one up on eBay for under $40 shipped. That's a no-brainer compared to the $199 price tag on Swing Speed's site. Glad I caught this thread! Thanks, -- Peejer
  6. They have to slow roll the information to keep us coming back! Pretty simple marketing strategy.
  7. I hit a LOT of shots, but only kept the good one's. I only kept the best 5 as I didn't want my bad swings to impact the results. For the Driver, if it was more than 15 yards off target, I discarded it. For the 7-iron, if it was more than 10 yards off target, I discarded it. For the PW, if it was more than 7 yards off target, I discarded it. No real science to that, just was a self-imposed parameter so I wouldn't skew the numbers. -- Peejer
  8. Sorry for the delay, I ran the tests - but with the holidays, forgot to post them. This is a comparison of the Kirkland 3-piece, Kirkland 3-piece v2.0 and a Titleist ProV1 This tests the Driver - 7 iron - PW. I alternated which balls I used first, second, third to try to normalize the results. First up, the Driver: Driver Club MPH Smash Factor Ball MPH Launch Angle Back RPM Side RPM
  9. Just got back from our local Costco. The Kirkland wedges, putter, gloves and 3-piece 2.0 balls are all in stock. 2 dozen of the balls were $24.95. I have some of the (apparently 1.0) balls, so now that I know they're two different balls - I think I'll double back and buy some. I'll run them both on my SkyTrak and see if I can tell any difference. Should be interesting...
  10. Not sure I see a need for this product. Phones, apps and golf watches already do this. This is an easy pass for me...no interest in this product, at all.
  11. Really great article on MyGolfSpy.com's impact on the golf industry! Great read and nice to get worldwide recognition for all the hard work that goes into making this site amazing! Read it yourself here: https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/28411127/introducing-small-group-trying-take-change-golf-equipment-industry -- P.J.
  12. The most recent giveaway here was the SuperSpeed sticks. Who won that? I looked around and can't find an announcement. They were supposed to be announced or at least drawn on September 12th. Am I looking in the wrong place? Didn't see it in the forums nor on the main page?!?
  13. Really enjoyed your write-up and review. It definitely resonated with me and I was surprised how much so. I'm originally from Akron, Ohio. I'm 54 and work out at least twice a week and am in better than average shape for my age, though I fight lower back issues too. My swing speed hangs around 94-98mph, hitting 100+ every now & then. I've been eyeing the SuperSpeed system for a while - based on your review, I'm sold. I'm hoping to win the one here on Sept 12th, if not - I'm buying it. Thanks for taking the time and dedication to see it through to fruition. -- P
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