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  1. Your best bet is to go to a brand-agnostic fitter, try them all and see what yields the best numbers for you and also fits your eye and inspires confidence. We can all make recommendations, but they're subjective recommendations based largely on our own perceptions and experiences, based on our swings. As MGS often says, be your own brand and take the time to find out what brand fits you best. That said, don't be afraid to look into direct-to-consumer brands like Hogan or Sub70. (In fact go to Official Reviews and check our the Sub70 review going on right now.) I'm not certain but often the DTC's will send you a 7 iron to try out, but even then I would go get some baseline numbers via a good fitting so you get into the right shaft.
  2. I have it in a 3 iron with a Recoil shaft for driving iron purposes; love it...very good feel and great forgiveness. I wasn't a big fan of them from an aesthetic standpoint in the short iron, PW area...started looking a little "shovely" to me.
  3. Not having insight into the rest of the protocols beyond the 7-days, what's everyone's assessment of the utility of Planemate as an indoor offseason training aid? I'm stationed in Omaha, which means winter and cold temperatures...my ceiling is tall enough in the basement to hit wiffle/practice balls with a short iron, I just (obviously) wouldn't have any ball flight to actually observe. In your opinion does Planemate have value for an offseason of basement training?
  4. Next, I hit the Callaway MAVRIK: Here's how the Honma TR20 shook out against it: Once more, if you remove the high-spin outlier from the Honma data, the average ball speed becomes 143.7, average carry 242.8, and average distance 265.1. And again, I know only three shots on the MAVRIK border on being statistically irrelevant. That said, I can say I've always gotten along well with Callaway drivers, and the MAVRIK was no different. I didn't mind it, and among the other OEMs out there that's probably where I'd look. That said, I can subjectively tell you it didn't hold a candle to the Honma in the sound and feel department, and as you can see based on the limited data it wasn't producing the numbers like the Honma was either. Then, I tested the SIM: Actually, no I didn't. I nearly broke out in hives and got sick to my stomach, and put it back on the shelf. Sorry, I don't want to offend anyone and maybe it's great for somebody, but I have an aversion to all things TaylorMade and a quick look at this didn't help. A "made for" shaft that is painted like and actually called a Ventus, but has no Velocore technology and is therefore not really a Ventus? No thanks. Sorry to get off topic there, or I did I? I am really liking the stock Vizard shaft, and yeah it's made for, but it's made for Honma by Honma in Japan with premium materials, not made in China with watered down materials and represented to be something else. But I digress. I did end up making the adjustments @PrestonAtHonmarecommended and took it out on the course yesterday,, more on that later...
  5. That's awesome. Hell no you're not overdoing it. Exaggerating a move to better incorporate it into your "real" swing is proven to help. Watch Alex Noren on the range working on a fade motion...crazy exaggeration of the motion. Keep at it, big numbers!
  6. During the GolfTEC fitting I also had a chance to compare the Honma TR20 against a few other OEMs. First out of the gate was the Ping G410 Plus. And here were the results, using the same Honma data set followed by a few shots with the G410 set to a draw bias: : Again, I acknowledge this is a small sample size. (Try to keep in mind I was on the clock, and on my dollar, and was also doing a gap analysis at the top of my bag later in this session so I couldn't hammer out a ton of shots.) Remember, removing the Honma high-spin outlier, the average ball speed becomes 143.7, carry becomes 242.8, and average distance becomes 265.1. This particular test showed me the Ping was definitely not for me, and that FOR ME the Honma is clearly superior. Next up, the Callaway MAvRIK...
  7. Wow, this would be fun! Unfortunately, I can't really participate...when I do get out I'm bombing away with the Honma TR20, an iron's-only round ain't on the agenda. You dodged a bullet this time around @B.Boston! Speaking of Honma, don't forget to check out that thread too! (Shameless pirating I know...)
