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  1. Thank you for taking the time to participate in AMA on MGS! I’m curious: some competitors to SuperSpeed have emerged in the overspeed training space lately, most notably the Stack System and Rypstick among others. How will SuperSpeed refine and/or improve their product to maintain their “industry-leading” status?
  2. Sorry, should have clarified…the hybrid. Very small profile and is another anti-left hybrid…
  3. It's been a while since I've posted here, but rest assured I'm slogging away and hatching some off-season plans that I'll detail here soon. Regarding that slogging away, here's my progress through SuperSpeed Level 2 so far. Again, pretty slow, but as Bill Miller often says, I'm basically one of those athletes that is very good at moving heavy things, but not good at moving light things fast. The Level 2 work happens every Monday and Friday, minus the occasional out-of-town missed session. Level 2 C Club work happens every Wednesday: Again, almost embarrassingly slow, but as a guy who hasn't trained for explosion and power (but instead hypertrophy) for about 20 years now, I'm cutting myself some slack. I feel like the sprints, jumps and med ball work are starting to pay off, and as long as I see these trendlines continue to creep up I'm happy. Not satisfied by any means, but happy. More about my off-season training plans soon...
  4. You know I share your affection for the DHY, but have you tried an Apex Pro?
  5. Might sound sacrilegious to some, but while Hogan’s book certainly has its place on any golfers book shelf, that book might as well be called “how to not go left”. Point being, really not the best prescription for most. Sounds like Toski’s was a good one…
  6. Eh, sounds like you're reaching...still a Titleist stamp on those Vokey's...
  7. After a VERY solid range session this morning with my new Callaway Apex Pro 3 hybrid, it's going into the bag, and my total brand count is now up to 7...
  8. I for one would be really interested in a "We Tried It" kind of article that explores just how good or bad Nike equipment actually was. We keep hearing about why Nike failed in the golf equipment space, and one reason I keep hearing was it was just bad stuff. I think Rick Shiels put out a video that was really critical of it. It would be interesting to have a Covert and some VR Pros put through their paces and see if they actually were that bad. Granted, no utility or usefulness out of an article like that, but I'd definitely be interested.
  9. Callaway Apex Pro 3 hybrid arrived! Can't wait to get it on the course, although my Nebraska golf season is dwindling fast. Next question will be does the TaylorMade DHY 4 stay, or will a 23 degree Apex Pro 4 have to get ordered. Personally I hope it's the former, I like the DHY, the gaps were just a little off with the DHY 3.
  10. Yeah, like that, thanks. I'll go post, but I'll also find a way to avoid asking you to do that every time I post a pic!
  11. iPhone 12. If this is old news I apologize, but it's a new issue to me...posted plenty of pics without this happening...
  12. Twice now I've tried to post pics in the What Have you Bought Lately thread, and each time the site changes the picture orientation 90 degrees to the right. I even tried to save the file 90 to the left to compensate, and then it doesn't do it. Has anyone else experienced this? This pic, for example.. It's not saved like that on my laptop...
  13. Congrats! What's the goal/plan for when this is all set up and pics are posted here?
  14. I just had an interesting exchange on Twitter with the guys at SuperSpeed. Mike Carroll (Fit for Golf) tweeted asking for feedback from SuperSpeed users who have done the Level 4 and 5 protocols and what kind of gains they have made. I replied in turn that I was not looking forward to those protocols because they seem so high volume. SuperSpeed Golf in turn replied to me: "Hi Hayes, we are actually in the process of revising our protocols. We learned a lot from our users and hope to share the updates soon (the later level will have less swings!)" Interesting; looking forward to seeing those revisions.
  15. Next post: "Well what if I told you about an exciting new opportunity in golf instruction guaranteed to help you hit longer drives, hit more fairways, and lower your scores?"
  16. Getting in 9 with my boys…
  17. I’m all for the constant attempts to improve, and as long as we’re all open to feedback (and everyone clearly is here) then keep it coming. I am curious, and forgive me if this is the wrong thread to ask, but what are the drivers that impact the lead time before closing a testing opportunity for sign-ups and actually selecting and announcing testers? I’m sure the number of applicants impacts things, but I also noticed the Titleist iron testers were announced in a day (I think) while other opportunities seem to take longer than others. This is NOT a complaint by any stretch, I’m just genuinely curious as to what the drivers or factors are that impact that lead time, and I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving a little peak behind the curtain regarding that. Thanks!
  18. Agreed, it seems to me putters are especially challenging, and the nuance of steel versus graphite/stability shaft only makes it more difficult.
  19. I'm continuing to work through the Level 2 protocols. I'm also trying to slowly wear the wife down into approving a purchase of the Stack System. The Level 4 and 5 SuperSpeed protocols just seem to be really high volume to me. **EDIT**: To make my point, here's the Level 5 visual: Including the non-dominant work, that's 123 swings!!!
  20. Yes, I love them. I picked up half a club, more spin, tightened up dispersion, and my golfers elbow continues to improve. I know they’re not for everyone, but I for one am a VERY big fan.
  21. Wedge fitting today went well. I'll be keeping my Vokey's, but reshafting them with i110 Aerotech Steelfibers. I'm gaming i95s in my irons all the way through my set gap wedge, but while my distance gaps were good my set gap was actually spinning slightly more than my 54 Wokey. Once I tried out the i110, problem solved. From there, I mentioned concerns over my 3 wood to hybrid gapping, and one thing led to another, and a Callaway Apex Pro 3 hybrid is on it's way. I like my TaylorMade DHYs, but I'm hitting my 3 wood 250-255 and my DHY 3 hybrid (19 degree) 225...too big a gap. The Apex Pro 3, despite being a 20 degree, was consistently 235 for me. Now the question will be if I keep the DHY 4 in the bag, or eventually opt for a 22 degree Apex Pro. I'd like to stand pat, but ho's gonna be ho's. Oh, and this was ready for me... @PMookiehelped me get some Honma adapter sleeves, and my TR20 driver has officially been upgraded. Saw a consistent 8-12 yard distance pickup, and much better dispersion. Can't wait to get it on the course...
  22. Wedge fitting Tuesday. Need to check my gaps from the set gap wedge to my 54 and 60 Vokeys (bent to 55 and 59) now that the gap wedge has been re-shafted with a Steelfiber i95. May get new wedges but might just put i110s in the Vokeys, we’ll see what the numbers say.
  23. Bones picking up JT's bag. I'm sure he'll do well, but I'll miss him as an on-course announcer...one of the few guys I thought actually added to the viewing experience rather than taking away from it.
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