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  1. So some December 1st progress checks are coming up. Max effort swings with driver, without a ball, right?
  2. Great to hear from you Rob. Always makes me chuckle when I hear/read some you chronic club ho's talk about your equipment purchases. January: "Really think this is the year I'm going to ride with what I have in the bag now..." End of January: "Couldn't resist; got a great deal on these new..."
  3. Last Friday I had to do my Stack workout on a somewhat slick basketball court floor, and my speeds really suffered and maybe my motivation with it. VERY relieved and excited to hit a new set PR of 109 with the 195g set today! This time through Full Speed Spectrum has been more of a grind, but I'm pleased to see I'm still getting some benefit from it. My Grit score is about to take a hit...can't do my second to last workout until next Monday due to Thanksgiving travel. Honestly though, not too concerned...I suspect the rest will do me good. We'll see.
  4. Just a thought, but the images you posted kind of look to me like maybe you could benefit from more/earlier hip turn? I see what you mean and don't disagree that getting your hands wider would be helpful, but it also seems to me that you're seeing more daylight between hips and hands in the pros images because they (especially Berkshire) have turned their hips more, whereas you look maybe still parallel to the target line in your hips? Like I said, I'm certainly no expert, but maybe food for thought...
  5. I guess I'd wonder in your case how you're getting to that Daly-like top of the backswing. If you've been doing this by allowing your arms and wrists to relax and fold, then the "half way back" feel you're describing could actually contribute to a wider swing arc, and in turn possibly more speed. Point being, I wouldn't necessarily assume that the change your instructor is trying to get you to make will compromise your ability to generate speed.
  6. I'm in Carlisle. That fitting, and then the re-shafting work, was last year. Thanks for the offer; I'll let you know how I proceed. My newest idea that might be gaining traction with the wife is to just get new sticks! If I do that, I'll probably at least wait until spring-summer of next year and just go a lead tape route on my current set for now. More to follow...
  7. Hang in there. A lot of us that came from previous speed training didn't see instant jumps, but the results will come.
  8. TPI published an online mobility assessment that's useful, but you're asking more for a strength baseline. I guess I'd argue that the only relevant baseline is your own. If I were you, I'd keep a workout log. I keep a log and track every lift, and make sure to either add weight or get one more rep each workout. If you don't want to go to that extreme, then at least get a baseline of X weight for Y reps in your bench press, squat, and deadlift, and then check your progress each month. My two cents. @BMart519probably has more useful insight than I do here...
  9. Thanks for chiming in! Comforting stuff. And, good to hear from you. Hope I'll see you in the spring...
  10. I think anyone can benefit from increased lower body strength training. Most people, probably myself included, don't push themselves hard enough if they do train legs. But, it does beg the question, are you actually lacking lower body power, or is it more of a question of not using what power you do have effectively? I know for me my sequencing in using the ground effectively and getting that push-off jump in my downswing is lacking, and is a huge area for improvement for me.
  11. Yeah, I'm not trying to enter any local track meets, but sprinting is a great way to train overall explosiveness. It's a staple training tool for Berkshire and other long drivers.
  12. Yeah, I've played a season with them. They feel alright, but honestly they did seem a bit off and I can definitely feel disparities between the extremes. I'm inclined to take them in to the guy that weighed them for me and have them all rebuilt to D4s in the irons, D5s in the wedges. Frankly having messed it up once I'm just wanting to make sure I go into this with eyes wide open. And moving the CoG slightly closer to the hosel might not be a big deal for me; as you know (hold the jokes) I sometimes live too close to the hosel anyway.
  13. I just updated my "Need for Speed" thread with a sample workout yesterday, but suffice it to say I'm hitting the gym hard. More of a bodybuilding/hypertrophy style when it comes to sets and reps, but I've been doing that for so long that I'd rather stay in that range and avoid any further injuries. Every workout gets preceded with plenty of jumps, med ball, and plyo work to emphasize explosiveness first and foremost. I hope to start sprinting in January but I don't think I'm quite there yet as far as my hamstrings and hip flexors holding up to it. Hope everyone is hard at it as well; it'd be a shame if none of you put up a fight!
