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  1. I’m with you. The Rory squat down and push off with the lead leg is something I really covet but just can’t seem to get the sequencing down. Now THERE is an idea, an MGS offseason speed training competition. Now how would that be set up…baseline and then final numbers with driver at March 1st to get a greatest percentage of improvement? Or just fastest number overall? I’ll bet we could get the mods to put out a speed badge to the winner at the very least…
  2. Thanks for posting this; finally got a chance to watch and like @Vegan_Golfer_PNWI have every intent of seeing if that foot waggle work can't help me pick up some MPH tomorrow.
  3. Speed speed and more speed! While I'm always obsessed with speed and gym work, I do need to make some serious improvements in my wedge play. Green side chipping I feel very confident, but that 50-90 yard range...I just am not good enough, and need to be to take advantage of distance gains. Not sure exactly how I'm going to do that over a Northeast winter. My initial thoughts are PlaneMate work, we'll see. A bit limited on space and basement ceiling clearance to do much...
  4. Thanks for the feedback. My Tuesdays and Thursdays in the gym are spent on doing cardio and recovery work, and mobility and flexibility work. I don't mean this as immodest as it will come across in the forum, but I've actually managed to stay very flexible. That said, I am working on building and maintaining more width in the backswing, which is definitely an area I can target to build more speed. While I'm confident there is plenty more speed to be gained from the Stack and strength training, I know that if I can get my hands consistently higher and deeper in the backswing I can uncover some more mph. We can't all be genetic freaks Chris...
  5. Cody, can’t wait to see your updates. Remind me again what radar device you’re using?
  6. Training continues. I'm running through the Full Speed Spectrum program again, and I have yet to reach the peak speeds that I saw the last time through. I've had a general decrease in total sleep, and some lower back problems, that have combined to slow me down a bit. I'm kind of thinking about emailing the Stack System site and asking for inputs or thoughts on why I may have regressed a bit, but in comparing where I am to the my last time through, I am still much faster overall. So, I'm content to let the program progress and see if I don't reach new peaks over the next few weeks. I've picked up the intensity in the gym of late too, now that I'm not playing much golf due to other circumstances and it helps to alleviate the stress. Possibly contributes to slightly slower speed gains. I've had to adjust the sets and reps scheme to work around my left labral issues, but I've gone back to my older training style that seemed to cause less injury. As an example, Monday's workout: Dumbbell Incline Press - 75s, 12 reps, 10 second rest pause, 3 reps Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 45s, 20 reps, 10 second rest pause, 5 reps Reverse Grip Cable Pressdown - 50, 18 reps, 10 second rest pause, 6 reps Cable Pullover - 60 pounds, 18 reps, 10 second rest pause, 7 reps Cable Row - 150, 12 reps, 10 second rest pause, 5 reps Each workout is preceded by 3 sets of both internal and external cable rotations for physical therapy on my shoulder, and a series of ploy push ups and med ball slams...the point being explosive movements are done first before the heavy weight work. Abs are accomplished via lots of isometric Pallof Presses and ab wheel work interspersed throughout the workout. Overall, still chasing speed!
  7. I was poking around the Stack System site and found this video from Sasho McKenzie explaining why there are no non-dominant swings included in his Stack protocols. Pretty convincing stuff actually...
  8. So I posted a photo of a Club Champion box arriving at my door...last week. I'm sure I've violated multiple unwritten rules of the forum to post such a tease and then wait so long to show off the box's contents, but I honestly didn't open it until yesterday...things still very much crazy on the home front. Without further ado, a few new sticks are in the bag... TSR2 driver, 10 degree head, Ventus Velocore 6s shaft, Golf Pride MMC Midsize grip: TSR2 3 wood, Ventus Velocore 7s, Golf Pride MMC Midsize: Also had my Callaway Apex Pro 3 and 4 hybrids (20 and 23 degrees) re-shafted with Ventus HB Velocore 8s shafts: I also had the shafts pured, or SST Pure'd per the Club Champion sales pitch. It had the slightly odd effect of putting the shaft graphics in different orientations from club to club, which won't bother me but is eyebrow-raising: Not sure when I'll get on the course with these but hopefully sooner rather than later...
  9. When you say "Sasho told me"...how did you actually engage with him? I've got some concerns/questions about what seems to be long period of stagnation or a lack of progress, and I was thinking about posing the question. Did you send a DM on IG, or some other means?
  10. Damn, I really wanted to be a part of this but I'll be in NYC on a staff ride with the Army War College. Maybe I can get on late. My question: every wedge test I see Vokey's, clearly the leading wedge at retail, perform middle-of-the-road on wet wedge testing. Does Titleist seem to just not care or recognize this as a performance factor, or do we expect to see improvements from them on this someday? As a general marketing rule, I understand you never recognize a problem with a product until you also have a solution; it just seems to me Titleist is willing to lose to other OEMs on this issue and that seems decidedly un-Titleist like. Maybe a poorly worded question but I think you can glean what I'm getting at.
