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  1. Sure, but 2.5 years later I can tell you they’re not doing that anymore….
  2. Finished Neural Drive today. I’ve been pretty sore since I started doing some sprinting two weeks ago, consequently (I think) I never got past my peak 111 Stack Speed and didn’t finish at a peak. But, I’ll do a progress check Monday see what the recommendation is. That said, I’m feeling a need to rest a bit more, and I have a trip to @GolfSpy_BOS‘s second home (Disney World) coming on the 16th of Feb, so I plan to go into some Cruiser workouts until I get back from that trip.
  3. Buy it. Don't be selfish; we can't continue to live vicariously through the club purchases of others if you don't do your part.
  4. That's one that I can't really make up my mind about. There "premium" pricing was off-putting, but then they started pricing product at the other end of the spectrum. And their veteran pricing program is great too. MGS testing never really justifies the premium price points for their high-end stuff though.
  5. Thanks to @Bucky CCfor providing all the links. Having written that first one I can tell you I went more in depth there, but the bottom line is that while they both work, the Stack is far more optimized and tailored versus a one-size-fits-all approach from SuperSpeed that in reality doesn't fit all. Expensive though, given that you have to add in the cost of the radar.
  6. Just stumbled on this feature. Maybe old news to some of you, but I didn't realize the app shows you how your speeds compared with other Stack'ers in your age range...
  7. Same here. When I got my JPX 919 Forged it was very much a toss-up numbers wise with Apex Pro's...I was all too eager to go Mizuno and avoid bagging a Callaway. That said, I game an Apex Pro hybrid...smaller profile hybrid that's not a hook machine. If the numbers say it's best, I'll game it.
  8. Because club hoes gon be club hoes Chris.
  9. Thanks for sharing this, I'm (maybe) in the market for a bag myself and Sun Mountain is certainly on the radar. I'd encourage you to take this a step further though...go take a look at the Unofficial Reviews and then post one yourself, complete with pics. I think you'll find it will help you immerse in the forum more, and it can only help your candidacy should you become interested in an official testing opportunity.
  10. I get it, and like I said I understand that a made-for can still fit a lot of people. But, why give it the same name and same paint job, unless you are trying to establish a relationship or suggest it's akin to a more expensive product when it's really not? Just seems disingenuous or an attempt to prey on the uninformed.
  11. @cnosilis dead on here: get a fitting and pay less attention to the stamped lofts and more to how far you actually hit them, and how you'll use them. I have a set gap wedge that's 51 degrees for instance, because aside from the occasional knockdown it's very much a full swing club. Then I have a 54 bent to 55, and a 60 bent to 59.
  12. Damn, how did I miss this?! Jamie, am I too late or can I get in??
  13. Man, I have to do better at scanning the forum for new content...I'm waaaay behind on a great thread. My two cents: First, I hate nothing...I truly will give everything a chance and if it performs better I'll game it. But, I do have some biases, and those biases can be a tiebreaker all things being equal. NEGATIVE BIAS: TaylorMade and Callaway. First, I hate feeling like I'm funding what strike me as the most aggressive marketing campaigns out there. But more so, the "made-for" shaft phenomenon really bothers me. I understand that a made-for shaft can still be a good shaft and work for some, but I find it very disingenuous to give a shaft the same name and paint job as an aftermarket shaft...a Ventus without the Velocore in TaylorMades, the Project X HZRDUS in the Epic, etc. I'm not sure but I'm guessing other OEMs do this, but TaylorMade and Callaway are the most egregious in my opinion. Oh, and Ping drivers are still loud to me. POSITIVE BIAS: Titleist and Mizuno. As subjective as hell I know, but they always make products that look and feel great to my eyes and ears, and they give the impression to me of companies that are about making golfers better rather than pumping out product. The 2-year product cycle to me is evidence of that. And finally, a special positive: Honma. One, first testing opportunity I had with MGS, Two, I think they made/make great stuff, but their foray into North America was doomed from the start, in some ways for reasons of their own making.
  14. I kind of think I understand what you’re asking… Your goal and the purpose behind speed training is to raise your overall capacity for speed. In other words, if pre-training your absolute max effort almost falling over speed is 100, and your “game speed” is 95, then the goal is to raise that max effort capacity so that your cruising game speed also comes up. So, post-training ideally your max swing is 108 (for example) and now you can comfortably play at 102. This is all kind of individual though; some feel perfectly comfortable playing at 95% of all out effort, some are at 80. The point is to raise your ceiling. Is that what you’re asking?
  15. So all of a sudden I'm thinking hard about a Jet Black SM9 T Grind...
  16. Funny to see this reply from you; your tweet about your DM exchange with Sasho may have helped. You talked about the competing notions of a fast backswing vs the pause at the top of the backswing to maybe help with better sequencing. Today I experimented with allowing that pause to happen, and I uncorked these PB’s plus 2 more at other weights. So, thanks! It’s amazing how responsive Sasho is, had a similar experience concerning putting. Looking forward to following Kirke’s progress this spring.
  17. Agreed; most of us using the Stack find that eSpeed is hyper-accurate, Distance Potential not so much. It’s my understanding Distance Potential is what is possible with Max Effort AND perfect launch, spin, and weather conditions…not gonna happen.
  18. New PB’s in the Neural Drive program. Ya’ll are in trouble now!
  19. In to Phase 4 of Neural Drive; think I'm finally going to earn a 100% Grit score for once.
  20. My envy is already spiking the more I read this damn thread. Can't believe I have to miss this one...
  21. Please follow up and let us (me) know if this book was a good read, valuable info, etc. We appear to have somewhat related retirement dreams!
  22. Just ordered this. Have a weird relationship with the DHY clubs; love them for their more iron-like quality, but don't get quite the distance I want compared to my Apex Pro hybrids. Think I found the secret sauce with this one though. And I got it at a discount, so that eased the sting of the shaft upgrade a bit. Pics when it arrives...
  23. “…one piece at a time…” - Johnny Cash. Definitely on to something here. I thought I was the king of schemes and tactics to keep SWMBO in the dark, but this is next level stuff…
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