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  1. Kyle--Fishers, IN Current Irons: 3-PW Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons, Steel Shaft, Stiff flex HDCP: 18 100% agree to participate in discussions about irons Reason for choosing model: Love the look of these irons and the fact that the are a game improvement iron makes them even more appealing. As I get older my power fades and my inconsistency in shot making gets worse so I need all of the help I can get. I wish I was good enough to play a set of forged TEC irons but I know I am not so that is why I chose the TEC X. My 12 year old is getting into golf so I am going to be able to play a lot with him over the next few years so I need to at least try to keep up, even though he will probably smoke me within 2 years..haha. I had a set of cobra irons years ago and have regretted getting rid of them ever since I traded them in. Thanks for the opportunity, who ever wins this will be a lucky one!!!
  2. If I pick the same golfers each time these are posted, eventually I will win right....????
  3. I won a Putt Out Masters golf package a few years ago and it came from one of the emails you get to sign up(I was already a member). Got an email from MGS asking for my address and it showed up about 5-7 days later. Since then I sign up each time, hell they already have my info so why not.
  4. Love these, they are so fun. Always kicking myself come Sunday on "Why the hell didn't I pick that guy!!". Almost screwed up at the last one and won(tied for 3rd), but I wasn't paying attention and used a different user name. Woulda been my luck to win but get disqualified for not using my correct forum name on entry. Good luck everyone!!
  5. Thank goodness, they lop off the bottom two on this. They might not even make it to the cut line if you divide their score in half!!
  6. I love these games, it will be inevitable after day two that I will cuss myself for not picking where my initial gut instinct took me.
  7. I look at these every time I am in the store, one of these days I just need to pull the trigger and buy them.
  8. I read this post and thought, what heck I can do that. Ended up costing me under $50 to complete the whole set. Went a bit under weight wise on the washers and used some lead tape at the top to get them close before dipping the in plasti-dip. They are a tad bit over but not by much. I thought they turned out pretty good when all was said and done only took me about a week to knock them out. Now I just need to start using them and see if I can not slice everything into the water.
  9. Kyle Fishers, IN I always walk the Part 3 with my son when we play together, and the big course I walk about 1/4 of the time as they require carts on busy weekends to keep flow moving. I rent a push cart through the course, they only charge $1 to use one of theirs and they are pretty nice
  10. Kyle Fishers, IN Yes have used one previously, item got lost a few years ago in a move. No have not used any sort of LM with the net I had
  11. 1. 18 HDCP Fishers, IN 2: Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3-PW, 8 Iron distance is around 150-155 on a good day, last weekend about 50 on all irons as I chunked 95% of my iron shots..haha 3. Sub70 is an up and coming brand, have researched them while determining if I should buy new irons and their reviews speak for themselves. A very customer service driven company that has positive reviews on their clubs from all players. Anyone I read review wise that has purchased them comes away impressed by not only the club but by the personal touch they receive from the company.
  12. Kyle Grant-Indianapolis Golf Logix App on my iphone Golf Logix app for distance
  13. thanks for sharing, this would be a fun one to win!!!
  14. Kyle-Indiana HDCP: 18 Current Hybrid: Taylormade M1 17 deg, Titleist 910: 19deg Distance, I really struggle with my 3-4 irons a getting consistent distance, usually wormburner them or hook the heck out of it trying to kill the ball
  15. I love my 3 wood off the tee, absolutely crush it. I refuse to use it out of the fairway, I worm burn the heck out of it every time but dammit i keep trying
  16. any suggestions on a used hybrid that won't cost me much? trying to determine if I want to add them to my bag but hate to drop a chunk of $ on new one before I know if I like carrying one in my bag on a regular basis. I know I might be a bit behind tech wise, plus a lot easier to tell the wife I bought a used one then a new one..haha
  17. Maybe they will send a free bottle with my prize win
  18. 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. Hdcp-18 3. Nike Vapor Pro, stiff steel- 3-PW 4. 7-Iron Carry--155
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