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  1. Not as yet but have been especially interested in the ball reviews and have looked into purchasing some. I like the boutique, style of these companies and which originally got me playing Srixon balls when they first came out. Maybe a new ball could be available based on my interest from the reviews here.
  2. Sounds great. Once the golf season is here I just practice more if something isn't working and just go and play as my time is limited. But, I take lessons in the Winter and got them set up a few weeks ago. I'm always curious why someone wouldn't have them coach you in this sport, played a lot of sports and always had coaches, golf is no different.
  3. I'm still using my Leupold GX-3 from years ago. Does everything I require, haven't looked at anything else.
  4. Why don't you go and get fitted for them, do it once and then forget about things maybe not being right for you.
  5. Clones are exactly what others have pointed out, I will add inferior in all aspects. Wishon etc are not clones and are on line with any other quality head. I used to use a SMT driver head one of the best heads ever for me.
  6. Try to get out to the practice, range area. Fantastic watching them. I enjoy this more than seeing them play.
  7. Looking forward to it. I've started watching more of their Tour and have been really enjoying seeing the skill.
  8. I'm really easy going but it is the guy who gives me tips! I will play golf with anyone, good, bad or new to the game but give me tips, this will rattle me. I finally told this one guy I have spent thousands of dollars over the years and have just set up my Winter lessons again learning how to play, what about you! It takes a lot for me to get to this point but that one day was it.
  9. I have three sleeves left of my all time favorite ball and am hesitant to use them Srixon Z-URS. Wish they kept making them.
  10. I'm starting to gravitate away from the expensive balls as I'm very busy and lately it seems possibly 10-14 rounds a year is what I can pull off and recently tried the Srixon Soft Feel ( bought 4 dozen because I 've been helping my friend a Special Olympics golfer and got them really for him but kept a dozen for myself to try) and not sold on it but it has peaked my interests to find less expensive balls. Now that I can get the Snell ball here in Canada I will try them out. My cap hovers between an 8-10 not playing a lot and if I can get a ball cheaper that is like my favorite ZStar I would be thrilled. If not I will wait till the end of the year and load up on the ZStar.
  11. Not for me, I prefer having some BioSteel and a beer after the round. I have heard of one thing that actually calms everything down and the concentration level goes up. But this individual as a medical prescription for it, so a little different story.
  12. McGolfer got it right. I didn't do mine because I was afraid of making a mistake.
  13. Would love to see some pictures of the stamping you've had done. Here are mine and yes, I do love my tools.
  14. Fantastic socks, been wearing them everyday for years now and switch them around depending on the seasons. Not inexpensive but they last a very long-time.
  15. I wipe them clean after I used them (playing) and use a nail brush and soap and water once I get home. Putters get oiled up once a month usually and are cleaned and oiled after being on the course (if I'm using a carbon putter for the oil). Take care of them and they will take care of me.
  16. I like Zero Restriction for wind shirts and rain gear. I buy my stuff here, great pricing and never a problem with any of the ZR things. Plenty of other choices for rain gear besides ZR too. http://shop.vendio.com/harder/item/2116875317/index.html
  17. I've used mine maybe three or four times (in seventeen years), and only for giggles sake. Bought the full set of Ping ISI Becu in 1999.
  18. Being a Leaf fan I am just enjoying great hockey right now. I really like Tampa, playing excellent. A motivated Drouin and Stamkos etc getting ready to return, sets things up nicely going forward.
  19. Other than what everyone else has mentioned, I feel (for myself) it gives me peace of mind knowing the clubs are set for my abilities and then the rest is up to me. Getting fit could be a game changer in many ways and it is fun to do.
  20. This is a friend of mines company, nice bags and get plenty of Tour players coming to them and great company to deal with. http://ufotourgolf.com/
  21. I'll go for a fitting if I'm getting new things, with the exception of putters as I know my specs there. I would also suggest to be wary of what degree loft it states. It can vary a few degrees either way. Another good reason to get fit. I've always been baffled why anyone and I have had plenty of people think I am crazy for what a fitting costs where I go, not bother at all. Equipment is expensive, spend the money for a fitting and get what will work for you and have no doubts left in your mind if your tools are right for you.
  22. I cannot suggest the right putter for you but at the price you're looking at I'd suggest looking here http://www.puttertalk.com/community/ and check out the swapshop. Plenty of used putters (and very nice ones) including some handmades at your price. Then get it dialed in for you. Good luck finding something nice.
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