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  1. Can we collect on the Australian lottery?
  2. I know, I didn't read before going bunkers and tagging people, my bad
  3. I would say, call the clubhouse and ask for a ranger to come by, our courses are pretty good about asking the slow groups to let people play through, specially when the flow of the group ahead is running like molasses. Our scramble last Sunday was particularly painful as the group in front of us was very slow playing the back nine, at some point there were a total 3 groups, 12 people, us and 10 more waiting on the par 5 12th hole tee box, so they could hit into the green from 350+ yards, that was the 3rd shot for them, so I was willing to bet that none would hit the green from the rough t
  4. I get what you mean now, and my answer is still, I do not have a satisfactory answer for you, because I would like to think that in reality with 12 games to go, we all have a chance to make the playoffs, but I know it is not the real odds. Hence why I asked the commissioners if there is a defined trade deadline? or to expand the question, if a trade seems to be one sided, if it is rejected by the commissioners? But at this point, I am think I am trying to think of it too much. So to change gears, when are we starting the fantasy golf league again?
  5. It is a hard predicament, in in one hand we all came in hoping to make the playoffs and trying to win this thing, but as the weeks came and went, it is getting to be a tighter race, I cannot advise you of what to do with your team, I am playing my best players until the last game and will still try to even if it is by a lot of luck, get to the playoffs. With that, hey @Berg Ryman @Undershooter @GolfSpy STUDque @Bucky CC is there a trade deadline? I am sorry if I am asking a dumb question, but I did not seen anything in regards to it.
  6. This thing is definitely complicated, I also want to know how to edit a post, sometimes I misspell some of the names I am adding to the comment. One of this days I will figure this out
  7. I see it, I enter and I share it. You never know when it will be your lucky day.
  8. The injuries are rougher this year, very hard to make a good starting line up.
  9. I have been very fortunate that at this point the pain is gone, I get aches from other stuff, but as far as the excruciating pain down the leg is gone, and I have not fallen in a store since the surgery, so bonus points. Bottom line is that I am super happy and regret not having this surgery years ago.
  10. The wife and I both drive Kia forte's and the trunk space is very cramped, I still can fit my clubs and cart inside my trunk, but it is a tight squeeze, I am making the move to a pickup truck in the next couple of years, as for her's we are going for an SUV, so we should be getting a lot cargo space, regardless of which car we are driving.
  11. Get that younger generation to help, I have my 12 year old explain me a lot stuff about social media too.
  12. Same here, when I try to tag his name, it says that the username does not allows you to @ them
  13. Well if it is a job application, best of luck and make sure to ask of a high salary.
  14. That is something for us to consider, both cars have are over 10 cubic feet bigger than her car right now, so the main consideration for us is to see which car we can get the most for the same amount of money.
  15. You need to submit a video to enter. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0AjQmgrPB/ Best of luck everyone.
  16. Nice car, I love the color. We are debating between the Seltos and the Trailblazer as possible replacements of my wife's car.
  17. Today is the one year anniversary of having my back fused. Life has been since, no more excruciating pain or excessive fatigue, I have found love for walking my rounds again, and overall I am doing great. Now to find a cure for my slice.
  18. Congrats on the first HIO, I know how disappointing it is to have no witness, I had ducks and geese watching mine, but none of them signed the card for me. Still it is a great accomplishment. I hope the next one, does not take long to come.
  19. I think that link is unique to you, as I get the contact information pre filled.
  20. I hope so too, I really love being able to hit meaningful shots, and hitting way shorter 3rd shots into par 5s.
  21. When I tried copying and pasting it gave me the error that it could not be posted, but I tried all names at once, so it might be why.
  22. Intro Long story short, just your friendly Jedi Master living in Michigan, but I was born and raised in Brazil, I am a young grandpa at 40 years old, yes, seriously, I am 40, my daughter is 25 and she just had a baby a few months ago, the cool thing is that when she is in school in a few years, Lailla will have the cool pawpaw picking her up from school. I have been playing golf for just about 10 years now, I am a high handicap, 17.1 per Arccos. My current set up is, Cobra SpeeZone Xtreme Driver, a fantastic gift from MGS and the CCC4, Titleist TS2 3 Wood, T-MB 716 3
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