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  1. I could certainly see people with "zero experience" and more than likely "zero knowledge" thinking this could be better than what is offered in the custom boutique scene. Custom is really custom, Ping really isn't the same thing in this case.
  2. I'm with you. I would think many here would do well. Would be great if some people here were in it; and tell us their adventures.
  3. Everything. When I first started playing (1999) I went and got a full bag of Pings and Ping Hq Canada is very close to me so I went and got fit for them there. Been getting fit, ever since.
  4. This looks like it would be fun. Wish they had this here... Be a part of the first ever #MSOP, we've added 125 qualifiers in AZ, CA, NV, TX & FL! To best accommodate all hosts and contestants, the MSOP championship in #Vegas will now start on Oct. 27! www.msop.com https://www.msop.com/
  5. Not at all. Better options in the boutique market.
  6. Out cruising around this morning. By this summer, I will have my puppy to join me
  7. I've been using Epoch since they came out, years ago. Last forever. http://evolvegolf.com/
  8. For those that might be interested, a nice article on the custom scene. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/making-custom-putters-matthew-rudy
  9. You are right, it is a Nead. I used that picture only because you would be surprised at how many putters cannot do that. I couldn't agree more in, use what works for you. This is where the “custom putter” comes in. If you knew the right head weight, shaft offset, correct neck, loft and lie et al. You are in business then. All goes back to what we all talk about and that is getting fit and knowing what works. Plenty of places today that can fit you for all of this. As far as the resell, the market fluctuates and right now it is a buyer's market. Funny thing though, my putters have always increased in value, not dropped. Incredible putters for sale now, likely for less than from the big box. I think most people get comfortable with one putter and then stick with it. This might be another option in the quest for the right one, at a very reasonable price.
  10. Much talk lately of new things coming out and like everyone else, my interests are there. Curious how many people are considering the custom, boutique putter scene for a new member to their bag? I've never understood people spending a bundle on new drivers and aftermarket shafts but neglect what they will use for every hole unless they are fortunate enough on a hole not to need their putter. Here isa picture of what I like to see.
  11. So many wonders! Thank you.
  12. Big believer in the aftermarket shafts. The materials involved, the r and d that goes into them etc. Where it is important is getting fit, or it is truly hit and miss with what you get. A lot of the ready to go clubs the shafts might say, "R" flex but if they are checked out spec wise, they could be any flex. I can appreciate the cost involved, as money is really no object here. Matrix has one shaft at $1500.00. I've been using my Accra TourZ in many different driver heads. It works for me. The other Accra shafts have not been changed out and I cannot seeing the need. In the long run I feel it was money well spent. The dispersion is very good for me with these shafts.
  13. One of my close friends lives on the island as well, his home is two blocks from the water . Might be going out for a visit this summer. He is the social media coordinator for a golf clothing company and golf bag company. You can not go wrong at Modern Golf, I've been going to them since they first opened in Ontario.
  14. Not certain on the total scope Mills has (other than being involved in the design), but there will be Tour exposure with him being out there, plus there will be Tour models, some handmades and a higher priced line aimed at the public. I do not know what they will look like and I would imagine only a select few actually does.
  15. I'm interested in the new Odyssey putters coming out that David Mills is involved in. Should be very nice and I would imagine talked about. There is supposed to be some news at the PGA show and hopefully models on display.
  16. Not me, but dedicated in getting it right.
  17. No particular order: Hideki Matsuyama, Dustin Johnson, Henrik Stenson, Jason Day and the wildcard; Adam Scott for Masters.
  18. Going to be watching the World Junior hockey tournament. Canada vs. Russia at 8:00 pm. Love hockey, any hockey: but World Juniors is the best for me.
  19. I would really like to see a comparison test done for putting analysis equipment. I have experience using this one, http://www.quinticballroll.com/ and really like it and it would nice to see what else is available. There was one other I used that at that time TW and others were using; 18 feet long, with two long camera bays on each side, with multiple cameras capturing the ball. Don't recall what it was called, but pretty sharp. This was all at Modern Golf for reference sake.
  20. Mine is simple Have the time to play more. Been a very busy year, in a lot of ways.
  21. I forgot, I'd trust what Trackman tells you too. If this fitting was the one done at Modern Golf their opinion would be a good one. Used to have lessons there using the Trackman and it was interesting/telling on the balls used. One thing I would also consider is the climate you play in most. Not all balls play the same depending on the climate.
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