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  1. This season was tough with Max and Red bull dominating pretty much the entire season, it was nice to see a shake up in Brazil with teams struggling and Mercedes on a 1 and 2 finish. I was hoping for a more competitive season where all 3 teams would be fighting for the title this weekend, I do hope to see a much closer and competitive season next year.
  2. I will buy me a beater manual transmission in the next couple years, my son just turned 14, so he is getting close to get a driver's license and he will learn how to drive a stick. I also miss driving a stick all of the time.
  3. We did not have a car when I was in high school but back on our small town in Brazil on the 80s and 90s, bicycles where kings of transportation, mine got stolen after my brother borrowed it, and after he got home, he left it by the curb, and someone took it, to this day he owes me a bike. I had one of those but in black as a hand me down from my uncle. There were a lot 80s and 90s cars in Brazil that I really like, I loved and still would love to have the Brazilian Chevy Opala Diplomata 4.1L The Opala had been build with the base and chassis of an Opel Rekord, but had the power unit and final styling of the American Impala, resulting on an awesome hear turning machine, specially for teenagers who where overflowing with hormones. Before my dad passed on the middle 80s, he had one of these, late 70s fiat 147, he actually bought two cheap wrecked ones, cut them in half and put it together was one. One of the many professions my dad had, he was a painter and body shop worker on one of the two shops our town had back then, the shop also had a junk yard.
  4. It really does not matter to me, I am just happy to be out there slicing and hooking that ball.
  5. That is funny, I hope it gets the Depp/Heard coverage with a lot of TV cameras in there so we can all watch it.
  6. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone.
  7. Regardless of the format, I'm game to join the fantasy football league again.
  8. Lets give it a try here. I am in between the King Forget Tec One Lenght irons And The Forget tec Irons. I have always played the regular irons and have really been interested on the OL irons, due to the possibility of simplifying my set up and swing. I do think that Cobra has come a long ways and I would be very excited to see how their Irons play for my game. I live in Southgate, Michigan. I am currently playing the PXG 0211 DC I am playing at a 18 handicap. Heck yeah, I will participate in those discussions about the irons.
  9. Hello Friends, I am sorry for not updating this sheet in a couple of weeks, but I needed to take some time off from the computer. I have updated, MGS Golf Fantasy trade chart 2022 V1.1 Best of luck to all and happy trading.
  10. IG has already warned me this morning, for tagging a lot for the US open giveaways. So please lets not lock up this one Bryan.
  11. OMG, @GolfSpy_APH Jamie, you are kidding me, Thank you, this is awesome. I will change my name back later today
  12. Another awesome major week is here. I love the US open. Here is our weekly trade sheet update. MGS Golf Fantasy trade chart 2022 V1.1 Happy Trading folks
  13. I do get that they wanted to get him back on the track as soon as possible, but yeah, if that wing breaks off it could cause a whole lot of damage to other drivers. I would think that when they have a component failure like the wing failing, they would need to replace it, before the car is back running. It just made no sense.
  14. That was an absolutely crazy thing, I dont recall seeing duck tape being used before, also it sucked for him that he could no longer use DRS for the race
  15. I have no love lost for Reed, BAD is a different story as I think he is great for the PGA. Still the fact that the LVI is getting more and more top tier players signed up, is making it very interesting.
  16. Fingers crossed again Maybe 2023 is my year...
  17. Hello Friends, here is the updated trade sheet. MGS Golf Fantasy trade chart 2022 V1.1 Happy trading
  18. The mach E is a beautiful car, we have seen a few around and my wife really likes the looks of them. I am glad that the current f150 has treated you well, and I hope that it keeps that way until you trade it in. As I mentioned before I think our future will be keep a conventional gas or maybe a hybrid SUV and get an EV to compliment our household vehicles. A pick up EV would be ideal, but it is not set in stone.
  19. I for one am very excited about getting an electric vehicle. I am especially excited for an electric pick up, I got a chance to see the new Rivian R1T truck a couple of weeks ago, and I liked it, well, except for the color, it was the orange one. We will not need new vehicles for at least a few years and at that time, I believe most of the major companies will have their versions of a pick up truck out, the F150 lighting, Silverado, and whatever Dodge has cooking up, currently I am partial to the looks of the Silverado, well except for the price, above 100k at launch. Due to the range limitations and charging capabilities, we will not fully transition our household to EVs for a little while, specially because we do a lot of road trips of 500+ miles and my wife is a little worried about running out of charge and not being able to charge on a longer trip, so maybe we will have one regular gasoline car and one EV.
  20. Hello friends, First the good news, my wife is back home, she has been here since Thursday, she is doing much better. Also here is the weekly trade sheet update. MGS Golf Fantasy trade chart 2022 V1.1 Happy trading everyone
  21. Good news, my wife is being released from the hospital this morning. It has been a rough few days and I'm happy she is coming home.
  22. I'm sorry everyone, my wife has been in the hospital for the past few days, I was not able to update the trade sheet this week.
  23. That was a nice shot, unlucky break
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