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  1. I got two playing the weekend, it is not looking good for me. Well, time to start drinking
  2. First round in, I had a great front 9, made the turn with a +5, 40 my best score ever on the front, but the cold and slow play of the group ahead got the best of me in the back, still I only shot a +13, 50 getting me a total +18 90 for the post hibernation round. I hope I submitted the score card appropriaterly.
  3. I fell ya, slow start with my team too, but Conners woke up on the right side of the bed today.
  4. I really appreciate that compliment Bryan. Despite the fact that I am active on hunting and sharing contests on IG, and my capability of multitasking. My full time job is very unpredictable, there are very light and easy days, where I might put it about 2 hours of work for the whole day, it is just as easy to have days where I am working over 16+ hours, and clocking in 80 to 90 hours Monday to Friday. My fear is that I will get stuck on those work blackholes and will not be able to put in the effort and care that this community deserves. Still it is very tempting.
  5. It is also surprisingly light and comfortable too. My 12 year old son wasn't as excited as I was about the polo. I don't think he will borrow that polo.
  6. I am also being forced to play Friday, I mean it didnt take much convincing for me to play hooky.
  7. Joined and ready to go, playing my first round of the season Friday.
  8. You could have just said that I make that polo look good
  9. I still need to get me some pink shorts and an autoflex.
  10. Maybe my offers got cancelled, I did not get a chance to look at them yesterday.
  11. Anyone else seeing a blank page for the pending trades? I did get a couple of trade offers but I can't see them
  12. Don't tempt me now, I might just have to apply, but then I need to hire a grammar/spell checker to revise my work before posting.
  13. Thank you for the recap @Apolloshowl it is always a great read.
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