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  1. Just did a breakdown of my putting for the last month to give me a baseline. I tend to putt better on slower greens the 2 x 36 putts were on quicker greens, 28 is also a bit of a distortion since I chipped in twice. I did look at using the Arccos data but for me the putting numbers are so inaccurate there was no point.
  2. For me my initial set up will be in my lounge. Pace I would guess about 9 or 10. Using a perfect putt ball retriever and a DIY laser for alignment. I use this to try an promote the right swing arc. Been looking at the putter in the local Pro Shop, had a few swings but no hits with it yet. I will probably have a play with the length. Currently use 35.5” shaft, tried shorter which gave me better line but always had problem with pace on longer putts. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  3. 7th Nov 2020 Heppler Floki Putter – Official MGS Forum Review by Alf.S Intro I’m a 59 year old retiree that plays as much golf as my wife will let me, this usually amounts to at least 4 rounds a week. I have been playing social golf for nearly 50 years but for the last 20 years I have played competitively, progressing from a handicap of 22 to currently playing off 5.4. My background is microelectronics engineering so I have an analytical mind and will analyse post round where I dropped shots, it also means I have a very sceptical view of marketing claims. I am an above average putter at just over 30 putts per round. I regularly play on greens that are 9-10 on the stint and tend to struggle on the faster greens. I’m a spot putter with a smooth tempo, straight back and through stroke and usually will die the ball at the hole. My occasional miss is a pull left, usually due to incorrect setup and my swing tending to go out to in, promoting the miss. Confidence is a funny thing for me I’m most confident at 8 feet and out especially with a slow right to left breaking putt, my make level is probably 30-40% but my expectations are low. As I get closer, the more I concentrate and the harder it gets, and the frustration level rises when I miss. I’ve included a couple of videos below. I do not know if this is an age thing, but I have always preferred a firmer putter head to the newer softer compounds. My junior years were spent with a brass Dunlop junior bullseye and then on to Anser clones for the next 25 years. In the early noughties tried the Odyssey 2 ball but just could not get the pace right and moved on to a TM Rossa Monza which still comes out occasionally. My putter history also includes Odyssey No 7 MetalX, Scotty Squareback No 1, TM SpiderX. My current putter is a MacGregor MACTEC X 002, why? I went looking for a Taylor Made Truss TM1 at a local retailer tried this and really liked it. It is heel weighted, with my miss being a pull left I think it helps straighten the head at impact. The putter was 34” but I’ve added 1” and put on a Superstroke GT 2.0 grip. Below you can see my current collection Spider X, Floki, MACTEC and Rossa Monza. What I am I looking for in a putter? Well like everyone I am looking for the magic wand that when you stand over every putt you have the confidence that you will produce a good strike and hole or get close. Ideally the putter visually should stand out and look good in the bag along with the rest of the set. First Impressions When the post was published on tester application, I went through the “PING WEBFIT” on the ping.com website. It came back with the choice of either the Floki, Ketsch or the Tomcat 14. Visually I like just one target line which makes the Floki the logical choice. The selection the app came back with did not surprise me in terms of look and spec, except for one thing, they were recommending a strong arc putter. Most of my recent putter history has been with centre weighted mallets. I also went for the PP61 grip this was the closest to the Superstroke GT2.0 which is the grip on my current Gamer. Below is the output from “PING WEBFIT” Although I have considered Ping clubs in the past, I have never used them in anger. My impression of Ping is that historically they are one of the traditional club makers and not innovators, this maybe more to do with the strong marketing of their competitors. With the Strong Arc spec. I was sceptical that the putter would suit me and was even considering passing up the chance as a reviewer. When the putter arrived my first impression was that with the bronze and black body and black shaft reminded me of the bronze Taylor Made Spider X (see below) and that the colouring was similar to the Cleveland TFI range. The first hits I had were on my carpet into a One Putt ball returner, the feel and the ball roll felt excellent although I was not convinced on the setup. In my setup I align the club on the putting line then re-grip. The Floki does not remain square and will twist open. One of the areas that Ping are pushing is the “firmer feel, pleasing sound”, comparing this to steel milled putters and my current Gamer I would say