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  1. I agree working your way back. Most tee shots will be within 10 yards of each other. Launch and spin characteristics and feel with irons and of the putter would interest me the most. Seems like they have Prov1 and the Prov1x already figured out. I would wager they are trying to get feedback on left dot or dash from amateur golfers to see what type of production they will need. Everyone loves something new but will it be playable for the masses.
  2. Ordered a set of the i210's, par spec loft with alta stiff graphite and it took about 11 weeks. A little disappointing but they quoted 12 when ordering.
  3. Hitting the Ping G driver. Time for some newer technology and maybe a few more yards. Curious about dispersion and shaft options that are available to test! Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. Tim Gath Glendale AZ IPhone 10 Outside on range at CC, no net.
  5. Tim Glendale AZ 8.1 PING ie 4- gap Mike Newton gave them a great review!
  6. I played one 30+ years ago. Blue writing and red number if I remember correctly. With all the top tier balls out there now and the lack of advertising, never considered but always looking for something new.
  7. Tim AZ 10 handicap- working it back down after knee replacement. Vokey 50, 54, 58 Love the deft short sided flopper over a bunker that lands like a butterfly with sore feet!
  8. 7 index with a swing speed of 95. 2 months out of knee replacement and tuning up the game again. Playing a Ping G 17 degree. Too flat a ball flight. Would love to try 19 degree to land ball a little softer. Will play 50 plus rounds by year's end from here on out. Gotta love the Valley of the Sun! Thanks for the opportunity.
  9. Tim Gath Glendale AZ 6.1 Ping ie with True Temper XP 95 S300 i500 I have heard great feel being forged, thinner bottom edge, and adds some yardage. Looking to upgrade and this would be my first consideration. Current irons are nice but wish I had waited for the i200's. Might have worked out in my favor!
  10. Tim Arizona 7.1 Ping ie blue dot Strength: distance control Weakness: overswing trying to gain yardage on long irons leading to a push
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