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  1. Mike Cleveland OH iPhone XS Max Indoors unless the weather cooperates. home net or golf simulator at local course
  2. 1. Started golfing junior year of college 2005. I’m usually around 90. Flirt with breaking 80 but can’t get there. 2. Enjoy fall golf. Great to go out with friends. Great mental health day as a solo. 3. Like the reviews of the products. Good breakdown of products. 4. Cleveland, OH. Sweetbriar Legacy course is fun course and about a 5 min drive. 5. Best. Really enjoy fall golf. Worst. Weather limits window of golf. 7. Nickname in college.
  3. Mike Moro Cleveland, OH have never used a GPS or watch. rely on others with devices or yardage markers
  4. Mike Moro Cleveland, oh Taylormade Burner 2.0; factory installed shaft; stiff 7 iron 160
  5. Mike Ohio 18 Taylormade burner 2.0 Strength: getting better with distance control PW - 6 Weakness: approach shots start at the green and then lose ball off the green to the left. Right handed
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