  11. Had this waiting for me when I got home. Have to get Junior to practice; hopefully I can bust this open tonight…
  12. Minor update: my daughter's prognosis is starting to look more positive...the cardiologist has come back and said he does NOT feel surgery is necessary. Something is still amiss in that she's excessively fatigued and short of breath of late, and we're waiting a few more weeks for more tests and more results, but to hear that open-heart surgery is likely not necessary is a HUGE relief. Needless to say, as high as the stress has been I haven't felt inclined to touch a club, or participate much here...apologies. I'll do my best to remedy that in the coming days and weeks.
  13. Been off the forum for much of the week and I apologize; I thought maybe I should jump on and explain for bit: Most of the regulars here have seen me post the occasional pic of my kids Grant, Clark, and Vivian, ages 9, 7, and 5. What might not be common knowledge, although I know I've mentioned it before, is I have 2 daughters from a previous marriage who live in Tennessee with their Mom...Jolie and Taylor, ages 18 and 15. Long story short, Jolie's been diagnosed with a heart condition and has been told she needs open heart surgery. Devastating news to say the least, compounded by my inability to be by her side as she gets this news. Of course I'll be there for the surgery, and plans are being made to up the visits, but it kills me now more than ever to not be there with her when it gets to her. No actual surgery date yet; she's of course getting a second opinion and that's resulted in a new battery of tests. Suffice it to say, golf is not really on my radar right now. In any event, I wanted to explain my absence of late.
  14. Crap. Posted at the end of a very long day, didn't catch that. Thanks guys.
  15. Had a nice end to a long/rough day when I got home… It’s about to go down people! Get your popcorn ready!
  16. Sounds great, and I’m really excited to get those same insights. My comment was intended to express skepticism towards “fewest putts” as a measure of putting ability though, not to comment on the Arccos system. And on that point, fewest putts is a fun and worthwhile metric to strive towards lowering, I’m just saying sometimes further analysis is needed.
  17. Interesting; I’m looking forward to how well the system works in capturing the putts, but “fewest putts” as a stand-alone statistic is debatable. If your GIR is low and you’re getting up and down a lot, it’s debatable that you necessarily putted better than a guy who had a high GIR and two-putted a lot, no?
  18. So, a little more detail I didn't share from my intro...I'm extremely excited about finally having some Strokes Gained data to support my practice and overall improvement efforts. As I posted, I'm a quite busy husband, officer, student, and father of 3...my practice time is precious, and getting out for a round doesn't nearly as often as I'd like. Then, of course, once I'm actually able to get out for a round, the "what hole are you on" texts start coming and I inevitably sprint from the 18th to the truck to get home because one of three kids has to get to whatever practice or activity they need to get to. Long build up to show you this, a screenshot of the Analysis tab for entering your post round data in the DECADE Elite program: I know that's not the best picture; I'm not expecting anyone to read it as much as recognize that it's a lot, and I have grudgingly learned that it's just not realistic to think that I'm going to be a guy that can sit down and manually enter a bunch of info post-round...life gets in the way. (If your mind goes to "well then why did you pay that much for DECADE Elite, I didn't, which is another story.) So, I'm extremely excited for Arccos to help me have some data and analytics in a convenient and easy manner, and part of my review will be seeing whether or not Arccos lives up to that promise.
  19. Stack progress check complete. I was very pleased to see my driver speed baseline jump to 110, an 8 mph improvement from when I first started the Full Speed Spectrum program. Still a bit of gamesmanship in here in my opinion; really my only negative comment about the Stack. These were full effort swings, not max...in a few workouts when I make max effort swings the app is going to take credit for the increased mph and tell me how I'm making gains. Not saying I won't be, just a bit artificial at first. I was also a little bummed to see I was doing another round of the same program I just did; was hoping for a little variety. But, I suspect when I answered that I didn't feel I was using the ground effectively I probably pointed myself towards the emphasis on Step swings that come with Full Speed Spectrum. Either way, I'm excited to keep pushing! I'll detail more of what I'm doing in the weight room in a future post, especially now that I'm nearly in the offseason...
  20. Definitely. I am looking forward to using Arccos to capture the drives, but my home course has some drivable par 4s and I’m now a threat to do it. We have a 299 yard par 4 that I drove the green on the last time I played, then drove a 274 yard par 4 later in the round with 3 wood.
  21. Tried the 3 but ended up with TSR2 just for the help on all those times I don’t find the center of the club face, which is often…
  22. Full Speed Spectrum program completed this morning. I'll do a progress check on Monday and see how things stand with a driver in hand, and then embark on the next program. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear to me is how much I really need to focus on recovery. My last few workouts over the couple weeks have been short of the peak speeds I saw a few weeks ago, and coincidentally I've had a lot more late night school work (readings, papers) and the occasional mandatory-fun social events with a few drinks involved. Overall fatigue levels are an issue, and at the time of the day I'm doing this (6 am) the extent to which my CNS is truly primed and ready is a question too. I hope to focus a lot more on getting enough sleep and overall recovery during the next program.
  23. Got that same email. Nice little bit of customer service to start this test…
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