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  1. I did my post-play "survey", but it didn't ask me a single thing about the performance of this ball. It was more of a generic marketing survey. Except to say - what kind of ball did we send you, do you like it better than your current ball. Nothing specific. Well, can't say I'm disappointed as I got two sleeves of the new Titleist AVX balls. Happy for that! -- Peejer
  2. TXG is relevant because of their YouTube following, not sure Club Champion buying their two club fitting locations is significant - except to Mike and Ian's pocketbooks. Will they be able to continue the videos? and if so, will it be under the same name?!? I don't really see an upside for Club Champion. What am I missing here?
  3. Also bagging the Revolver XP Cart Bag - it's great to quickly rotate the clubs in the right position where I'm using a push cart or riding in a cart. If something happened to this one, I'd buy another one tomorrow. -- Peejer
  4. I took the new Titleist AVX prototype balls out for a spin today. Overall, I was pretty pleased with them. I'll put them on my launch monitor over the holidays, but first impression was pretty good. These balls didn't spin too much, as is the case with the current AVX. To me, they felt a little firmer than the current AVX's, as well. As for overall distance, these prototype balls seemed a little shorter off the driver - but irons seemed to come up to what I expected. I swore of the current AVX's because of excessive spin of driver and irons, but considering the way these played today - I would play these balls, but not @ $50 a dozen!! At $35-39 a dozen, it's a no-brainer. If Titleist ever priced it there, they'd probably run Snell, OnCore and Vice out of business. -- Peejer
  5. I got mine in the mail today too! Fortunately, I'm playing tomorrow morning - so great chance to try them out! -- Peejer
  6. I replaced my 3W and hybrid this year (I don't carry a 5w). I started out looking at MyGolfSpy test results and narrowed it down, then went to a local golf store with a launch monitor. After an hour of hitting balls, I ended up replacing my Callaway Rogue 3W with the Srixon ZX 3W. The store (Lenny's in Aurora, Colorado) was awesome and patient - just before I paid for it, the person helping me said - do you have you clubs with you? I said yes - thinking his next line was that I could trade them in (which I wasn't interested in doing). He said, before you buy this - go get your clubs, let's make sure this makes sense for you. I compared my current Callaway Rogue to the Srixon ZX fairway - I was tighter in dispersion and longer. I bought it on the spot! Thanks to MyGolfSpy to get my initial list of clubs I wanted to hit, then to Lenny's Golf for being patient with me. I've been there before and I'll be back time and time again. Up until the Srixon, I have played the Callaway's, Taylormade and Ping's. Never would've even sniffed a Srixon, but so glad I did. It's definitely worth a look (and hit). BTW, I also ordered a Cobra RadSpeed hybrid after similar testing. Good luck! -- Peejer
  7. For years, I was strictly a Taylormade guy. Blind loyalty, but the SLDR woods disappointed me, so I started to look around. My most recent purchases are the Srixon ZX fairway and Cobra RADSpeed hybrid are a direct result of the reviews on MyGolfSpy. I probably never would have even considered them - but I included them in my club testing (on a launch monitor) and love them both! Today I'm brand agnostic - what ever performs the best, regardless of the name on them. My current set-up looks like: Taylormade Sim2 Driver & M-6 Irons (Had Mizuno JPX-900's, was a good fit for me, swapped them out with TM M-6's) Srixon ZX fairway Cobra RADSpeed Hybrid Mizuno MP-T7 Wedges EVNROLL ER7 Putter -- Peejer
  8. I play 100+ rounds a year and change the grips every year, usually over the winter/early spring. The corded grips rip my hands to shreds, probably due to the number of rounds I play, plus in Colorado with the low humidity my hands stay pretty dry and the texture of the cord just wears my hands out. I've played the DriTac grips, like the feel - but they wear out too fast. I stumbled across SuperStroke Traxion Wrap grips and couldn't be happier. Been playing them for the past 2 seasons now. Grips are really comfortable and have a soft tacky feel to them. Best part is you can get them for $5.99 each! Now that's a steal. https://superstrokeusa.com/shop/traxion-wrap-club-grip/ Best part is PGA Tour Superstore sells them locally, so I can have the instant gratification. Give them a shot, I don't think you'll be disappointed. -- P.J.
  9. From the start of this test, things were....off. Very little information from Titleist and an erratic ship schedule. Then no real documentation and it took a bit of time before we got the website info. Then the website 'evaluation' between ball #3 and ball #4 was pretty bland. Seems like Titleist just kind of mailed it in, especially if these are the balls that are already in production. There was some discussion about Titleist making it up to those of us selected to 'test' these balls by making it right, but no indication what that meant. Several months later, have to assume that nothing is coming and this was their attempt at a failed marketing plan. This was my first opportunity to test something for MyGolfSpy, and while it wasn't MGS's issue since it was all ran by Titleist, color me disappointed. Hoping to do a regular MGS test at some point in the future. I did my part by doing launch monitor comparison's between the two balls - posted earlier in these threads. None the less, was cool to test something that wasn't available to the general golfing public yet! -- Peejer
  10. I'm sure most of you put a lot of credibility in the MyGolfSpy reviews and comparisons - as do I. In fact, so much so that they often influence my purchases. I've been playing the Callaway Rogue 3W for the past few years, which I hit pretty well - but never really loved it. After reading the MGS 2021 MOST WANTED FAIRWAY WOOD review, I really wanted to try out the Srixon ZX fairway wood. I went to a local golf shop (Lenny's Golf) with a Foresight Launch Monitor and tried different clubs and different shafts, but found the Srixon ZX 3W with a Project-X Hazardous (62g) in (low spin) Stiff to be the perfect fit for me. My first round out, was...meh. But I took it with me on a golf trip to Nashville last week and I've fallen in love with this club. It's definitely long and it's much more forgiving than my Callaway Rogue 3W. After playing this club for 6 rounds now, I can see why it was selected as the "Most Wanted" and led the group in 'Strokes Gained'. I've never owned a Srixon club, and probably never would have until I read the review, which prompted me to go and try them out. BTW, Lenny's Golf actually encouraged me to bring my current club in and do a 'side-by-side' comparison. There was a clear winner in distance and consistency. So...Thank you MyGolfSpy staff for all you do and helping us make solid decisions based on data, not hype! -- P.J.
