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  1. My brain is fried with golf at the moment, the game is beating me up. I'm hitting the ball well enough, just not scoring, which is frustrating the hell out of me, which during a round affects my scoring, which frustrates the hell out of me, and so on. Golf's Ever Decreasing Circle of Despair Anybody got some good recommendations on books that focus on the psychology of the game and tricks to keep your focus on the game. BTW I'm a fairly objective guy and normally don't let things get on top of me but on the course at the moment I'm like a bear with a sore head.
  2. As a fashion statement no, as a functional necessity in extreme weather then a maybe. In the UK, hardly ever see one. I'm a hats off guy. I only wear a cap to keep the rain off my glasses, a visor occasional in strong sunlight, bobble hat in cold and a bucket in persistent rain once my cap is soaked thru.
  3. Saw this and thought it would be of interest. I've only played 4. St Andrews, Musselburgh, Malta and Winchester.
  4. TLDR: Quiet week, had a bust up with an opponent in a seniors league match, using this a cathartic therapy This week's update gives an entertaining end. Pretty uneventful medal on Saturday, 83 net 76 hitting the ball well but couldn't get up and down. 1st round with a new Ping SIgma G Valour putter and replaced my shanky 5i with an Apex 5h. A bit of bedding in required but happy with my game overall. Tuesday bounce game again the low 80s without really concentrating so again a nice day out with one of my buddies. Today different matter, playing a seniors league match 4BB. Opponent is off 5 so gives me 2 strokes, his partner 10 and mine 13. To put into context having had a dry May and April all courses are playing firie and the conditions today were very calm, so course is playing short . It all starts at the 1st the 5hc guy pulls his approach thru 1 and starts complaining about bouncies but his partner get net birdie and they go one up. We then win the next 5 with me winning 3 of them my partner 2 but loses 2 balls (nature of a high h/c golfer), they win 7 and then my partner has net birdies on 8 and 9 for us to turn 5 up. I was playing well apart from a double at 9 when i got a hard bounce and went thru the green, that made me 3 over. We had been friendly and chatty all the way round but on the way to the 10th the 5hc guy says my partner is never off 19 and his handicap is "Cheating of the highest order". I got to the Tee and was about to hit and stopped, I challenged the guy and asked him to apologise saying calling him out as a cheat is also calling me out as a cheat. It all kicked off, him refusing, me calling him a disgrace to his club. By the 13th it was all over with us winning 6&5. His partner shook our hands and apologised. But I kicked off again, with 5hc guy; I reflected back and noted that he had only parred 2 holes of the 13 and that off 5 maybe he should look at his own game rather than casting accusations based on 9 holes holes of golf but he was having none off it. Anyone that knows me and has played with me would say I amicable Alf, but like the best of us can still curse at myself when I play a bad shot or make a stupid mistake on the course. I have been on the other end of the handicap debate but I suck it up, smile, congratulate the guy. This is the 1st time I have lost my temper with an opponent and hopefully be the last. Thanks for reading!
  5. As mentioned in previous post have been losing club head speed and distance since the start of the season, lying in bed I had an epiphany yesterday. At the end of last season I was a bit inconsistent with my direction control on most of my clubs, GIR was pretty bad when playing full shots into the greens. My main swing thought at the time was at to start the downswing transition with my shoulders i.e lead with my left shoulder, in the winter to try and get better control my swing thought was more on swinging thru with my right side. Yesterday thinking back to previous experience, when I get armsy I lose distance and end up with this high cut that goes nowhere, has my new swing thought caused this? Playing the bounce game yesterday I went back to trying to lead with my left shoulder and the ball seemed to have the fizz off the club face again. Didn't score well, 83, but it was blowing 30mph.
  6. This is my 1st post with the banner specially for you ( I Hope)
  7. No not yet! Where do i do it?
  8. Golf this week Turned 61 this year and have intentionally lost a lot of weight down for 213lbs to 175lbs not sure if either have contributed to me struggling with distance also had a bad case of the shanks so changed my grip on Wednesday Thursday Lost 3&2 in the Over 60s 1st Round Matchplay, played OK, no shanks but giving up 5 strokes in 6 holes on 11 to 16, with my opponent birdying his non-stroking 15th did for me, but got HIO. Friday Lost 5&4 in the Club Foursomes. Again no shanks from me but my partner off 3 did! Neither of us played well in windy squally conditions. Neither did our opponents but they did enough. Saturday Medal at club shot 78, out in 2 over. Struggled to get down on the back 9 but game improving. Enough to get a 0.2 cut to 6 dead on. Sunday playing my 1st round of Golf In Scotland Tour at Downfield near Dundee. Struggled all the way round, at 6800yds and with me struggling with distance I couldn't get anywhere near the long par 4s in regulation. Came in with 24 points, 159th out of 170. Only one shank but pretty destructive, put me in ankle length rough behind a tree for at NR at 15 Tuesday was the 1st round of Golf in Scotland over 50s Tour at Ratho Park. James Braid course that off the yellows play 5400. Was playing with a nice couple from Edinburgh and had a really good day. Scored respectfully with my driving letting me down 31 points with 2 blobs, a wayward drive at 2 for a double and a thinned wedge at 10 for a NR. Just a bounce game today, then last of this month's ties (4BB) to play tomorrow evening. Hectic week!
