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  1. January check in: 3 swings, 112, 114, 113. Let’s call it 113.
  2. Yeah, something I still struggle with. I've heard Sasho talk about how if you're not putting yourself at risk of falling over you're not at max effort. Hard to push to that standard every swing. Did that too!
  3. Overall do you like the course; are you liking the club? Someday when I'm done moving all over the place I plan to join one, until then I can only live vicariously through the exploits of folks like yourself...
  4. Sucks about your window. I know the feeling though. I once got all sweaty-handed and sent a training stick flying across the gym. It was early enough in the morning that there was almost nobody there so thankfully I didn't hurt anybody. But obviously when I took my next swings I was nervous as hell and death-gripping the thing, and my speeds fell way off. I actually train with a pair of rain gloves on now for that reason. And I forgot it's check-in time!
  5. I'm with you; I've decided to curtail alcohol consumption and I'm already feeling better overall for it. My better sessions always come when I've eaten well, laid off the sauce, and gotten a solid night's sleep.
  6. Just finished, got back to my top 195 set speed in the program so far, so maybe it’s not time to panic…
  7. Still messing around my Heads Up Putting in my basement this winter. Sasho MacKenzie's descriptions for how to do it include fixing your eyes not on the hole but at a point near the hole that accounts for the break. In other words, when you align your putter accounting for the break you've read, if you were to imagine a laser line shooting out from your putter face, the point on the laser line where it is parallel to the hole is actually what you're looking at, per his description. I just can't do it that way. What I'm finding works best for me is to read the putt, align my putter face according to that read, and then trace the line from my putter face along the break and to the hole, and then make my stroke while looking at the hole. Certainly seems unorthodox, and I'm obviously uncomfortable with the notion of putting like this based on Sasho's research and then NOT doing it in the manner he describes. But, the early returns would suggest I am in fact putting better. No way to really know that until I debut it for any actual round. I should also say, both through a few questions I had about The Stack System and about Heads Up Putting, Sasho is astonishingly responsive to questions on social media. For putting I sent him some questions via DM on Instagram. He in turn found me on Twitter and then sent me this: Those links, if you're interested, are as follows: https://www.golfsciencejournal.org/article/5008 https://people.stfx.ca/smackenz/Publications/MacKenzie 2011 Visually focusing on the far versus the near target during the putting stroke.pdf And, I did also ask him his thoughts on why Heads Up Putting is not in use on tour if it's truly a superior putting method. His thought-provoking response is below:
  8. Hitting a bit of a rut in my speed training. I am doing the Neural Drive program, which was not the first recommendation the app generated but I wanted some variety. And, the description for Neural Drive says it is targeted at those who feel they are not as fast as their strength levels would suggest they should be...seems to fit me. Through Phase 2 I was cruising along and excited to get to Phase 3, but Phase 3 so far has been disappointing. In Phase 3, you basically do a set of 8 max swings at 240, 255, or something in that range, then 2 consecutive max sets at a very light weight, then finish it off with 5 max swings at 195. Here's a preview of my next workout: So far, jumping from those light weights up to 195 has me feeling like I'm swinging a sledge hammer, and I don't seem able to make the adaptation...my overall Stack speeds and Driver eSpeeds have fallen off in Phase 3 rather than improved: I'm going to stick it out of course...I'm hoping I either self-organize and start hitting some faster speeds, or this is simply part of the Neural Drive "master plan" and Phase 4 will pay off in speed gains. Anybody else have experience with the Neural Drive program?
  9. Great post Jamie. And I got a shout-out...I finally feel like a bonafide spy instead of a newb! I'll echo several others in thanking you for your leadership here, as well as our other mods. Looking forward to a great 2023!