  11. They privatized the beaches, which means that any property on the water side, owns the beach down to within 20' of the water. That means 4.6 miles of the 6 miles of beach are now private. Huge mistake - now the 'public' squeezes into the few places that are open to everyone. The local's said the Governor allowed it because he had supporters who owned beachfront property and wanted the beach to themselves. If you go, the only place to stay and expect some access to the beach is a waterside house/condo/hotel. Renters beware... -- Peejer
  12. I lived in Niceville, just across the bridge from Destin for 2 years. I took lessons with Rob Strano (of the Golf Channel) at Kelly Plantation. I definitely enjoy the course, but they're pretty proud of it - it's pricey. Don't know if you got a chance to get along the waters edge, but there are thousands of hermit crabs and scallops to be found. There's always a persistent wind coming off the bay, which adds to the challenge. I've even seen dolphins out there while playing. It's a good time, definitely a vacation golf place, as only the members and visitors play it regularly due to the cost. There are better priced options just around the corner - Blue Water Bay comes to mind, as does the Eglin Golf Course (36 holes open to the public). To be clear, they're not in the same pristine condition that Kelly's is, but pretty nice shape and a heck of a lot cheaper. On the Destin side, you could play 9-holes of night golf (all holes are lighted) at The Golf Garden of Destin. Especially if it's a work trip and you're busy during the day. If you get a chance, Indian Bayou was always in great shape and a fun track to play. Same with Emerald Bay. Enjoy your trip - and the local seafood!! -- Peejer
  13. I'll play Surlyn/Ionomer golf balls during the winter months (in Colorado) when the greens are so hard, no ball spins and stops. For me, I play the Wilson Duo or the Srixon Soft Feel's. When the grass goes dormant, I stick to colored balls so they're easier to find. Last winter, I picked up some 2-piece urethane balls from SaintNine, the U-Pro comes in white, pink or yellow. They sell for $24.99, but do Buy-One/Get-One free sales all the time. At that price, it's a steal of a deal! Current deal is with the code of FRIENDS, it's 50% off. Including shipping, its $18.45 total For an extra bonus - you can add a freeze 3-ball sleeve to your order for $0.00. If you want just the Free 3-sleeve ball, put them in your cart with the code: S9FREE for free shipping too! FYI - not affiliated with SaintNine in any way, just passing along some deals on a pretty good ball. -- Peejer
  14. I ran some more tests tonight on the simulator. I used current ProV1, ProV1x and the Titleist Test Ball #3 and Titleist Test Ball #4 with my Pitching Wedge. I kept fairly tight parameters, only keeping shots that were within 5 yards of my target. Significantly lower spin and longer roll-out on Test Ball #3. -- Peejer My results are below: SHOT BALL LAUNCH BACK SIDE SIDE OFFLINE CARRY ROLL TOTAL FLIGHT DSCNT HEIGHT # MPH DEG RPM RPM DEG YD YD YD YD SEC DEG YD ProV1 AVG 97 28.4 9418 485 -1.9 0 127 5.5 133 5.7 50 30 ProV1x AVG 98 30 8094 412 -2.3 -2 128 6.5 135 5.9 52 32 Test Ball 3 AVG 96 31.8 6773 391 -2.2 -2 126 8 134 6 53 33 Test Ball 4 AVG 97 30 8762 548 -2 0 127 6.3 134 5.9 51 31
  15. Ran some tests tonight on the simulator. I used current ProV1, ProV1x and the Titleist Test Ball #3 and Titleist Test Ball #4 with my 7-iron. I kept fairly tight parameters, only keeping shots that were 85+mph club head speed and within 5 yards of my target. Overall, not too much difference between the current and the new balls. -- Peejer My results are below: SHOT BALL LAUNCH BACK SIDE SIDE OFFLINE CARRY ROLL TOTAL FLIGHT DSCNT HEIGHT CLUB PTI # MPH DEG RPM RPM DEG YD YD YD YD SEC DEG YD MPH SCORE ProV1 AVG 117 18.7 6237 83 -1.7 -5 171 11 182 6.2 44 30 86 1.36 ProV1x AVG 116 19 6603 13 -0.8 -1 170 11 181 6.2 46 31 87 1.34 Titleist#3 AVG 115 19.2 6227 -23 -0.8 -3.5 169 12 181 6.2 45 30 85 1.36 Titleist#4 AVG 118 19.3 6581 326 -1.6 0 171 10 181 6.3 46 32 88 1.34
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