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  1. Hey Kenny, Thanks! I'm in Southeast Idaho, so probably as far away as you can be from Washington dang it. Thats cool your wife has been in the photography business for so long! I work at the local newspaper here and was in the Navy as a photographer for 5 years as well. so i've been in the business for about 15 years now. We've got sweet weather today, can't wait to hit the course after work, cheers!
  2. Was turned on to Mygolfspy by a friend a month ago and have been hooked ever since! It's nice to find a website that is unbiased in their reviews and transparent on what they want to achieve while helping others with their forum allowing us to share our love of golf! We may get snow occasionally all the way through May here in Idaho, but that doesn't stop us from breaking out the clubs and playing through the pristine weather . I'm a professional photographer/videographer and would love to contribute to this community and see the shared passion others have for golf and telling it's s
  3. Jordon Idaho, in the USA (for those who don't know ) 12 Handicap Ping i15 White dot +1” Biggest Strength: Mid-irons- Able to hit mid irons pure with consistent distance and spin. Biggest Weakness: Long irons- Inconsistent contact, power fade is the norm and struggle with spin in the 8/9 iron.
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