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  1. Agree, and yes they do usually do it in one session. A friend of mine was able to break it up into two different sessions. I did one a few years ago and the fitter definitely spent most time on driver/irons with me. Wedges we didn't even really get to and the putter was an after thought. Some positives and negatives about it for sure.
  2. I got the email from Club Champion about their 100th store and were offering a full bag fitting at $100. Deal was just too good to pass up so I set it for August. Also, there is a Titleist fitting at a local course in a couple weeks and I hope to get dialed into the new SM9 wedges. Thinking about replacing my 54 and 58 with them.
  3. I really like the G/Fore's as well. I ended up letting a pair go and regret it. I miss that insole!
  4. The Proforce v2 was a really nice shaft for me. Also since I've used ventus over the past 2 and half years it definitely seems to help limit the large misses.
  5. Maybe I'm harsh, but I have only had a couple caddie rounds that I would say I was truly glad they were there. By far the best experience was at Bandon as well. Our guy was just top notch. Learned our bags and distances very quickly. Did not step on any toes and had a couple great stories. I do know my game fairly well, but enjoy to talk through shots and what type of strategy would be best. Other caddies have been fairly quiet and tend to just walk ahead of the group. I was looking forward to our caddies at the Ocean Course a month ago, but they were a bit lackluster as well. I thought with the PGA just recently there, they would have a few cool stories, but mostly talked to each other instead of the people in my group.
  6. Played with a couple customers last Thursday on a beautiful day in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Game was certainly not firing on all cylinders and the greens had just recently been punched. But I was happy to still break 80 with mediocre stuff. Takeaways: Wedges need some work. I know I'm not going to throw darts to every pin, but quite a few opportunities where I should have given myself a little closer opportunity. It especially was apparent with the greens being punched, so more putts than normal. Driver was pretty good - shorter course so I only hit it about 4 times. Was happy with Ball striking and seems to get a little bit better as I am getting more reps this year. Hope everyone else plays well and has some nice weather this week.
  7. Continue to hover around 214. Goal would be more like 205. I've been weight lifting again, similar to what I would do in college. So even though I'm only down about 14 pounds, I've definitely put on a good amount of muscle in the past 4 months. Diet could still use some tightening. Calorie wise, I'm usually not too bad, but certainly could eat better in general with less processed food and things like that.
  8. Things are starting to turn. Have not had a lot of opportunity to tee it up here in Indiana. Partly my schedule and partly weather related. This week should be mid 60's for the high and next week gets warmer, but with more May showers as you might expect. Hopefully I can get out more in May. I played a few times in April, but that was only because of a golf outing to Kiawah for work. I did not play one round in April in Indiana sadly. Playing twice for work this week if weather holds out so not off to a bad start.
  9. Glad to hear it's working for you but man, that thing is not a looker lol. But really neither are the new LAB putters and people swear by them. It actually looks more like one of the background hills in the nintendo Mario game to me.
  10. A couple of mine continue from last year. The first is to break par. I've done it before, but it's been a few years now. I shot a couple +1 rounds last year and had opportunities, just need to finish the job. One of my better rounds, I was -2 on 14th hole at True Blue in SC only to Double a tough par 3 and finish at +1. More of not knowing the course as it was my first time playing there. Next, I would love to have a couple tournament rounds or something with more pressure through the year. I think my game will elevate that much more if I can find ways to triumph when pressure is at it's highest. Scratch would be nice. I got to a 1.7 towards the end of the year last year, but it was a long winter and I have definitely back tracked a bit after the first 5 rounds I've played this year.
  11. Tried to basically get out of my head for the range session yesterday. I did not want to be too technical, but mostly find my tempo and pick small targets to ensure I'm putting the ball on my intended line. I did have a bit of a mental cue with a specific place on the ball I wanted to hit (ie Adam Young/Chasing Scratch's hammer the nail). It seemed to assist with flush contact. Another thing I tried to picture was the not only the dimple a bit more on the inside of the ball, but also a bit under the equator of the ball on my tee shots. As a player who struggles with a positive AoA, I was kicking myself that I hadn't tried this before. It worked wonders for my ball flight and I didn't have to overthink anything swing related to accomplish it. Last, I worked the "Tiger Gate Drill" with my putter. Last time out I suffered some very yippy strokes when there was a bit of pressure. Trying to hone in my stroke so it's more second nature. Hoping something can work for me.
  12. Was short on time, but got out to the range on Wednesday. Mostly to try and get my swing under control. Thinking back to my rounds last week, it was mostly a slice with driver, but irons had a bit of a two way miss going. I just need more reps and try to hone my tempo back to where it was at the end of the year. Hopefully I can get 3/4 range sessions before I have another outing and possibly play a casual round. I think my swing is still ok, but just need to get my confidence back up and know where my tendencies will be.
  13. Was fortunate to go on a customer golf trip last week to Kiawah and played 4 times. Game left a bit to be desired since it was my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds of the season, but we truly had perfect weather and great company. We started with Cougar Point, then played the Ocean Course, Osprey, and finished with the Ocean course on day 3. My pitching and chipping were the stars all 3 days and kept my scores lower than they probably should have been. Cougar Point - Nice layout, good round to get us started. A bit tighter driving holes on this course than the others. Drove the ball well most of the day. Approach and putting not stellar. 80 with 3 bogeys, 3 doubles and 1 birdie. Ocean Course - This course can bring some high scores quick. I think the lure of the moment got to me a bit. Overall I think the course is actually playable and scoreable. 39 on the front with a double. 44 on the back with 4 doubles. Driving was atrocious and I was not sure where the ball was going half the time. Two way miss is not fun on this course. 5 double bogeys. Ended up with an 83. Osprey Point - Really liked this layout as well. Different from the other two and some nice holes. Driving was a little bit better. At least keeping more on the face of the earth this time. Went 38/40 for a 78. Ocean Course - Putting completely left me this day. Actually put a decent round together, but the yips were back. Scaring me for what's to come this season. A good amount of greens in regulation, but not many actual birdie chances since I was about 30 feet away on most holes. I did not track putts, but would not be surprised if I had 8 three putts. Greens were not that fast or undulating, so it was just poor efforts. Pitched and chipped the ball great and actually chipped in on 18 for a birdie from just off the right side. Ended with another 83, but felt a little better this day. Only 3 doubles this day. Hopefully I am able to go back one day. Definitely a cool place to play especially after last year's PGA Championship. I'll have to start planning the outing for next year now. Not sure where it'll take me.
  14. I liked the Nike 270G, but they were a bit narrow for me. Also, there are only a few pairs that do spikeless with enough grip and those were not one of them. My feet were sliding all over the place if any trace of moisture.
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