  9. Last couple of photos on my HIO, I promise. The view from the tee. And with my new bag tag from the club.
  10. Nope I didn't change for the photo just my usual sartorial elegance.
  11. On the clubhouse being hit, seen the roof being hit and balls ending in the car park but never seen a window hit. I've learnt over time where not to park my car.
  12. Haven't post for a while but want to share. After playing the game from the age of 13, at the age of 61 I hit my first hole in one yesterday. Playing a tie at my Home course West Lothian Golf Club https://www.westlothiangc.com/course/. 18th, right in front of the club house, 135yds par 3 down hill with wind behind. A sweet hit Approach Wedge over the protecting bunker. Pitched about 2 feet from the hole and gently rolled into the hole. Got applause from the clubhouse and the Senior League team were on the 1st tee so they all congratulated me which added to the occasion More than made up for losing the tie 3&2. What made it sweeter is that I've been having problems with my irons and had the shanks up until a little work on the range on Wednesday.
  13. I loved Dumbarnie when I played it last year. Lots of risk reward holes. Some pix attached
  14. Glad you enjoyed it and got lucky with the weather in March, shirt sleeves! Did you play anywhere else when you were here?
  15. Edinburgh is a great historic city with lots to see and do and so is St Andrews, I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience no matter where you go. Maybe not such a nice climate as Key West. Unlike the way Scotland is portrayed it doesn't always rain in the Summer but it is temperate so you can't predict the weather even a week in advance. In July you'll have really long days it will be light until 10pm so don't be put off if offered a late tee time. The one bar/bistro I would recommend is the Devil's Advocate just off the Royal Mile, great whiskeys, food is OK, building is I think an old coach house. It is touristy without being too over the top in cost. I definitely look you up if I'm over your way but like most European's the furthest we get in Florida is Orlando One last tip, in terms of golf kit and souvenirs the Pro Shop in Gullane is a lot better than Kilspindie so if you play there be sure to visit it. It is across the road from Gullane 2 and 3's club house beside the 1st tee on Gullane 1
  16. You'll enjoy either Gullane 2 and Kilspindie both links and within 5 miles of each other. The one bit of advice is check on availability of club hire and buggy. The coast there is about 20 miles of links Golf Courses from Prestonpans to Dunbar that cater to all levels of budget ranging from Winterfield to North Berwick. Some you won't get on without a member or luck i.e Muirfield, Archerfield and the Renaissance. What dates were you thinking, because the Scottish Open is on the week before The Open (7th-10th) at the Renaissance which is a joint PGA and European Tour Event (The Genesis) so it will be pretty busy around Gullane and North Berwick? If you mind is set on East Lothian another couple of alternatives are The Glen in North Berwick which is a good course and won't break the budget or Dunbar which is a little more expensive but again a great layout and pure links hugging the coast. On the other hand if you're driving the south coast of Fife is only an hour away and again is packed with good links courses. Specifically staying away from St Andrews then the pick of them are Dumbarnie which I think is the best fun I've had on a golf course and Lundin. Crail (Balcomie) and Ellie also get good reviews, I've played Crail and I was underwhelmed with it and haven't played Ellie. Lastly if on a budget Leven Links is always in good conditions and worth a play. I'm 20 minutes outside Edinburgh but my home course is parkland. If you and your wife are looking for a game I could host you and I'm pretty sure I can drum up 2 decent sets of clubs and a buggy. If you have any questions drop me a line and I'll try and help, I've played a lot of courses across Scotland.
  17. Thoughts on the Berger drop? https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/1503486725896683525 I looked at the PGA Twitter video and it is real hard to correlate where he dropped to where he wanted to drop. There was Top Tracer on it that should have been real easy if there was an on course commentator to confirm where it crossed. Either way I think it was handle correctly by him and his playing partners, he eventually had to agree with Hovland and Daiman and take the drop further back and also post round Hovland and Berger seemed to be very level headed about it. IMO the comparison been made to Patrick Reed's is completely unwarranted.
  18. Alf. S

