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  1. I purchased an Edel putter this season, the E-1. I love it. Unfortunately I did not go through the full Edel putter fitting experience which in retrospect I wish I had. I did a fitting at a local PGA superstore, one of the ones you pay for not the free one. The fitter put me in the Edel but now that I've read up on the full fitting I feel like I missed out on some potential customization. That said, I've loved using the E-1 this season, I have a much more consistent roll. I still push a lot of my putts with an open face at impact but my distance control is significantly more consistent. Also, I had a problem with a couple of Pixls not being flush with the rest. I submitted to Edel customer service and thy fixed and sent back very quickly, they were great to deal with. The company is great, my poor experience was with PGA Superstore and the fitting process as well as them selling me a putter that had a defect. I did recently see they are selling at my PGA Superstore for about $100 less than when I bought at the beginning of the season.
  2. That's odd. I use the phone more than just the watch by itself and I can still make it the rest of the day on my watch (non-golfing) without having to recharge. When I use the watch by itself with the Grint app - I can make it through a round, but then only get a few more hours of the watch after the round as it gets below 30% battery after a full round of 18 (4-5 hours) When I use the watch paired with the phone, using the phone's GPS (using iPhone 8), my watch battery is still over 60-70% at the end of the round. I've had days where I play 36 using the phone and watch paired, and the phone battery is the one that will die first so I keep a charging pack in my bag and basically keep the phone in the cart attached to the portable charger.
  3. I use both. When I walk I use the phone when I'm in a cart I use just the watch app. When the watch app is on, it's a little slower but not annoyingly so.
  4. I have the Apple Watch 3. Been using it all year with The Grint app for GPS. I think it's fine for someone of my skill level (11-13 hdcp). The distance isn't exact when compared to a rangefinder but I still find it accurate enough to choose the right club. Since I often find myself in situations without clear line of sight to the flag, I prefer the gPS on the watch over a rangefinder anyway. So far I've been happy with the combination of Apple Watch and the Grint app. I've never had an issue running out of battery for a round.
  5. Thanks for the thoughts. I guess the part that keeps me skeptical is that Rinker has a fairly large forum on the PGA Tour Radio XM channel, yet it seems the adoption/buzz of this teaching is very minimal online.
  6. I've been hearing Larry Rinker on PGA Tour Radio talk about the Wright Balance method and upper/mid/low core swing models. I was intrigued by the concepts and looked into some of the YouTube videos. It's all highly technical, which I tend to like. The wright balance website is frustratingly bad and incomplete. For a concept that has been around for almost 10 years I'm actually shocked at how underdeveloped it is, it makes me question the validity. But, then you've got Rinker who talks about it constantly on national radio so something doesn't seem to add up. Curious if anyone has experience with this methodology that can share your experience, or if there's a way to look up where Wright Balance fitters may be found across the country so I can get more info in person.
  7. Brooks Koepka Tony Finau Kevin Kisner Russell Knox Patrick Cantlay Winning Score - 16
  8. I've been using the Apple Watch 3 this season and I prefer that. Like some previous posts, I'm not good enough yet to have my irons dialed in to +/- 5 yards so I just need general front/middle/back. I'm also not good enough to be in the fairway as much as I'd like, so laser rangefinders don't work when I can't see the green. The apple watch 3 is great because it can connect to data and stand-alone from your phone so you don't need to keep your phone in your pocket. I also use The Grint app which gives me GPS distance and tracks my scores then uploads directly from the watch. Been happy with it this year, not so much my game! I never wore a watch (golfing or otherwise) and now it feels natural and not obtrusive at all.
