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  1. Not sure I can help with the hybrids but I feel these miss a big part of using GPS...I would want to see the hole info, not just green info. Distance to water, fairway bunkers, etc. I just seems as though these are missing key yardages and for the money I could buy both a GPS unit and a rangefinder.
  2. Testing different states (all in the US)...Looks like I may have found one that works. Thanks for the help all!!!
  3. I am getting this notification every time I try to post on this forum...I can kill this by shutting down my VPN but would prefer to not do this...Is there a way around this??
  4. Im guessing this wont be easy but looking for a good/great condition Cobra Amp Cell 3 wood head in right hand...Im hoping someone has one hiding in the basement or attic just collecting dust...
  5. Chris Butte, Montana (guessing there wont be many of us) 7.4 Wishon Sterlings and Maltby DBM Tee box and putting are my strengths Controlling short iron distance and turning the ball both ways would be my weakness
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