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  1. Still struggling to do this review justice with my torn calf muscle slowly healing but managed 18 holes yesterday. Played 1st 10.5 holes with the Tour and again I can't really fault it and was pretty confident using the ball all the way round. Lost it on the 11th when trying to do a Seve type shot and cut a half swing 5i round a tree, needless to say it hit the tree and looped 100yds to the left and into the deep under growth, gone for a triple bogey 7. Used the Tour X for the next 3 holes and immediately felt it was flying so much higher than the Tour. In the past using either the Pro V1 or  Pro V1x I would struggle to notice any big difference in the flight but for the Maxfli it is definitely noticeable.

    I was regularly checking the ball for scuffs after what   ST3LTR0 had posted  and still didn't notice any major blemishes on the Tour before I lost it. The course at the moment is setup for the Winter with the yardage down to 4800 yds which means I was playing a lot of shots from 130 yds and in, which is a PW, AW, 52 or 56. Recalling back I probably hit 6 full shots with my wedges and 3 half on the 1st 10 holes and the Tour wasn't marked. I'm using an old set of Titleist SM3 wedges thru the Winter which maybe don't have the sharpest groves and I'm probably 10 mph slower but haven't notice anything yet.

    Just another data point for the last 3 holes I slipped back to a 2019 ProV1 and at the 17th zipped a wedge in from 60yds ball scuffed on 1 side.

    I really want to get out on the range with the launch monitor to see if what I believe I'm seeing on course matches the numbers, If the leg and weather holds then maybe this week.  

    BTW finished +2 with a 66 net 60. If I taken my punishment and wedged out at the 11th a par round was on the cards. When I'm playing well I think I can play impossible shots, over 45 years of playing golf and still do stupid things!!


  2. 1 hour ago, edingc said:

    Good start to the reviews, all. Going to be interested to see how your opinions stack up to my group from earlier in the year!

    I'm trying not to cheat so trying to keep away from the earlier reviews, although curiosity is killing me.

  3. Managed to get out today, course opened 11 holes, played with the Maxfli Tour for all 11 and was +2. Initial impression

    1. good feel and sound off the driver
    2. mid irons flight and length good and similar to my gamer.
    3. Longer shots seem to lack a distance.
    4. Seemed a bit unresponsive on the putter
    5. Only hit one chip because of  2. above
    6. Durability looks good, 1st hole pushed my drive into the trees, flushed a 5i hoping to hit a gap and ball hit a silver birch square on and was unmarked!

    Lots more testing to go but I didn't revert back to my gamer during the round, didn't lose a ball and had 2 birdies.  

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