  10. I do the same with the Waking Up app. The gong just felt a little over the top.
  11. It actually was kind of fun. No headache. The meditative gong class BS I had to sit through after the wall yoga was another matter…
  12. Speed training is kind of stuck this week. I want to keep my Grit score at 100% but I’m not home and in my usual routine so it’s been a challenge. Monday I did my workout in my in-laws unheated garage on a slick concrete floor when it was 12 degrees out. Needless to say the speeds fell off. Now, I’m at the Woodloch spa resort in the Poconos doing all the BS classes and spa stuff my wife wants to do. Like wall yoga… Me on the left. I know. Happy wife happy life right? Anyway, my Wednesday Stack session was carved out in a corner of my resort room where I spent most of the workout terrified I was going to smash something, which REALLY slowed me down. Friday I can take it outside or maybe to a fitness room and hopefully get a good one in. Either way that I kept swinging instead of taking a week off is a small victory.
  13. It's kind of funny to me looking back at the inception of this thread wherein I talked about how I was going to go the Bryson route of adding a bunch of mass in the hope of picking up speed. Since then I've decided I can't get that massive without an undesirable increased in body fat overall, and since then we've seen Bryson have injury problems. I listened to a "Trainfully/Golf Fitness" podcast yesterday with Sasho Mackenzie as the guest, and Sasho said he felt Bryson's mass gains maybe contributed about 2% to his overall speed gains. Fast foward to now, and I just got an Army-provided health assessment via the War College which put me at 15% body fat, strength and power numbers on the increase. Add to that a 110 Stack speed (120 driver eSpeed) swing during my Neural Drive workout, and I'm extremely motivated and excited to keep chasing speed in 2023. I plan to keep Stacking, keep lifting, and really emphasize the mobility work. Bring on golf in 2023!
  14. @ejgaudette, had an idea (open to input from others) but what do you think about updating the leaderboard with a parentheses entry after the username to add what speed training system they're using? In other words, I'd be "Getoffmytlawn (Team Stack)". And, what do you think about finding a way on our leaderboard to aggregate the team scores? A Team Stack speed increase store, a Team Rypstick score, etc? I'm just thinking we're primarily an equipment forum..might be interesting info (even if not all that useful) to see which speed training system produces the most gains.
  15. I'm curious, what exactly is your routine? From a generic standpoint, can you describe a workout? I'm assuming you do your overspeed/underspeed speed training, then move on to the gym immediately thereafter? Or are the two sessions more spaced out than that? Can you describe a gym workout? And how often per week? Sorry if I'm asking for a lot, just curious and hoping to be helpful...
  16. Nice! There will also be a good-natured prize for our last place finish, but that will be revealed in March...wouldn't want anyone sandbagging to come in last...
  17. Definitely better than the Jelly of the Month club. Sorry, that's where my brain goes right now..I've probably watched National Lampoons 3 times already this season...
  18. Really interesting discussion. I think there's no question that doing strength training and speed training in concert, in other words running a speed training program and strength training program simultaneously, can have a near-term effect of slowing your speed gains. There have been more than a few Stack sessions where I'm still dealing with some soreness or tightness in a particular muscle group. And, I won't deny that my strength training efforts have as much to do with vanity and wanting to look good on the beach as it does with speed gains. But, I would also argue a few points: 1) Strength training has a long term benefit relative to speed training of raising your ceiling for speed. In other words, a strength-trained athlete is raising their potential for speed versus a non-strength-trained athlete. 2) That said, for your gym training to translate to speed training the emphasis has to be on ballistic/explosive movements. Jumps, med ball work, etc., performed as the priority in your gym time. 3) Most of us overlook the necessity of recovering from our workouts. I know as I age, I'm sore/fatigued for longer, and it's become more and more important to do stretching and mobility work, foam roll, massage gun, sufficient nutrition, and SLEEP. If you're not willing to allow the time and invest the time to properly recover, any kind of training is nearly pointless. Recover recover recover. My two cents. I like to think I know enough that this is actually more like three cents.
  19. This! Although "unofficial", the golf was fun of course, but the camaraderie in the cottage is what made the Queenstown trip memorable and worth it.
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