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  1. Currently use a Garmin Z82 for laser and GPS distances. Would love the chance to compare the two!
  2. Excited to see this back! Would love to have the chance to participate!
  3. Will Omaha, NE Walk about 75% of my rounds. I own and use both a Sun Mountain and a Clic Gear pushcart.
  4. Will - Omaha, NE iPhone X or iPad Pro Testing primarily indoors for the winter. I just purchased a net return pro and am working on a basement setup to use as a golf lab and practice facility for myself and a couple of close golf buddies. I think the MLM would be a perfect fit for what we are planning to do! Bonus is you get 3 opinions with one monitor! Yes using the Net Return Pro in relatively tight quarters in my basement. The setup will just fit within the published limits for indoor use of the MLM.
  5. I was wandering around Golf Galaxy today and came across the Newport Two in the attached pictures. Talked them down and ended up buying it for about $100. I’ve been gaming a Studio Stainless Newport 2 since the early 2000’s but admittedly don’t know anything about this model. Wondering if there’s someone out there who knows more?
  6. Will Nebraska 7 Cobra Fly Z Pro Strength: Mid and Long consistency and ball striking Weakness: Short iron consistency and distance control
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