  8. Getoffmylawn

    JPX 921's

    Chances are slim to none that I'll get these, only because I got 919 Forged''s in March and there's no way "the boss" would approve a new iron set. Doesn't mean I'm not interested though; if the 921s are truly more forgiving and generate the same distances (or perhaps even more) I'd be shocked if they don't dominate the next Most Wanted test. And just a thought on blending HM and Forged....I know it's fun to scheme and plan, but wait until you get fit and then make up your mind. Personally the Forged 919's are so forgiving I can't see you're gaining much by blending some Hot Metal long irons in.
  9. For what it’s worth, I agree completely with @ChasingScratch’s assessment. Trail leg flex was a big thing for me to work on too. This video offers a good explanation on that:
  10. Alright, here goes...so I got on a launch monitor at GolfTEC in Omaha and got some comparables between the TR20 and my current gamer. I wasn't putting very good swings on it, with either club, but if golf is a game of misses then here is some data on which club gave me the better misses. I'll give you the raw data first, then provide some comments on my challenges as a driver of the golf ball and this session overall. So, I first hit some shots with the TR20. These were almost all blocks, which is my typical miss. Then came my old Callaway Epic. Here are those numbers: So, at first glance, ball speed is up with the Honma, and so is spin, while average carry and overall distance goes to the Epic. However, the bigger/better shots are in the Honma, it's just the averages that it lost on. (Granted, small sample size here.) I then went back to the Honma, being a little more warmed up at that point. These are the second set of Honma numbers, compared to the same Epic data set: So, ball speed is up with the Honma by roughly 4 mph, carry by 5 yards, distance is about the same. However, there is a mega-high spin miss in the second Honma test of 3800 RPM spin, 218 carry, and 236 total...obviously a big miss that I should have deleted from the data. If you take that shot out, average ball speed becomes 143.7, carry becomes 242.8, and average distance becomes 265.1. So, on what i would call a bad ball-striking day with the club I struggle with the most, the Honma TR20 proved to be an upgrade over my gamer. My spin numbers are all over the place to the point that I might tinker a bit more, but still, I'm otherwise convinced this club is a very good fit for me. I know, because I also tested a few other clubs! I'll post those results later in the week! (Got to keep readers coming back...) For now, let me hit you with my caveats and I'll let you take them or leave them... 1) I'm not a very good driver of the golf ball. I'm not awful, but I'm not good either. With almost every other club I put what I think is an athletic swing on the ball, but with driver I have a very hard time being loose and athletic versus using some kind of barbarian smash swing. Case in point, after testing these, I spent the next 30 minutes doing a gap analysis of the top end of my bag. I hit my 3-wood off the deck for 5 shots, and my lowest ball speed number was 141, and I averaged 143. That's right, same as driver. My coach attributed it to comfort level, and tempo, and said he sees it all the time actually. For one thing, you're a little close to the sweet spot with 3 wood, but maybe more importantly, most people accept a certain yardage with the 3 wood versus an "as far as you can" mentality with driver. The latter is definitely me. (I also would say I hate hitting in bays, but now I'm just whining...) 2) I had already played 18 before I ever got to the fitting, had been having a few drinks the night before, hadn't had lunch...excuse excuse excuse. Point is, I was a little gassed and it showed...my swing speed never got past 103 and I'm usually at 105ish, and those blocks I hit usually happen when I don't post up on my left side and start sliding a little more. Sorry if I fouled up the experiment...we're all human. Let me know your thoughts and ask any questions. More testing goodness to come!
