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  1. Clevelands overall. PIcked up the new XL270 Driver and FL3W. Miyazki shafts are awesome and my clubhead spead has shot up. CG16 Wedges for their incredible feel. Their putters are nice but i have an Odyessey Teron.
  2. I plan on going to the store today and will check out the Clevelands Luke. I thought the Spider would be good with the weight (Pendulum) and get a consistent and accurate shot but i'm not able to aim as good then with the Teron and get the desired ballspeed from contact. Seem to 'feel' the other putters better. Hard to describe, i'm new.
  3. Thanks for the response guys. I haven't checked out the Methods but will for sure. Its a tough choice between the three. My gut feeling, at least now, is to not go with the Spider.
  4. I went with a hybrid set of irons. Believe it or not the cheaper Tour Edge Bazookas were the best for me. Lifetime guarantee and great quality for price. But you have to try out the irons for yourself to match your swing/game. Try the Tour Edge and see if it works for you.
  5. Hellos. First post. New Golfer. I am looking at these 3 putters and wished to hear your opinion on them if you have experience or anything. I like how the ball comes off the Nike and its cheaper. I like the Weight of the Teron/Spider for an easier 'pendulum' swing. I also like the cosmetics of the Teron with the white lines for alignment and follow-through. Which would you buy and why? Thanks!
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