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  1. On 3/16/2019 at 8:01 AM, GolfSpy MPR said:

    I'll definitely be interested in seeing people's reviews on these.

    But an observation: is there a less cool ball marker than the included Costco poker chip? 🙂


    I know I'm a bit late to the party but... as an answer to this - I guess it depends if you are golfing with Costco execs and looking for their business... 🙂

  2. Barefoot I will make some swings in the house. Your feet can be an amazing tool to let you know what your doing during your swing, swaying, falling forward or back, etc.


    1. Swinging out of your shoes?  Take them off! :D


    Seriously, though, this was something that Sam Snead recommended, and it helped me with stability, tempo, and transition.


    2. Another possibility; you're swinging fine.  This happened to me.  I'd feel like everything was coming together when I would really go after the ball, but I'd sky it, I'd have a massive slice, etc.  I had to slow down to get everything to match up correctly.


    Then I went and got fitted.  I had a stiff flex stock shaft, but my swing speed was about 115 when I was trying to moderate my tempo. After the fitters got done laughing (jk, but we did have a lot of fun), they put in with a much stiffer, heavier shaft.  My drives straightened out almost immediately, and the feel is wonderful.


    If you have a trackman or gc2 at one of the ranges/courses that you frequent, see if your equipment matches your swing.


    (Ugh... just realized all my posts sound the same... go get fitted, go get fitted... Seems to be my stupid answer to everything :( )


    Anyway, best of luck.  Definitely give a shoe-less swing a try and see how it feels.  BTW, don't use driver until you feel like you've adjusted your swing (small drop in your height).  Coming in fat with a driver can hurt you and your club.



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  3. The golf ball is meant to be hit with the face of the club, not the crown. Normal and customary use means you hit the ball with the face of the club. Carbon fiber isn't impact resistant, it's not made to hit a golf ball with. You'd likely be able to get a result you're more favorable of going through a rep from the local green grass shop than you sending it in. I sent mine through the PGA TSS when it cracked from normal use and no sky marks. They replaced the 2016 m1 with a 2017 and did it pretty quickly (pga TSS messed up by putting my replacement on the shelf and then having to order me another one, but TM did their job quick).


    Completely agree here.


    Go through the vendor you purchased from, if you have that option.  I had a similar event with a cracked shaft.  The vendor was able to get it squared away in the same week.

  4. Echoing a bit with the others above, until the end.  I'll mark it with ***


    If you love the M2, and are going to spend the money to get a shiny new shaft, get a fitting.  I cannot stress that enough.


    I would certainly recommend getting it all done at the fitters.  You don't have to buy it all there, but even if it cost $200 more, the confidence and (just as important) the reassurance that you have the right club and shaft is worth it.


    I say this out of experience.  I've spent probably $200 and countless hours just trying and returning clubs over the last two years, when I should have just bit the bullet and went in for a fitting.


    Now that I have, my driver is the straightest club in my bag.  Saving up for an iron/wedge/putter fitting next.




    All that said... if you are looking at saving a bit of dough, you'll probably want to get more statistics.  Most courses have access to a Trackman.  You'll want to get as much data as possible (your attack angle, in to out, ball trajectory, stats on your speed [you state you are ≈ 100 mph, is that out of 10 swings?  100?]).  Once you have all of that juicy data, you could probably post it and ask the same question on reputable sites such as this one :) as well as reddit and (if you want to get beat up a bit), post it on golfwrx :D .


    You could probably give all that data to a fitter, and without the cost of a fitting, they could point you in the direction of the right shaft for your M2.  They probably even have used shafts.




    Also, where do you live?  I'll bet we can find you an excellent place to get advice, trackman, etc. on these boards.

  5. 1. Matthew / California

    2. 13

    3. Cobra LTD with Fujikura Pro 71 XLR8 X-Stiff flex 

    4. ≈ 115 mph @ 285 Carry

    5. Henrik Stenson


    For my favorite staffer... Love Furyk, but it was between Stenson and Mickelson... About as close as their duel at Royal Troon.


    I used to hit Callaway exclusively, but I found a great deal on a used Cobra head.  Then I snapped the shaft :( which led me to go get fitted :D.


    If you live in the Bay Area, Kepler's Golf is amazing.  They treated me really well, handed me a fair price on the shaft, and didn't try to up-sell beyond what I needed ("You came in for a driver shaft fitting, so why would I try and sell you anything else?").


    I know that isn't what this forum is for, but I wish someone had told me about a place like Kepler's years ago...


    I'm going to search the forums for golf fitter recommendations after I post this, so I can get my hands on that GBB (sub-zero, please! :D )

  6. Biggest issue that I've had with the Arccos system is that it chews through my battery.


    Other than that, I've had decent sensor behavior.  No strikes missed.  If I bring a few clubs out of the bag, it will occasionally pick up a "hit" where there was none.


    My biggest gripe is the inability to share full rounds with anyone.  It seems like Game Golf kind of nailed that aspect.


    In general, I'm really happy with Arccos - especially now that I bring a battery pack with me.

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