it has a softer but not unpleasant feel. The sound is a unique click off the face which again suits my ear. The other area the marketing guys are pushing is high MOI, meaning you should get less face twist with off centre hits that should result in better distance and accuracy. The only way I could test this was trying to induce mishits with longer putts and my experience was that it seemed very consistent even from fifty feet. Grading Looks (9 out of 10 points) The head shape is not one of the classic Ping heads but feels like an evolution from the Ketsch and is not dissimilar to the Odyssey Bird of Prey. The black T shaped steel face is complimented by the bronze aluminium “wings” to give an aesthetically pleasing look to the half shaft offset head. This is complemented by the black steel shaft and unique grip. The logo and graphics are prominent on the base and back of the club but are unobtrusive when in use and fit with the overall look of the club. At address the club is very easy on the eye with the single high visible white on black alignment aid complimented by the black T-piece which helps the eyes to centre the ball to the club. The one slight negative for me is the ridged T-piece on the top of the club which detracts a little from the look. Sound & Feel (10 out of 10 points[) As mentioned above I have played with a variety of putters from milled to metal inserts and the feel of the Floki is pretty unique. It gives me the feedback I would expect from a milled putter but without the harshness of the dull thud I associate with them. The sound is more a positive soft click. Off centre hits still have a good feel and sound, this would fit in with the high MOI quoted in the marketing spiel. For me I cannot fault the sound and feel of the club and it adds to the confidence level when you are standing over the putt. Basic Characteristics (18 out of 20 points) When I first started to use the putter in the inside setup I really couldn’t get a good alignment with my normal setup and was tending to miss everything to the left. It was easy for me to put this down to changing to a strong arc putter and put doubts in my head. Working with a laser to help I changed the setup and became happy with this before going onto the practise green. On the practise green I was really impressed with the pace and roll off the head. I tried putts in 5 feet increments and even as far as 50 feet I was getting good pace control, making 2 putt make percentages high. You can hear some slight difference in sound, particularly in toe hits, but this doesn’t seem to massively impact the pace or the line. Alignment and accuracy were good, apart from the nuance caused by my re-gripping, and the club had a stable path throughout the swing. I’m not a player that would normally putt out of the rough or fringe but one thing I did notice was that when I practised this I tended to get the ball bouncing at the strike which comes from my technique where I do tend to strike downwards at impact. On-Course Performance (30 out of 30 points[AS6] ) On course I went through a bit of a roller coaster journey with the putter, to liking it, to binning it for a week to loving it. On the first round out, 31 putts was a little distorted by a chip in but I felt as I moved through the round my confidence was growing. Although 34 for the second round was moving in the wrong direction I was still feeling confident but felt that I was gripping at the bottom of the grip. For the third round I shortened the grip to 34.5” and this didn’t work at all, 36 putts and didn’t hole anything on the last 12 holes longer than 2 feet, confidence completely went. This resulted in a 1 week hiatus with going back to my Gamer which didn’t necessarily work out either. Going back to basics I took the Floki back to 35.5” and on to the carpet with the laser, thought I would try it a 36” and it seemed to give me a more stable stroke. If you look at the last 4 rounds my putting has improved considerably, and confidence is high. The guys I play with are now commenting how comfortable I look on the green. I think this does emphasise the importance of getting fitted for your putter, just by changing the length from 34.5 to 36” my confidence has soared. I still think the loft and lie could be tweaked but I’m really happy with the performance at the moment. Miscellaneous (8 out of 10 points[) From the order to receiving the putter, discounting the 1st weekend it took 9 days for the putter to arrive and was packaged securely. I would say in COVID times this is pretty good performance. My new driver from fitting to delivery took 6 weeks from a competitor. The headcover is a very neutral colour scheme, black and white with a touch of bronze to match the putter colours It will match most players bags and other club covers if that is your thing. For me it fits well with both my bag/headcover colour schemes. Grey and green Callaway Epic Org 14 bag and my Srixon Z565 red and black carry bag. What makes the Ping putters different than most of the competition is the