  11. Short version: I just got fit into a 21 degree TS3 hybrid and I'm curious if anyone has any feedback on the club, how it is out of the rough, any perceived biases, etc. Longer version: I went in to a fitting yesterday looking to fix some gapping at the top end. My 3 wood is a Tour Edge CBX 119 that goes about 245-250 off the deck. My Tour Edge CBX 119 hybrid is about a 235-240 club. Next club in the bag is 4 iron, that is good for 205. I am comfortable scrubbing distance off a club, usually by choking down, but a 30-yard disparity from hybrid to 4i is too much. The hybrid is an 18 degree, and at the end of the day it's just too long, not only because of the gap to the iron but also how close it is to the 3 wood. However, I'm kind of hybrid snobbish and want a smaller compact head and no left bias. Enter the 21 degree TS3, which I hit quite well in the fitting...consistently 220-225. And, (while a custom build) it is available with the same Evenflow Blue that I love from the Tour Edge clubs. And, it's highly adjustable, which is a big plus for really dialing in the distance and flight I'm after. Didn't pull the trigger and buy it at the fitting, but very likely to do it in the next couple of days. However, it does make me a little nervous in that this was all in a bay, and assuming a halfway decent lie I'm prone to hitting a hybrid from the rough if it means getting on a par 5 in two. Anyone have any thoughts?
  12. First, as many have said, great write-up. I'm not too familiar with these clubs but I have to say, that they are that chunky even in the 7-iron would be a bit off-putting to me for sure. On the swing issue, I go through the same thing and I suspect many of us do, especially in our handicap range. In my mind it's the challenge of taking lesson inputs and incorporating them into your game without getting overly technical and playing "golfswing" instead of golf. I've found the axiom to be true: if you think, you stink. Get athletic, keep it to one fundamental swing thought at most, and golf. Just my two cents, as I've said, I certainly struggle with this too.
  13. The 460 TR20 and I hit 70% of our fairways yesterday... I'm not a big hitter and I'm probably never going to be. I'm far more of a Zach Johnson than I am a Dustin Johnson; I make my scores being good with a wedge and decent with the flatstick. Finding fairways is hugely important for me to play well, and the TR20 is really turning out to be a forgiving fairway finder for me. And while I'm not long, I continue to find myself farther down the fairway than I have been before. A couple drives crept into the 280, 290 range, which for me is a big knock. Oh, and I got on a launch monitor and confirmed it. This time feel is real folks, the Honma is a great driver for me. More on that in a future post, coming very soon!
  14. Shot a very up and down 76 yesterday; went out in a rough-start 41, came home in 35. Normally I'd be pretty happy with that score, but I actually just found myself frustrated that I started so poorly. A double is a tough way to start the day. On the positive side, I found a lot of fairways, and the putter continues to cooperate. This was my second consecutive round with less than 30 putts, and I haven't 3-putted in about 6 weeks now. Just got to keep those doubles off the card...
  15. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...
  16. I absolutely agree. I'm really interested in the tour play he alluded to in the video for next year too. Honestly, what a tour pro is doing has absolutely zero impact on what I put in my bag, but for a lot of consumers it does. It will be interesting to see who they recruit into their stable, contract or non-contract, and what impact that has.
  17. Good question; I have a similar question of @SuperSpeed Golf. In 3 weeks I'm going to wrap up Level 2, but then immediately have 2 weeks of vacation and bringing the sticks with me won't be an option. When I come back, my plan was to jump back in by doing 1 "extra" week of Level 2, and then move on to Level 3, but I'm wondering if that's the recommended way to go.
  18. Honestly it's never been an issue for me...I dig it. To me the gloss adds a very sleek, premium look. The other knock I've heard is the lack of an alignment aid on top. I suppose I can understand that argument, but again to each his own. Doesn't bother me in the slightest, in fact I tend to prefer the clean look. I game a TE CBX 119 in a 3 wood and 3 hybrid and same thing with those clubs, no visual aids on the crown. Point being, it certainly suits my preferences.
  19. Good article/video about Honma on the MGS front page... https://mygolfspy.com/whats-next-for-honma-golf/
  20. Great write-up, and good move on the tour length driver. Seems to me to be pretty obvious...the closer you are to the sweet spot the better chance you have of hitting it.
  21. Definitely no hurry, and believe me I'm following. You guys are all doing a great job in here.
  22. That's interesting, and one of the reasons I didn't get along with a lot of hybrids until I found my CBX 119...a lot of lefts. Just a guess but it seems to me that in an effort to make them easier to hit, too much offset gets baked in.
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