  14. Hitting the weight room very hard lately. Yesterday's workout: Dumbbell Inclines - 75s, 12 reps, 10 second rest, 3 reps Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 45s, 24, 10 second rest, 5 reps (I go light weights and high reps due to my brittle shoulders) Reverse Grip Cable Pressdown - 50, 20 reps, 10 second rest, 6 reps Cable Pullover - 50, 20 reps, 10 second rest, 6 reps T Bar Row - 135, 10 reps, 10 second rest, 3 All this is preceded with a circuit of Internal and External shoulder rotations, Plyo push-ups, Overhead Medicine Ball Slams, and Medicine Ball wall slams. The idea is to do all the explosive movements first. Of course, I've done a Stack workout before doing all this, but overall I'm relatively fresh. Pallof presses and ab wheel work get done at the end. I'm also tracking macro's and keeping to a pretty strict diet. The goal is to still weight 180 but do a bit of body recomposition. And of course, the larger goal is clubhead speed!
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies. Does using a small weights or lead in the epoxy really move the sweet spot towards the hosel? The Club Champion rep also told me this is their method for getting to the right swing weight with Steelfiber's in particular. And I can't follow the logic of attempting to achieve the swing weight at the butt end...how would that not actually decrease the swing weight?
  16. So, I have any embarrassing tale to tell. That said, I'm hoping I can glean some wisdom from the some of the expert club ho's on this forum. @RickyBobby_PR, @Golfspy_Lukes to name a few...hoping you'll chime in, but maybe this will be cautionary tale for others to learn from too. So, be patient, I'll try to make a long story short. About a year ago, after fighting some golfer's elbow, I got in a fitting bay at a GolfUSA in Omaha and saw some significant gains in distance and spin in moving from the Project X 6.0's in my JPX 919 Forged's to stiff Aerotech Steelfiber i95's. So, I made the switch...left my set with them, they ordered the shafts, and I'd be back in a week or so to pick up my re-shafted sticks. That said, the fitting was me hitting a JPX 921 Forged from the demo cart with my stock shaft, then trying the same head in the Steelfiber. When figuring out the specs for the new build, the fitter measured the swing weight of the demo cart with the Steelfiber, said it was a D2.5, and because I'd been flushing them said we should target that weight in the re-shafted clubs. Sounded good to me, the only nuance being I wanted to re-grip everything with my "go-to" midsize Golf Pride MMC. When I came back to pick them up, the builder (not the same guy as the fitter), said my midsize grip was too heavy and it was producing swing weights in the "C" range...that I would have to play a Winn Dri-Tac Lite to get back into the D2.5 swing weight I wanted. Didn't sound right to me, but the builder has been there for a while, so I grudgingly said ok. Okay...so fast forward to the past 2 months. I got new woods and hybrids at Club Champion, all at D6, and the fitter said I should really take a look at my irons because he was skeptical of the build. Sounded like a Club Champion sales pitch to me, but he planted the seed of doubt in my head, so I took my irons to a local shop and asked them to check the swing weights of my irons and wedges. Here's the result: 5 Iron - D3 6 Iron - D1 7 Iron - D2 8 Iron - D2 9 Iron - D2 PW - D5 GW (Set) - D5 54 (Vokey) - D8 60 (Vokey) - D6 So, I'm all over the place. The way this new local guy explained it to me, the guy that re-shafted them probably just swapped the shafts, and should have inserted a small weight or used a lead powder to achieve the desired swing weight. He's also said for $300 he'll pull everything, swing weight them out to my requested specs, and re-grip with the midsize MMC's I want. So, I don't know what to believe. First (stupid) question, the goal is a consistent swing weight top down throughout the set, not some sliding scale that gets heavier in the shorter clubs? Second, given that I've now been fitted to D6 woods and hybrids, I'm inclined to have my irons set up at D4s and wedges at D5, but I'd be curious of anyone else's thoughts? Obviously, I'm in need of some remedial club-building info here. Thanks all.