  9. Thanks to those of you that replied to this thread. I just got back from my time in Scotland and the feedback was definitely helpful. I wanted to share my experience in case others may be in the same situation. I flew into Edinburgh airport and very easily hopped on a bus up to St. Andrews (one transfer - but follow the university kids!). When I got to St. Andrews I checked into the Cameron House B&B and walked over to the courses. After a lunch and some exploration, I played the Strathtyrum course at about 3:30pm. It's a fairly basic course, not too long and not much elevation changes. After being jet-lagged and on 1 hour sleep this was a nice intro to Scottish golf and it was cheap. I played by myself and was able to just enjoy being there without any pressure. I was a single, so no 48-hour lottery or pre-booking the old course. I got up at about 2:15 am and got in line at the Old course pavilion at about 2:45. I was 5th in line at that time. More people showed up at about 3:30. Doors opened at 6 and I think the first 15 people were able to get on the course that day. I was lucky to get a 12:30 tee time so I went back home for a nap, which was perfect. I figure I could have gotten in line about an hour later and still made the cut, bit didn't want to take the chance since I had a small window to play the Old Course. I talked to another gentleman who got in line the next day, he was there at 2am and was 3rd in line and joined the first tee time of the day. For the days I was there it seems like you need to be at least top 10 to have a good chance, but get there before 3am to increase those odds. As for the Old Course itself, it was beautiful sunny day, 65 degrees not a cloud in the sky (I got no rain my entire trip so I felt a bit cheated on true Scottish golf ). I played with a nice family, father and two kids 10 and 7 years old from Manila. They were pretty good. I played some of my best golf of the year, including striping a 4i off the 1st tee with the wind at my back, I was super nervous about that first shot. Wind was at my back the first 6 holes, then you turn a bit and things get tricky, but still a wonderful experience!!! The next day I hopped the bus back to Edinburgh to fulfill my work duties. Again, the bus was super easy. At the end of the following week I had a half day and took another bus to Gullane and played Gullane #2 (straight shot by bus about 1 hour 15 minutes). What a beautiful property. Along the coast and so much elevation changes. It was like nothing I had ever played before. It was windier than St. Andrews and a bit more challenging for a 10-12 handicapper. I wish I was able to play #1, but being on #2 I teed off around 2pm and was able to play alone. That was great because I was constantly taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings, taking my time and just enjoying being there. All in all, it was a bucket list experience for me and I want to go back and do a full Scottish golf trip as opposed to squeezing it in between work days. Thanks again for the help in understanding the Scottish golf environment!
  10. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Bryson Dechambeau Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Pat Perez Tier 5: Charlie Hoffman Winning Score: -12
  11. I've been using the Skytrak for two years now. I love it. For a 10+ handicapper like myself it's great just to see ball flight. I'm sure the accuracy is +/-5%, but I'm more interested in direction and shape right now. There's an online simulator league which is pretty fun. If nothing else, you are swinging a golf club all winter! So far, it hasn't translated to the course in terms of scoring, but I do feel more confident and believe that improvement will come as the weather gets better outdoors thanks to all the practice and feedback from the launch monitor.
  12. Where in Scotland? Taking my first trip there in a few weeks as a single. Can't wait!
  13. Been playing the C300 driver so far this spring and really like it so far! Kevin - Illinois Taylor Made M2's (2016 models) 12.4 C300 Forged (just for the looks, but either would likely help the game)
  14. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Patrick Reed Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Patton Kizzire Tier 5: Brooks Keopka Winning Score: -16 Am: +7
  15. Looks like I'll have most of the day Thursday, all day Friday and most of the day on Saturday to get in golf. I've decided to make my home base in St. Andrews and go stand in the daily queue at 3am each morning until I get on. Don't think I can play 3 $300 courses, so Muirfield and Gleneagles are out of the question but at least Old Course I will play. Depending on if I get on the Old Course on a given day, I'll play the other St. Andrews courses and wherever else I can get on as a single that is an easy cab ride away. The rest of the week I'm in Edinburgh for work so was going to try and get out for a late round at Gullane and maybe one or two other cheaper courses. I'm doing a lot of unplanned golf, but from what I've read as a single I should be in ok shape to bounce around to whatever has openings, giving me the most flexibility to get on the Old Course.
