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  1. I moved to this from the Game Golf because the tagging process was disrupting me during rounds. I've been much happier with the Arccos system since making the switch. I think the analytics and data presentation beat GG hand down. At first I was turned off by not being able to manipulate my shots via my Mac, but I've gotten used to doing it on my phone. I mainly use it to see where I'm losing the most strokes on my rounds, which right now is short game and putting. Oh geez the putting. I can have some nice shots getting to the green and then rack up the strokes once I'm there. I think it definitely helps with your glaring weaknesses, but also helps show your strengths. Curious if anyone has the newer putter sensor? Supposed to be one that is much lower profile than even the one that launched with the 360 system. This is the biggest wart in the system, so if there's a better option I'm all aboard.
  2. Awesome, I've been hoping these would make the testing rounds! For your consideration... Skee Texas 12 Ping S55, KBS Tour 90 Stiff Consistent ball striker & overdraw/hook
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