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  1. I like to change them up, keep everyone excited about who comes out next.
  2. Curious how many people have had the loft on their driver checked for accuracy? A long time ago I was playing SMT and had a head hand- picked for 12* and got close at 11.8. Went into a big box store looking for a certain number and had to go through maybe between 8-10 to get the number I was looking for. Then I started playing some Tour Edge drivers, same thing only this time it just didn't seem quite right (stamped 10.5) so I took it into Modern Golf and it turns out it was a 9.9 which is something that will not work for me. Seen heads vary as much as 2* degrees either way. Doesn't sound like much but it can be a killer for your game. For me I don't have the swing speed anymore to be playing anything under an “actual” 10.5. Not trying to mess with anyone's mind here but if you're not getting the results you expect out of your driver, check the loft. That might just be it.
  3. I liken it to a job interview. If possible it is nice if they played at a high level as for me it demonstrates their abilities but in saying that, there are many teaching pros that are incredible. My friend who was one of the partners at Modern Golf (since left and recently opened his own) played competitive golf, worked for TM in their Tour van on the European Tour and as a bonus he also builds and fits my clubs for me so he would know my tendencies and if need be we can tweak my stuff on the spot. Also, having a Trackman etc is great as there can be things that can be corrected once looking at the data. Besides I think it is fun looking at the numbers. Here is a picture up at MG when I was warming up. After their credentials, I think it is important if you like each other
  4. Never tried them but have always liked the concept of them with a secure fit. When we played hockey (years ago) we put the skates on (Tacks with kangaroo leather inside) and soaked them and let them form more to our feet for a better fit. I could see positive results from them.
  5. People I really trust since I know them are True Spec and Modern Golf. Their business ethics are beyond reproach and would not do it for money alone. Hoyt is well connected on the Tour scene and does plenty of Tour players, Justin Rose and Gary Woodland (that I know of) and a bunch of LPGA girls and then top college players and then people like me, just out for fun. Like others have mentioned (as I have no axe to grind here) whatever makes you think you've covered all the bases off, then I think that is great. For me, it all goes back to having my things dialed in as much as possible for me and I think the puring process is a part of it. Years ago the owner of SST (Dick Weiss) sent me their hat to wear. Funny thing I got stopped by a Police Officer as he only saw the SST Pure and not the rest. He thought I was promoting something else
  6. Curious who is doing golf specific training and what you might be doing? I had my friend Sean design a fitness program for me and it has really helped overall. Mine is very specific for my concerns which really amount to overcoming past knee tune-ups and the last few years shoulder concerns. There is a lot of information there for free if you're interested or on his FB account. https://seancochran.com/
  7. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner on your suggestion on taking lessons. You are correct; everyone can benefit from them. Other than being hurt a few times I usually take lessons in the winter since when I took up golf in 1999. Been very busy the last few years but if I do have the chance I end up playing right around a 9 or 10 cap. Hoping if time permits to get lower. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  8. Really looking forward to the results and without doubt there was and is plenty of work nobody really hears about. GolfSpy Dave (who I do know) and Shawn who is someone I think is a great asset as well. Dave because he really knows all about putters and Shawn just seems like a great person. The others, really don't know anything about them other than their persona around here.
  9. I would think it is safe to say, they do have the relevant stats if not; that is why there are lawyers around If you can get your hands on a copy of the Darrel Survey I would imagine all the stats would be there too.
  10. Cnosil, Recently I got a chance to use it down at the Italian Consulate to help out a friend and we won. This I still like to do if it is to help someone out. But, when I first retired I got offered a position at a top public relations firm to head up their critical strategy (code name for the dirty tricks department) but for me; that is not the way I would enjoy myself.
  11. Not a hobby really, just an interest in it. I used it for work, it was required at the time. Still can be very useful at times. At a school I was at I got asked back to do a lecture on it last Fall and then the students (hand picked by the professor) had the chance to defend their position against me. It was a fun time for all involved and I've been asked back. This stuff can used for good too; not just doing someone over.
  12. I like semantics and fallacies and conceptual text analysis. Served me well before retiring and still use them depending on the occasion.
  13. Here is a press release today from SST. http://www.thegolfwire.com/story/327023?mc_cid=af725770ef&mc_eid=930f636c94
  14. A little early for the crown I think but fantastic start and it only looks like it is going to get better. A lot of young, fantastic players coming out. Lucky for us.
  15. You should make that test happen, I'd certainly be interested in the results. You should speak with one of the boutique guys and see if they'd be interested. I have a fairly good idea what the answer would be but it would be an interesting test if you could make it happen.
  16. If the Canadian hat came in a curved bill I would get one.
  17. Think what you want, really not a concern of mine.
  18. Well, I will take your word on your knowledge etc. Others here actually are involved in it, much more than you I would imagine and one of them was actually interviewed by a major golf magazine on the custom putter scene. As far as links go; I do not see one. What I do see, is another place where the information is readily available to anyone, including you. PT is very niche orientated and certainly is not in competition with MGS. I would imagine if there was a problem with mentioning PutterTalk, I would have heard about it. Not much for me to say that hasn't already been said before, other than if you really are interested in this go and delve in, you might be surprised what you will learn. All of us are constantly learning new things, you can to.
  19. Truth be told; I'm not concerned in the least with what anyone uses but do hope they are happy with their choice. But, to discount the custom boutique putter when there might be three or more here that actually know about what it brings and then the non-believers base their opinion on no firsthand experience and likely limited knowledge speaks volumes. If you are truly interested, look into PutterTalk. You will learn a lot and maybe your opinion will be changed.
  20. With the custom boutique putter, you get form and function. That is the point.
  21. Some valid points here. Contracts and equipment are a very separate issue. Money talks for these players. Some I know have played boutique putters on tour and then the money comes in. Nothing wrong with Ping, my first putter in 1999 was a Ping Anser2 IsoForce that was fantastic and they have a rich history. But, how many here have actually owned a boutique putter? There are a few people here that I know have and do own these putters. They understand, for the others; try one out that is made for you and please let me know.
  22. You are so right Cnosil! Bruce is one of the best, anywhere. Known Bruce since he was the tech advisor for PuttLab and as you would know, a great person. I trust Bruce with any information, when you were the head pro for Arnold Palmer for twenty years it speaks volumes.
  23. Here is an example of the custom putter scene for you. All handmade, mokume gane, sterling silver insert, guilloche engraving, pencil shaft etc. And it plays better than it looks. If you have the opportunity, you should really look into the custom boutique style of putters. There is a reason why they are in high demand.
  24. For people looking to get fit and are unable to go where they have Trackman etc there are plenty of older style fitters around. Ask them if they are PCS (Professional Clubmakers Society). These folks really know what they are doing and that is without the latest gadgets.
  25. I guess it depends on who you know. There is a site that is exclusive to the custom putter scene. These people are far ahead of the garage tinkerer as you suggest. The site is called, Puttertalk. You should look into it, : a great place to learn and especially for anyone who thinks there is not a difference. All of these people have their putters on Tours around the world and are great people. The putter guru around here is Golfspy Dave, he knows exactly what I am talking about.
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