  16. Being one who overanalyzes data on my game, this is right up my alley! 1. Your first name and home state or province Kevin, Illinois 2. Your current set makeup Driver: WIlson 300 3W: Nike Vapor 2H: Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons: Taylormade M2 (2017) Wedges: Wilson PMP 3. Your current handicap 12.5 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season Lower handicap to 10 or below 50% FiR 50% GiR
  17. Great, thanks for the replies. I see a 48 hour ballot, is the daily ballot the same thing you are referring to? Where you have to sign up 48 hours before you intend to play? I'm traveling with a work colleague who doesn't play much and doesn't have an official handicap so that will complicate things for the Old Course. I'll try to play elsewhere with him and then do the Old Course as a single. I do have some flexibility in terms of days but I'll need to book my flights soon. Are there certain days that might be easier to get on as a single or the daily ballot? I have my work event on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday. So, I could fly in early and try to play Friday/Saturday or stay afterwards and try to play Thursday/Friday. One last question. Because the Old Course is kind of a "roll-the-dice", are other courses fairly easy to get on without a reservation? If I get to Old Course early in the morning but not paired can I get on another good course later in the day without issue?
  18. I just found out that I'll be headed to Edinburgh at the end of May for a 4 day work trip. I'm hoping to tack on two days (either bookend, at the beginning or at the end) for golf. It looks like it's a little late to get a tee time at the Old Course but I'd still love to play there and one other course. Anyone have any tips for getting on this late in the game, or recommendations for other courses to play that don't take 6+ months lead time to book? I've seen the lists of top 10 courses, I just don't know how far I'll be able to get from Edinburgh and what courses I'd be able to access easily.
  19. For the holidays I was given a new Wilson C300 Driver and a set of slightly used M2 Irons. I've been ready to go to CC for a putter fitting as that is a club I've been looking at getting new for this upcoming season. My question is, with their 50% off it looks like you can do a full bag fitting for about $175. Would it be worth it to just do the full bag and have them dial in the settings on my C300, and loft/lie/length on my M2 irons? Maybe give me some shaft recommendations? Do they do fittings on existing clubs or only if you're looking to get a new set? I'm for sure going to do a full putter fitting and get a new putter but wonder if spending a bit more to make adjustments to my other clubs is worth it, since I'm not in the market for a whole brand new driver or irons set.
  20. 1. AGE: 38 2. SWING SPEED: 105-110 mph 3. HANDICAP: 12.3 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 30-40 5. CURRENT DRIVER: 2014 Taylor Made Burner Superfast 2.0 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: N 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 260-275
  21. I've done it all over the past several years. Shawn Clement, Rotary Swing, YouTube, local-pro. I will say that all of this has taught me a good deal about the golf swing in general. My personal opinion is to go through the free videos of these online coaches (or even pay for a month or two of premium content) and see which philosophies most match up with yours. They will each have different perspectives on the technical nature of the swing, how to practice, how to think, etc. Once you find one that really jives with your own thoughts, you can usually find a local pro that is recommended or certified in that swing philosophy. I'd start by seeing them in person a few times, asking a lot of questions to understand how their swing philosophies can be tailored to your personal swing, then use the online tools to supplement the lessons. I did this with Rotary Swing, found a local certified pro and took about 5-6 lessons. After that I relied mainly on the videos and Rotary Swing video reviews. They all make much more sense now that I've had the in person instruction to validate I'm understanding the concepts the right way and doing the drills correctly. The other benefit is that now when I watch other YouTube videos or golf magazine tips I know which ones apply to me with a greater sense of understanding, and I know which ones to discard as not appropriate for me.
  22. I'm looking to get some new irons, and I have a sizeable discount available from a specific manufacturer that can only be applied to their products. What I'm wondering is if I should buy their set of irons off the rack, then go to a club fitter and be fitted for length, shaft, lie, etc. Or, should I just get a fitting and have a good fitter put me in the right clubs regardless of brand? I believe in the importance of a full fitting, but I'm not certain how much variance I'd see with just the clubhead that can't be minimized by all the other variables being set properly. Also, I wonder if the cost of the fitting after purchase would even out my total cost (fitting + adjustments + shafts).
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