  17. Frustrated by my training as of late. I'm repeating Full Speed Spectrum and I'm skeptical that I'm going to be any farther along than when I started. That said, it does look like I'm slowly creeping towards some gains... I am pretty sure the culprit is my own poor recovery habits; I find myself up late writing a paper or reading, then up 4 hours later to hit the gym. But, I'm gonna keep grinding, and hopefully sleeping a little more lately.
  18. Sigh. Seems like I've been doing this a lot this year, but I again apologize for falling off the radar with MGS. I love this community and take pride in being a part of it, and "pulling my weight" from a participation standpoint. Suffice it to say, a lot going on lately. First, my daughter appears to be fine. No open-heart surgery will be necessary...she's going to have a prescription for a bit and some diet recommendations, but overall no real long term impacts. Second, many of you know my 34 year old sister passed away this summer. Long story short, there is a tremendous history of cancer in my family...all four of my grandparents, my father at age 60, three aunts, and now my sister. As my sister was being treated, she had genetic testing performed and they discovered a gene mutation that was a likely culprit for her cancer, and my Dad's. Her medical team advised my Mom, brother and I to get screened accordingly, so I've been waiting 3 weeks for the result of a genetic screening for that particular gene mutation, and 83 others...basically the full panel. The verdict came in yesterday...mutation free! It was a weird feeling waiting to hear if I might be doomed, or could expect a long "normal" life. And, how would I respond to the news if I was positive...go uber healthy to do everything to fight it off, or "you only live once" and enjoy my limited time. Sorry...heavy stuff for a golf thread. Hopefully it offers some kind of explanation for my inconsistent participation of late. Hope to remedy that and then some going forward.
  19. No objection here, I think that's a great idea. Let's pin that formula or rules on how the winner is determined to the top of the thread though so there's no missing that point.
  20. The Stack is the only one that requires it, but I'd argue you can really only benefit from the training with a radar from any program. Take it from me...I'm infamous here for toiling away over half a year with SuperSpeed and no radar, and when I finally got one I learned I had gone absolutely no place. It's not just about motivating you and tracking progress. The radar teaches you what swing feels are actually producing speed.
  21. And now a public service announcement from Team Stack: As we all embark on our off-season training, I thought I'd share this video from Sasho. It's a little bit focused on the Stack, but overall I think it does a good job of communicating the importance of managing expectations relative to speed training, which goes across all training methodologies. Bottom line: don't expect linear progress, the point is to stay with it and trust that the progress will come! https://www.thestacksystem.com/pages/speed-increase-expectations Happy training folks; I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress.
  22. Man, this could be epic. Also, epically bad if we're all faster but none of us can find a fairway next spring!
  23. If this means you're potentially spending money, DM me and let me know what you're thinking...as a co-conspirator in starting this competition I can definitely kick in some funds. And part of me wants to fund a tub of protein powder or a gym pass to whomever comes in last place, but that's just me being a d!ck I suppose...
  24. Just a thought, but when March 15 rolls around and we're going to crown a winner, let's require a photo of the radar with the speed number...right? Not that I don't trust all you fine future magistrates and noble men...
  25. Thanks for starting it @ejgaudette! Sign me up at 109 for a starting swing speed. As to what the goal is, I think we're just after a new "without a ball speed" and the winner of this competition is the one who's new all out top end speed represents the biggest jump from their baseline number they post here to start. (Right?) I do have a few other questions...will there be a drug test? Cuz if not I'm about to start the horse 'roids to get this forum badge. Goal wise I'd love to hit a top end in the mid-120s...don't know how realistic that is but go big or go home right? And yes, I'm happy to represent the Stack, although I'm hoping to see @edingcget in the mix here too!
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