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  1. Yeah, I did pick those up, and I think they’re helping but I’m not ready to definitively say they’ve helped yet…feel not always being real and all. I’ll see when I get some numbers at a January/February lesson.
  2. Ha...I eat plenty of steak since it's a single serving cut if you know what I mean. My wife and I are on very different ends of the dietary spectrum so I get plenty of red meat in when she's decided she's done with her calories for the day. Sounds funny but we make it work, I'm always tracking protein so I can get stronger/faster/drive the ball farther...
  3. Been a while since I posted here...still at it my friends! I just started Level 3 SuperSpeed training this week, which I'll post progress of after I've got a few weeks under my belt. I'll also post the workouts...still plenty of heavy deadlifts, squats, and weighted sled work paired with jumps, sprints, and med ball work. This offseason I've got two main swing keys to really iron out...forward hip sway and re-hinging the club. After a stretch of consistent low 70s golf, I ended the season on a whimper of low to barely breaking 80's, largely due to consistently blocking shots and with a loss of distance. The culprit...sliding forward too much out of an ill-advised desire to cover the ball, and a focus too much on using the body to control the club face and not releasing the club through impact. Below is a GolfTec lesson image wherein we identified the culprit and the fixes. (Bad on the left, good on the right.) I'm thinking about buying a Power Fan to work on the wrist hinging part, but I already have plenty of training aids and Orange Whip and the PlaneMate each have protocols that offer to address this. As far as the sway, I basically need to get into the thought of staying more centered and posting up and turning, rather than sliding forward. A Nebraska offseason in the basement awaits to try and drill these fixes home! I'll probably get on a sim a couple times a month to see how I'm doing progress wise.
  4. Yeah, tried that. She finds the rare-medium rare quality of mine off-putting to the point that it hurts her appetite. Bummer I know, I smoke a mean prime rib too.
  5. I'm jealous...I can't really do a red meat for the holidays. I want my beef still mooing, but the wife wants it well done, so a family style prime rib is out.
  6. Yeah, tracking, I actually have the C Club and do the traditional overspeed training on Monday and Friday, C Club on Wednesday. I was just looking to understand when Cody said no weight and two weight what that was comparable too in SuperSpeed...this helps. Thanks.
  7. I'm really wanting to see that too, but it's hard not to just wait for it to hit Disney+.
  8. For someone like me who's not as familiar with Rypsitck, can you equate "no weight' and "two weights" to SuperSpeed? Like is that analogous to green stick and blue stick, respectively?
  9. Congrats Cody, that's some perseverance right there!
  10. Maybe a bit pompous of me, but at every promotion (since I started golfing) I’ve bought some personalized balls with the new rank on them. These just came in, along with a divot tool while I was at it: Here’s the last two: I’ve also bought a personalized dozen for each of the kids when they were born, because it’s cute and an excuse to buy golf balls:
  11. I have my own that I build as I get into each protocol but I’d be interested in seeing what you came up with. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!
  12. Wow, congrats @GolfSpy_BOS! This is awesome news and a great development for the forum. I’m sure Bryan is going to do a wicked great job! (See what I did there?).
  13. So after a little more review of the new protocols (but not all of them), there are some very significant revisions. It looks to me like kneeling swings are completely gone in favor of “Horizontal Swings” where you swing standing but are instructed to swing above the belt line. For me, I’m a week into the old Level 3 protocols so tomorrow morning I’m just going to start over with the new Level 3. Instead of 4 reps and kneeling swings, it will be 3 reps of Normal, Heel Stomp, and Double Step. Wednesday C Club will be Normal, Trail Leg Back (instead of kneeling) and Double Step swings. Overall, some pretty significant revisions to their protocols!
  14. I’ve scanned…as advertised in the AMA, total reps per stick and by type of swing is down to 3, even in Levels 3-5 where it used to be up to 5 swings. They also introduce a maintenance phase of 1 session per week after 10 weeks of protocols. There are also some substantive changes to the actual swings. Level 4 now includes a Sprint swing, which wants you to take 5 swings in rapid secession with no pause in between. That’s not a complete summary of the changes I’m sure…
  15. And sure enough, almost as soon as I post the question here, SuperSpeed’s protocol revisions are posted. Here’s the link…they make you create an account to access now… https://train.superspeedgolf.com/welcome/?mepr-unauth-page=1207&redirect_to=%2F
  16. Same here...just started Level 3 work and I've kept the swings to 3 versus the 4 swings on the website currently. Which reminds me...Double Step swings. Anyone else struggle with these? I've reached my fastest speeds in the C Club protocols on the Level 2 leg back drills, largely because it allows me to get deeper into my turn. With the Double Step drills in particular I find it really hard to get a good hip and shoulder turn and I feel like I'm sliding around instead...maybe my steps are just too big?
  17. Anyone have any insight into the protocol revisions that we're supposed to be coming for SuperSpeed? In their AMA response video here they talked about limiting the reps to 3 regardless of what level of protocols you're on, and adding a brief rest period before the red stick work, and mentioned those updates would be made to their website soon. As of right now it's still the old protocols...4 swings at level 3, no rest period.
  18. Took my boy to Chiefs-Broncos last night. I’m a lifelong Bronco fan, he’s become a Chiefs fan owing largely to living where we do. I’ve got to get the hell out of here…
  19. Took the kids to the Nutcracker yesterday; wife and I go every year. Kids behaved great…a new tradition is born!
  20. Wife surprised me with this…beyond excited!
  21. FWIW, the Off Course with Claude Harmon podcast interview with Cameron McCormick has plenty of quality content concerning the coaching versus instruction dynamic. Very informative and entertaining listen.
  22. Man, talk about a thread getting hijacked and pulled off the rails quickly. Golf is a game that can be enjoyed at many levels and in many different ways. Some are happy to hit and giggle, some aren't happy unless they're turning over every rock looking for every iota of improvement they can possibly attain, and many are somewhere in between. Me, I'm certainly the turn over every rock type, but I don't take issue with someone who is not inclined to spend money on lessons, or spend hours doing drills or practicing. I DO take issue with the condescending suggestion that I'm one of many who are "lost" or foolish to spend my time/energy/funds in the manner I choose to in pursuit of lower scores. As to the coaching vs instruction discussion, I can safely say I've benefited from both. I've taken quite a few lessons and can say I'm a much better ball-striker than I was a few years ago, but I needed coaching (in my case DECADE) to learn how to take that ability to the course. Both have contributed equally to my ability to lower my scores.
  23. Sure, I'm not saying some cardio isn't a good idea, but it just seems like you're not resting enough and so, from my vantage point, the running would be the first thing to scale back. Here's a TPI article discussing the questionable applicability of endurance training to golf: Sprinting vs Jogging: Why Distance Running Won't Help Your Golf Game | Article | TPI (mytpi.com)
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