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  1. Congratulations to those selected - I'm sure you'll do a great job from the 'average' person's perspective. I look forward to hearing all about it. To MGS - here's a crazy idea, why not edit the original / first post with those selected. It makes it hard to find out who's been selected by going through the pages of comments. If you edited the first posting, with 'here's who was selected', that would be a more efficient way of letting folks know. Just my two cents... -- P.J.
  2. First Name: P.J. Home State/Province/Country: Florida, USA Current Handicap: 13 Current Iron Set: TaylorMade SLDR (Stiff/Right)
  3. Your first name, home state/province: P.J. Evans, Florida Your current handicap: 13.4 Have you used a GPS watch? Which one? No GPS watch, have owned several GPS devices Have you used a Shot Tracking System? Which one? Yes, Callaway Upro for distance tracking and club selection
  4. I also hit the forged JPX 900 tour irons, but the performance wasn't good enough for my misses. The hot metal, was hands down, superior - it wasn't even close (for me). If you haven't hit those yet - give them a shot. I hit them with the Project X LZ shafts in them - amazing!! -- P.J.
  5. Well, I pulled the trigger on the irons today. I ran through the clubs again on the launch monitor, did the custom fit thing and I have selected the Mizuno JPX 900's. The numbers and grouping was significantly better with the Mizuno's vs Ping G Series vs TaylorMade M2's. I did the custom fitting thing too...added 1/4" and 2* upright. We'll see how it goes...but I'm excited. It'll be a week+ till they arrive, and sadly - I'll be on business travel. There's a little buyer's remorse, because it's a lot of cash for them - but if the store experience translates to the course, I'll be elate
  6. Your first name: P.J. Your home state/province: Florida Your current handicap: 13.2 Your current iron set: TaylorMade SLDR (Stiff, right) Your biggest strength & weakness to your iron game: Strength - Length, Weakness - Consistency
  7. I've got a new set of irons on the brain! I'm traveling a lot these days, so thinking I'll leave a set in Virginia - to avoid having them damaged during shipping... So, I currently have the TaylorMade SLDR's, but thinking of either the TaylorMade RSI2's (because I can get them for a steal), or Ping G-Series or the latest is the Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal with the Project X LZ 5.5 shafts. What to do, what to do...Ping & Mizuno are hard to find good deals on. I typically stay a model or two years behind the trend to get the best value. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a deal, mayb
  8. I wrote a review for a 'rival' website a few years ago. Fell in love with the ball. I even received an email from Dean Snell himself, thanking me for the support and feedback. This was during the original version of the logo - not that my comment was a sole contributor, but I talked about the logo and name "My Tour Ball" needing some improvement. They did that! I did plenty of testing, focusing mostly on short game performance and compared it to a number of industry leaders. In the end, Snell MTB was not only a fantastic value, but it was the top performer. I was hooked... I've trie
  9. My name is P.J. I live in NW Florida, in the panhandle. My current handicap is 13.2 I currently use a Nikon Rangefinder and a GPS. I'm predominately interested in testing the model with slope. My home course is laden with elevation changes and I'd like to determine how accurate the slope calculations are. I've always been a bit skeptical, so I'm quite curious. Having a solid rangefinder to compare it against is key! I've written a considerable number of reviews for a similar golf equipment website. I'm an engineer by trade, so it's all about the numbers for me. Thanks for th
  10. Congratulations! Love Mizuno wedges - I bag them and have no plans to switch! -- P.J.
  11. Clinically speaking - I'm a new member. I've been following this site for years - in fact, as I write this from my hotel in Newport News, I'm essentially a couple of shots away from MyGolfSpy HQ in Yorktown. I come to Virginia quite often for business - so I'd like to drop in sometime to see meet the team. I've been a huge fan of MyGolfSpy for years, the articles are exceptional, filled with useful data and most importantly - unbiased. I put zero faith in Golf Digest's 'Hot List' as almost everything is GOLD, there's no real data or differentiation between the equipment. This is where
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