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  1. I've been playing the Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal for almost 3 years now and have been pretty happy with them. I got them custom fit for me at +1/4" and 2* upright in Project X LZ steel shafts. When you hit them, they feel great - when you miss, still really good distance, but the feedback to let you know you missed the sweet spot. I sold my "old set" to my buddy who was just getting into golf for $100. They were Taylormade Burner 2.0's. As of late, I've been missing those clubs as I always got great distance, they were very accurate and felt like the ball just shot off the face. I knew my buddy had upgraded his clubs, so I asked if I could buy them back?!? No chance, he gave them to his son and he took them to college with him. Dang...really missed them. So that started my quest to find another set of them. I picked some up on eBay 5-GW for ~$150 shipped. I put them on the simulator as soon as I got them, doing side-by-side comparisons. The Burner's were longer and had a tighter dispersion! Hmmm, I seem to recall everyone saying that the Taylormade irons have jacked up the lofts, so I did a club for club comparison. Nope, they're exactly the same from 4 iron through Gap Wedge. Odd. So I took them out for a round this past weekend. It was like seeing an old friend again! They felt great, shots were pretty accurate and man - the ball really goes! I find it hard to believe, but I'm seriously considering putting these back in the back permanently and relegating the JPX-900s to the garage/simulator set. I can't believe I'm saying that - but wow, I had forgotten how much I loved these clubs! -- P.J.
  2. P.J. / Colorado 13.1 Mizuno JPX-900 170 yards
  3. I think the point Dokex was trying to make was that if you look at the last two images you posted, on the right side of the face, the overlay lines up on the 4th line, while on the left side, it lines up on the 3rd line. It makes it look off-center...and aesthetics matter. If it's an angle issue, then you might want to retake those pictures. If we both make that assumption, rest assured others will as well.
  4. Now there's a new MyGolfSpy test for you - do white vs yellow urethane golf balls test any different on the mechanical swing test?!?
  5. I kinda got it to work...but you can only order 1 dozen (of either, but not both). If you order 2 or more, the '2 for $50' over-rides it and won't let you apply the discount to get them $19 a dozen.

    Discount on Maxfli

    Did you try it? I couldn't get it to work...
  7. I received the email about the Maxfli Tour and Tour-X being on special for $19 a dozen. Catch-22 - only for 24 hours. My email was received at 3:30pm MST. At 8:30pm MST, I tried to order them...it didn't work. I entered the promo code "MGSROCKS" and I'm getting the error " Promo Code Cannot Be Applied ". I see where there's a special already in place for these balls @ 2 for $50 - but that defaulted in. I didn't put that in... Too bad, was hoping to snag some of these for my winter rounds. Guess it's true, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
  8. Name and Location: P.J. Evans, live in Colorado - play golf year-round and travel to play How do you currently get your yardages? Use a RangeFinder, though I was one of the early adopters of GPS for golf among my friends; I had the original SkyGolf SG2 in ~2004. How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? Absolutely love it!! I'm an Engineer and everything I do is about the data!!
  9. I currently bag Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metals, but I keep my last set (Taylormade SLDR's) in the garage and use them to practice with on my simulator. I leave my primary clubs in my car, most of the time, so it's pretty much a convenience thing for me. I don't think I'll ever go back to the Taylormade SLDR's. The other nice thing about having a 'spare' set of clubs is I let my out of town guests borrow them when they drop in for a short visit. -- P.J.
  10. First Name/State of residence: P.J. / Colorado Handicap: 12.3 Current irons in Play: Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 175 yards


  12. Several years ago, I stumbled across a product called "The Upright Caddy". In short, it's a push golf cart where the clubs sit straight up and down, similar to the way the sit in a golf cart. Absolutely loved it, I bought the original 3-wheel version, then the updated 4-wheel version. Upright Caddy was bought out and renamed to "Clever Caddie" a few years later. To make a long story short, when I recently moved - my wife mistakenly threw out some of the components - specifically the wheels from the 3-wheel version and the spare parts from the 4-wheel version. No biggy, right? I'm over-due for a new cart anyhow... Well, the company has apparently gone under. They used to sell the carts on RockBottomGolf.com, but it was seemingly as drop-shipment and they didn't actually have any in stock. Anyone know what happened to them? Or maybe someone who used to work there and knows of a secret stash? I've searched all over Google, eBay and Amazon with no luck. I've included a picture - really love this cart, too bad it never really caught on!! -- P.J.
  13. I was listening to a golf talk show tonight (BiGGs Golf Talk) and they had a guest on that was talking about their tee's. The company is Zoom Tee's, designed by an aerospace engineer that allegedly helps the ball go 'a few yards farther'. The good part is they do some charity work associated with their product, so it's also a feel good story. Great for them... but, not my point. It got me thinking that I've seen the "Brush Tee" and the "4 Yards Longer Tee" and a few others, I'm sure. I'm honestly very skeptical that tee's actually make a difference at all, but that's my opinion. Has MyGolfSpy ever done any testing along these lines?!? Just curious to see if the data matches the hype - when done by an independent, unbiased company. Anyone else interested in this one? Thanks, -- P.J.
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