    Maxfli Tour

    If you can get them! Not sold in Europe never mind Eaglesham I'm afraid, might be able to get them on eBay!
  19. Alf. S

    Maxfli Tour

    Since the post I've given it a real go to try and lose one of these and haven't been able to do it. The same ball I've hit into gorse twice and hit it off the OB wall today. Found it and played on!
  20. Alf. S

    Maxfli Tour

    Those numbers do look impressive but reflecting back I can only remember losing one ball in the last 3 months. My course is on a Winter setup at the moment only playing about 4400 yds compare to the normal 6200 in the summer, so I'm playing very few long irons and also the rough has died back quite a bit. You can still lose balls if you're wild. I think it is also s tribute to the ball's durability because I won't play with badly marked balls. In summer it is a different story I'm usually losing a ball around.
  21. Alf. S

    Maxfli Tour

    I was one of the MGS testers this year and I'm still using the Tour balls after nearly 5 months out of the original 12 I have 9 left, play twice or 3 time a week. But once the box is gone it is back to my old Gamer since you can't get them in Europe.
  22. I'm a spot putter and average around 30 putts a round. So by no means an expert but above average. For me if I have to start thinking about length of swing on my putts I lose feel and distance. I tend to have a good look at line and gradient on the putt, pick my spot, 2 or 3 swings with the putter while looking at my spot to get the feel on swing and my brain dialed in to swing length. I then get over the putt, align putter to aim at the spot, couple of ball spot, ball spot looks and then hit, my mind is more on hitting at the target than stroke length. My distance tends to be pretty good
  23. Thanks everyone for their birthday wishes. Every year it should get easier to shoot my age, closest I've got is within 5. Maybe get a 61 on the short course before the new season!
  24. As many have said I wear loads of light thin layers so I can take off or put on depending on temperature and wind chill. the layers tend to be mostly short sleeve to keep the weight off my arms and 2 sets of waterproof tops a very light one which suffices 90% of the time and a heavier one for really cold or heavier rain. Top Nike crew neck short sleeve Normal golf polo t shirt Sleeveless 1/4 zip Wool 1/4 zip Kjus lightweight rain/windstopper Galvin Green Full waterproof jacket Bottom UA Thermal Trousers UA Lightweight waterproofs Galvin Green Alf Full waterproof trousers Stubburt golf boots with stinger cleets For me the only thing that stops me playing is snow on the ground. Although further North than Ottawa, Scotland is a temperate climate so rarely gets below 20'F, even with the ground frozen I'll be out.
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