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  1. I cannot make the case for either of them, as we just picked up two chevy's earlier this year. The wife is loving her Equinox and I am really enjoying the Blazer. I do also get the appeal for Toyota's, they are great vehicles, and if I was to pick one it would be the highlander. Good luck with the car shopping Rob.
  2. Oh man, that is tough. Wishing you a speedy recovery Josh.
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  5. Same here, I have not been able to play as much as I wanted, but the two rounds I played since September have been good putting ones, in the previous one the putting was great, this last one on Sunday when we played a two man scramble, we also were playing on aerated greens and for the first few holes I was having a hard time leaving it short, mostly because of drag from the sand, but after 4 holes and my feel for speeds had been adjusted I rolled the ball well. I am still playing with it, until the putts stop falling. This were my putts from last solo round I had, the 152 and 102 first putts were from me choosing to putt from the collar across the green rather than try and chip it. With the putter on the bag for the past few rounds Last year that 3 putt percentage was above 30% and the 1 putts were below 5%.
  6. Congrats testers @ST3LTR0 @Londo @Alf. S @Chitowngolf
  7. That is golden @Fjd and @Cory O Congrats testers
  8. Congrats testers @tchat07 @sirchunksalot @JFish350 @TCUFrog
  9. Another awesome testing opportunity, good luck to all who apply
  10. Sorry my friends for the lack of participation here as of late, I have been under the weather, as well as with some family commitments on the weekend and have had very little time to respond to some messages here. I will revise the trade offers that still up and make some counter offers later today. I hope everyone is doing well. Also
  11. Another nice testing opportunity from MGS, good luck to all who apply
  12. This brings memories. Sunday mornings with sweet popcorn and Brazilian Guarana, the 80s and 90s were awesome for F1. https://www.facebook.com/366640983428000/posts/4340031896088869/
  13. My first two weeks my defenses were -8 each week, for a total -16, finally I got a few points this week from a defense. I think maybe the strategy is to try and pick up whoever is playing the jets for the week.
  14. That is awesome, I have a set already, and really love using it.
  15. That is some Sad development, I do hope that all of the competitors are still able to get their clubs and to play some golf with them this season. May I suggest that if next year we have another CCC, can we have two separated ones, one for the guys that would be part of CCC5 and one for CCC6? Both groups playing the same challenges, against their respective groups, so that way the CCC5 gents still get to compete?
  16. Entered, good luck to everyone, well a little less luck than me, but good luck everyone.
  17. @Shapotomous @twyatt700 @Bohnson @Peaksy68 Congrats testers
  18. Simple one, subscribe to their youtube channel.
  19. Another great testing opportunity, good luck to all who apply
  20. Congrats testers. @JerBooth @greggarner @JerryB @Chip Strokes
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