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  1. I currently bag Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metals, but I keep my last set (Taylormade SLDR's) in the garage and use them to practice with on my simulator. I leave my primary clubs in my car, most of the time, so it's pretty much a convenience thing for me. I don't think I'll ever go back to the Taylormade SLDR's. The other nice thing about having a 'spare' set of clubs is I let my out of town guests borrow them when they drop in for a short visit. -- P.J.
  2. First Name/State of residence: P.J. / Colorado Handicap: 12.3 Current irons in Play: Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 175 yards


  4. Several years ago, I stumbled across a product called "The Upright Caddy". In short, it's a push golf cart where the clubs sit straight up and down, similar to the way the sit in a golf cart. Absolutely loved it, I bought the original 3-wheel version, then the updated 4-wheel version. Upright Caddy was bought out and renamed to "Clever Caddie" a few years later. To make a long story short, when I recently moved - my wife mistakenly threw out some of the components - specifically the wheels from the 3-wheel version and the spare parts from the 4-wheel version. No biggy, right? I'm over-due for a new cart anyhow... Well, the company has apparently gone under. They used to sell the carts on RockBottomGolf.com, but it was seemingly as drop-shipment and they didn't actually have any in stock. Anyone know what happened to them? Or maybe someone who used to work there and knows of a secret stash? I've searched all over Google, eBay and Amazon with no luck. I've included a picture - really love this cart, too bad it never really caught on!! -- P.J.
  5. I was listening to a golf talk show tonight (BiGGs Golf Talk) and they had a guest on that was talking about their tee's. The company is Zoom Tee's, designed by an aerospace engineer that allegedly helps the ball go 'a few yards farther'. The good part is they do some charity work associated with their product, so it's also a feel good story. Great for them... but, not my point. It got me thinking that I've seen the "Brush Tee" and the "4 Yards Longer Tee" and a few others, I'm sure. I'm honestly very skeptical that tee's actually make a difference at all, but that's my opinion. Has MyGolfSpy ever done any testing along these lines?!? Just curious to see if the data matches the hype - when done by an independent, unbiased company. Anyone else interested in this one? Thanks, -- P.J.
  6. I'm pulling for Phil, but just don't think he'll be competitive now that Tiger's found his swing again...
  7. Sorry for the delay, I hadn't turned on notifications for this thread - I didn't realize you had asked a question. In short, this is now my permanent RangeFinder. I really like the Slope Feature, the Nikon I'd previously used is now in my "spare" bag that I keep in Virginia. -- P.J.
  8. Loft? -- Ooops, nevermind, I just realized this supports multiple lofts from the pictures. I wasn't aware of this. I was mostly interested because the MGS Fitting App recommended this club for my swing.
  9. I got a sleeve of golf balls yesterday from Titleist. According to the included letter, they're the new 2019 Titleist ProV1's. Anyone else get some of these babies?!? I've run some numbers on it against the Snell MTB Black's. The 6-iron numbers look like this: Snell MTB: ClubSpeed: 87, PTI/SmashFactor: 1.39, Ballspeed: 120, Launch 19.5, Backspin 5885, Sidespin 198, Carry 172, Roll 10, Total 182. 2019 ProV1 ClubSpeed 86, PTI/SmashFactor: 1.39, BallSpeed: 120, Launch 20.3, Backspin 5830, Sidespin 523, Carry 172, Roll 10, Total 182. When I originally ran tests earlier this year on my launch monitor, the Snell MTB Black outperformed the 2017 ProV1's. Looks like Titleist is paying attention and the new ball is performing better than ever. Performance with Snell is now equal! Cost being a factor (ProV1~$48-$54 vs Snell ~$27-$32 shipped), Snell MTB Black is still my ball of choice. Very preliminary numbers, using 5 solid shots measured with my 6-iron. I've yet to test it with my wedge or driver. Just thought some may be interested... -- P.J.
  10. P.J. Florida Taylormade M1 / 10.5* Kuro Kage 60g Stiff shaft Fit for driver - yes (Recommended a Mizuno ST 180 in 9.5*) I've always been a TaylorMade driver guy, when the fitting app became available - I was anxious to see what it recommended. It came out with a lower lofted driver (9.5* vs my current 10.5*) and a Mizuno model driver that I never really considered. I went to my local golf store, hoping they had one I could demo - no luck. I wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger on buying without trying. This concept of $25 to test it for 2 weeks is awesome! Thanks for letting us know and even better to give a few of your followers to try it out for themselves! Very cool!! -- P.J.
  11. I'm watching this thread with renewed interest. I did the MyGolfSpy 'TrueFit' app and it recommended the Mizuno ST180. Nice intro's and information - keep it up and thank you! -- P.J.
  12. Very cool video's! Which ShotTracer app are you using? -- P.J.
  13. I picked up one of the Caddytek CaddyView V2 +Slope earlier this year. Because of my frequent travel to the Hampton Roads, Va area and I keep a set of clubs there and my regular set here in Florida. One one particular trip, I left my rangefinder in Florida and I felt completely lost without it on the course. So...I figured it'd be a good opportunity to buy a newer model with the slope feature. After doing some research and reading reviews, I settled on the CaddyTek CaddyView V2, which you can pick up on Amazon or eBay for ~$150.00, or if you're a Costco member, $129.99 on their website. Regardless, here's my take on this unit. I really wanted to pick up a RangeFinder with the Slope feature. I was intrigued and thought it could really help me figure out the distances I needed to hit on my home course. Although I play primarily in Florida, my home course has a LOT of elevation changes. One hole, in particular has an uphill green that plays at +14 yards - and let me tell you, it plays every bit of that. Same thing on downhill lies, I found this device to be very good at estimating the differences. Several people in my 'gaggle' have slope features on their RangeFinders, so I like to compare them. They paid quite a bit more than I did, and the estimations were either spot-on, or within a yard of each other. I was in Colorado last week, with yet another buddy playing with a Slope enabled RangeFinder - same result. Very accurate and similar results - but mine was $150+ less than theirs. If I had to knock this unit for any reason, it'd be it's slower to pick up targets than my previous Nikon RangeFinder. There are times when I had to step to the left or right, to get a slightly better angle on a flag, but it finds it with a little patience on those occasions. The big question is - would I buy it again? Absolutely. For the money, it's an exceptional value and the accuracy and slope features are the same as the higher priced models. It's not perfect, but it's very, very good! I definitely recommend it. -- P.J.
  14. Just a follow-up....I also found a similar product to the "Club Caddy", it's called the "Handy Standy". It was originally available at www.handystandy.com from a company in England/Wales. There's a link to order it from Amazon, but it says 'out of stock'. Looks like this site may have gone dormant, but I was lucky enough to find one on eBay. -- P.J.
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