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  1. Arnie Laredo, Texas Ping 410 Max 15 104 MPH TSi2
  2. Arnie Sanchez - Laredo, Texas Always use a putting line plastic line ball marker with a pink and blue sharpies Srixon Z star Use a half blue and half pink line.
  3. I purchased a set of Snake eyes MB1 irons but want to change the shafts and check the degrees on the irons prior to doindg any work. Problem is that I cant find any information anywhere. If anyone knows any information e.g. loft, shaft length, shaft tip etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone, I have benn slowly but surely getting back in to golf after a long layoff. Never knew how much I would miss the game until I started visiting the range. Unfortunately, I am experiencing a minor setback at the time due to recent knee surgery (meniscus repair). On the upside my wife thought it was a great idea to introduce my 5 year old son to golf to arrange our first round of golf for me and him on Father's Day (God bless her). I have been seeing my son' s slow progress and am extremely happy that he is enjoying the game. I am truly looking forward to meeting everyone and getting back into the game I've missed so much. Equipment has me overwhelmed at the time but I feel it will be an experience discovering all these things with my new golf buddy....
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