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  1. And hopefully we see Wolff right himself and re-insert himself into this discussion...
  2. If anyone’s interested, you can supposedly stream the World Long Drive Championship via this site, starting tomorrow: https://prolongdrivers.com/plda-world-championship#a960858e-417e-496c-95b5-a6baf114565e Bryson is in group 3 of the open division, 12:00.
  3. Which would suggest he’s about to be tagged as the President’s Cup Captain…
  4. So my head’s already on 2023 and Italy. I really think the US has a chance to turn the page and run a string of American dominance, but I do think whoever the next Captain is needs to pay attention to “horses for courses.” Furyk didn’t in France and his picks got crushed; Stricker clearly went for distance and set up the course accordingly. In Europe they’re going to pinch the fairways and slow the greens, so maybe not all of these guys belong on a team built for an away game, where driving accuracy will matter more? And who will be that next Captain? Stricker captained the Presidents Cup, then the Ryder Cup. The last Presidents Cup Captain? Tiger Woods baby. That said, I’d still love to see Freddy get a shot at a Ryder Cup captaincy, but that time has probably passed.
  5. I agree, I was really disappointed with NBCs coverage. I’d rather have Joe Buck and Fox if it meant less commercials. Also, I thought Kay Cockerill was pretty awful as an on-course announcer, the fall off in quality insights from Bones and John Wood to her was noticeable.
  6. Just now catching up, had to DVR and wait all day….I was way the hell wrong about Scheffler, wow! Stricker really nailed the Captain’s picks. Harrington, not so much. We’ve likely seen the last of Westwood and Poulter as players at least.
  7. Cantlay vs Lowry should be a great match. Scheffler, I like him, but I don’t see how he beats Rahm…the flat stick is not Scottie’s strength, and Rahm has been dropping bombs from all over the place. What I really question is Padraig going with McIlroy first. If you’re trying to put blue on the board early I’m not sure that’s how you do it. Granted, he must feel like he has to get something from Rory to have any chance. The guy just looks listless out there.
  8. Tough to criticize Stricks, he seems to be pulling all the right strings. It looks to me like a lineup built to snuff out any momentum for the Euros if they were able to build some early. 5-8 in the US lineup looks incredibly stout.
  9. Same pairings, different batting order tomorrow for the Americans. Things have been reshuffled for the Euros, including Rory sitting!
  10. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s foursomes pairings. I don’t see how you leave Finau on the bench after that performance, and Bryson might have earned a spot too. That the US is up 6-2 with only a half point from Thomas and Spieth is pretty remarkable.
  11. Yeah, the pairings smell like an ode to analytics. We just heard the on-air guys, I think it was Justin Leonard, say that every American that's out in this session ranked in the top 25 in birdies....that has to have fed into this. I agree breaking up Xander & Cantlay is a bit risky, but let's not overstate their win this morning...Rory in particular barely put up a fight.
  12. Wow, didn’t see these afternoon pairings coming from the US, and maybe that’s a good thing. As long as it’s part of a plan and not knee-jerk I’m good with it. Now, let’s see Bryson drive 1! I really think he can ignite some serious momentum if he can fire up the crowd and take down Rahm doing it…he putts the hell out of the ball too, might be the man to do it. Prediction: US 2.5 to Euro’s at 1.5 That was insane! Too bad JT couldn’t pay it off, but I look for them to come back motivated…
  13. Setting up for an incredible first session tomorrow: Spieth/Thomas vs Rahm/Garcia DJ/Morikawa vs Casey/Hovland Koepka/Berger vs Westwood/Fitzpatrick Cantlay/Schaufelle vs McIlroy/Poulter Risk for both sides here, but I really like the US chances in all of these and I can see a 3-1 US lead after the morning.
  14. Hell, I’m ready to start a MGS GoFundMe to get the right shafts in there and then see what he thinks…
  15. Sad news, and I’m very sorry for all of this years competitors to have to miss out. Was sure to be a good one…
  16. Man, the anticipation is killing me! I haven't been this excited in a long time. Friday I have to take the kids to school and DVR the first tee shots, but I'll get home and catch up quickly. Saturday, I'm going to be on a 4-5 hour DVR delay; playing in the STRATCOM Saturday Golf championship in the morning. Sunday, I'll watch the first couple hours, then my kids have flag football, a birthday party, and baseball practice, meaning I'm going to shut off my phone, block out the world, and watch the bulk of singles on DVR until probably 2am. I've warned the wife for a year that this was the weekend I was going to go to extreme lengths to not miss a shot, hopefully she stays patient with me! I honestly have a hunch the Americans are going to win running away, hope I'm right...
  17. So I gamed a Scotty for years, and an Evnroll now, so I’m not averse to expensive putters, but $750?!? What is it about this line that supposedly justifies that price tag? Any actual performance benefit/improvements?
  18. Continuing to battle golfers elbow…I play and practice pain free during the round, with a compression sleeve on, but post-round when the sleeve comes off I definitely still feel little twinges. The shaft swap has definitely helped. However, my oldest is in the middle of flag football, and his baseball practices for next season have already started, and I’m an assistant coach for both, so I’m back to a lot of ball throwing. In addition, I’d like to work on hand and forearm strength during the upcoming offseason in addition to my regular workout routines. Picked up one of these the other day: I’ll have to ease into it and be attentive to how it’s impacting this injury, but I’m optimistic it will have a strong rehab and strengthening effect.
  19. 79 today, 43 on the front, 36 on the back. Gotta love being consistent. Blow up double and triple on the front did me in for the most part. Burned a lot of edges with the putter today; hoping to see those start to fall soon.
  20. That's an interesting take. I think the Bryson-Brooks thing is dominating the narrative too much. Spieth, Berger, Thomas, Xander, Scheffler, Cantlay, Morikawa...it seems to me there is a young nucleus here to really be excited about, and that can potentially come together as more of a team than previous generations.
  21. Just bought a year's subscription, because Scott Fawcett said to... So I'm on DECADE for course management, Waking Up for a better mental game, and I am doing SuperSpeed and working out intensely. Now all I need are some of those golf skills I've heard so much about.
  22. I'm with you on the Captain's picks. Ryder Cup captaincy is a tough gig...if his choices perform Stricker's brilliant, if not, he'll be criticized for guys like Na or Kis not being chosen. The thing is, I can see Na and Kis making sense if this was an away game where the Euro's would set it up to narrow the fairways and put a premium on hitting the short grass. Whistling Straits will be set up to take advantage of American length, and long Kis and Na are not. I really expect Spieth to have a strong week under this formula as much as anyone...
  23. YES! Thanks Rob! I look forward to the Ryder Cup so much, and this ups the fun even more!
  24. @BMart519, you’re basically describing a modified version of the Dave Stockton method. He often talks about making a putt of any length as hard, but it’s easy to make a 1” putt, referring to the spot on the intended line in front of the ball. I also basically putt exactly as you’re describing, but I do place an emphasis on paying close attention to the hole and keeping that image in my “mind’s eye” as I roll my ball over my spot a foot in front of the ball.
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