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  1. You could have just said that I make that polo look good
  2. I still need to get me some pink shorts and an autoflex.
  3. Maybe my offers got cancelled, I did not get a chance to look at them yesterday.
  4. Anyone else seeing a blank page for the pending trades? I did get a couple of trade offers but I can't see them
  5. Don't tempt me now, I might just have to apply, but then I need to hire a grammar/spell checker to revise my work before posting.
  6. Thank you for the recap @Apolloshowl it is always a great read.
  7. Enter below https://swee.ps/rHBBE_umttbFf
  8. I think that the polo colors is going to pop up with my beautiful mocha skin color, but that is the wife talking.
  9. I do have white shorts and light grey pants, close enough?
  10. @Tpoole22 I won this lovely polo, now I think I need pink shorts https://loftyllama.com/products/florida-man-golf-polo
  11. Elson Southgate, Michigan Currently I have the Tommy Armour impact 3, 2019 Model I would love to test the Impact 2.
  12. Enter here https://gleam.io/1wjNG-VTxFjKsHSW Remember Chad from a few years back? The self-proclaimed “Luckiest Golfer Alive.” Well, turned out he wasn’t. Some guy from Van Nuys raised the trophy the last time we staged the Luckiest Golfer Alive Sweepstakes. Because we're all about celebrating golf - and being the Luckiest - here we go again. Round 2. So what say you? Feelin' Luckiest? The Luckiest Grand Prize
  13. It wasn't updating most of the morning, it seems to be starting to work right now.
  14. You were a few minutes faster than me, lol I have entered
  15. I agree, most of the tournament is better, and way more enjoyable when there is no narration. With that in mind, still Nantz is the voice of the masters, the hello friends is one of the most iconic phrases ever. Faldo has lost his touch on the boot, I would love to hear Tony's perspective during the tournament "From the Augusta National Golf Club, CBS Sports proudly presents The Masters...Hello, Friends, Jim Nantz along with my friend Tony Romo, and special guest Tiger Woods"
  16. To be fair a lot of us have not discounted DJ for the Masters, we are just dreaming of other names being atop of the leaderboard. Rory, JT, Koepka, Rahm and Bryson are names we all want to see wearing that green jacket. And Spieth finally got it done last week, so that would be an awesome come back story. At the end of the day DJ is going in as #1, but have had a quiet few weeks, since his Saudi International win back in February. Regardless of the winner, we missed the masters in April and should all be very excited to watch it.
  17. Awesome, I am signed up and ready to go
  18. I am going to blame a poor first round for the reason of me not being atop. Purdue, Virginia and Ohio state broke my heart, as well as my bracket.
  19. My apologies if my offer was not up to par, I am trying to understand and use what each person is valuing their players at, sometimes I go with gut feeling and never look at the Fantrax standings nor the world golf ranking standings. Again I meant no offence.
  20. Alright guys, it has been a busy day at work, so if I have not gotten back to you with a counter proposal on a trade offer, it is because I just have not had a chance to look at it yet, my apologies, I will try to look at them as the evening goes on. I also tried to be like @blackngold_blood and sent out a lot of offers today, I still don't know if it will pay out or not.
  21. the funny thing is that, I am the last stop at the FedEx stop, so I know he is on his way home after he drops off my packages, if he wasn't driving, I would offer him a few beers for his troubles.
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