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  1. Now Destin is a madhouse. Used to vacation there in the ‘90’s but it got too crowded.
  2. Played Windswept Dunes when it first opened. I think the tips were 7700 yards. Very nice track
  3. I can hit 80+% of fairways off the tee but for me GIR doesn’t correlate since I’m late 60’s and don’t hit anything as far as I used to. However, scrambling % is pretty good.
  4. Sorry but you haven’t played in humidity until you’ve played in the South (I’m from Illinois and living in NC). Footjoy has a glove called Tropicool that I’m using specifically for humid conditions. So far it’s worked well…much better than a rain glove. $15 on Amazon
  5. Well, if you order now you might get them by next summer. Still waiting for my T200’s, which are now last years model
  6. Ordered T200 irons May 13…still waiting.
  7. Longleaf is vastly improved since US Kids took it over. Unfortunately, they did away with their old bar during the renovation (it was a classic). Played there earlier this year and it was in great shape. if you haven’t played Tobacco Road curious what you think about it. Target golf at its best. We are playing Talamore, Mid-South, Pine Needles and Mid Pines in August.
  8. We played Tot Hill Farms last week ($39 on Group Golfer) and for most of us it was our first time. I think all 8 of us enjoyed it. Not nearly as crazy as Stranz’s Tobacco Road. We all live in Raleigh and it was a bit far but we would definitely play it again. Have fun!
  9. Bill, North Carolina 8.4 Handicap Currently playing Ping G400 4 & 5 hybrid Most important thing to me in a hybrid would be dependability from any lie.
  10. I’m not a gym rat but I saw the Golf Digest has online weight/fitness training. Anyone try this? Anyone you recommend? Also considering Yoga for Golf. Looking for someone who can keep my 67 year old frame going. Thanks.
  11. Bill; Cary, NC Swing Speed - ~89 mph Current Ball - ProV1 Preference: Tour
  12. Bill; Cary, NC  I use a rangefinder along with a Garmin watch  Bushnell Tour X I play ~ 150 rounds/year
  13. Bill North Carolina Callaway Rogue / Fujikura Vista Pro R-flex / 45g shaft weight 86 MPH swing speed
  14. Bill NC, USA ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? Garmin S2 and The Grint app
  15. Bill, North Carolina Current wedge -Cleveland RTX-3, 54*, 58* Taylormade M3 gap wedge Short game is my strength, especially chipping and sand game. Current handicap - 12
  16. Bill, 65 Cary, NC My biggest golf bugaboo? Distance! Being 65 I don't hit it as far as I used to. Still in decent shape, though, and would love the opportunity to have Martin give me a few extra yards.
  17. Deschuttes just came to Raleigh, NC. Draft only but bottles soon. Now if we could only get Ironhorse (Irish Death) or Funky Buhda (Last Snow) my life would be complete.
  18. 1. Bill, North Carolina 2. 11.3 3. Callaway Big Bertha V Series, Mitsubishi Bassara, R-flex 4. 88 MPH, 205 yds 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer ==> Henrik Stenson
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