adjustability on length, the shaft is marked in ¼ inch increments from 32 to 36 inches and is easily adjustable with the supplied starred screwdriver. There is also an instruction sheet to help the less mechanically minded. The downside of the adjustability is that if you use sensors that screw into the butt of the club such as Arccos of Shot Scope they will not fit and DIY will be required. I did have concerns about the putter head getting scratched especially the black painted steel face but after 6 weeks I have seen no issues with this. One thing I did notice when taking photos is that the head does tend to trap dirt and sand in the gaps between the black steel and bronze body. The aesthetic colour scheme of the putter is very much in Vogue at the moment and maybe like the Taylormade Bubble range will fall out of favour but I can easily see a market moving forward for the style and performance you get from the Floki. The look of the putter does not stand out enough for the casual golfer to notice but a few discerning players have commented on the putter and liking the look and the feel. My son uses an Odyssey 2 ball and he thinks the Floki is the best feeling putter he has ever used, praise indeed from a highly sceptical 29 year old. Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points) In the Introduction I said I wanted a putter to give me confidence that I will produce a good strike and hole or get close on every putt. This putter may not be the magic wand but it definitely has the potential to give me the foundation of sub 30 putt rounds. Based on this, it is a very easy question for me to answer and that is play it. Conclusion I am a non-Ping user, marketing sceptic so these words surprise me but here goes. On first impressions the Heppler Floki is just another mallet but once you scratch the surface you may find your new Gamer. With its black shaft and black and bronze head it has a similar look to the bronze Spider X but has the feel and sound of a milled putter. The sound is a unique click and the feedback off the head gives you a solid feel on the strike. With the large white alignment line against the black T shaped head, gives you easy alignment to the ball and putting line. This combined with the high MOI head means that even off centre strikes gives you good pace control on even the longest putts. The only negatives I found were more cosmetic around the modelling of the T shaped head and a nuance with my technique causing the club to twist when I regrip at address. I would recommend anyone looking for a new putter to give this a look. Final Score: (95 out of 100 points)
  4. Alf / Falkirk / UK MacGregor MACTEC X 2 Putter 35" Triaxion GT 2.0 Grip Heppler Floki 35.5"
  5. Yeap the AW is normally 50' and I have had the loft strengthen to 48'. I also found years ago that I found it hard to hit a full shot with my 60' due to the shaft length so now all the wedges have the same length with is the same as the PW => 36"
  6. Another small update, still not there sitting still at 7 but playing the best golf of my life. I was listening to Jonathan Walters this morning after he hit a 64 and he was reflecting on his round at the ISPS HANDA UK Championship. He thought he was hitting the ball really well when he came into the UK swing on the European PGA and he has missed 4 cuts and scraped into another by 1 stroke. On reflection he thought that his expectations were high at the start and he easily got frustrated when he hit a bad shot and things didn't go the way he expected. Today he just went out and played and leads the field by 3. With this in mind I had a bit of a reset we only have 6 scheduled counters that I will play in until the end of the season so I've sort of resigned myself to the fact that I won't make it to take the pressure off me. If I make it great if not there is always next year, my body and distance is still there so hopefully COVID willing I'll have another go. I was a little concerned that with WHS being introduced in November it would affect my handicap so I just used the method over my last 20 competition rounds and it comes out at ......................7. 5 of the 6 oldest rounds are all high differentials so if I break 80 in a couple of the last 6 competitions I will be down a 6 in November but worse case still off 7. When I add my bounce games in the spreadsheet comes up with a handicap of 4.9!!! So the game is there.
  7. I was one of the MyGolfSpy reviewers back in 2018 for Arccos 360 and I've been using them off and on for 2 years I tried the Caddie feature a couple of times and stopped it. I suffered similar issues to you in wind conditions it would have wind direction and/or wind speed wrong. I don't know where they get the wind data from but I put this down to the fact that the course is on a hill 600 feet up and possibly the weather station is in the town below. Also some of the optimal recommendations it gave me were a bit scary, very risky driver strategies based purely on analytical data On the dashboard again I see similar issues, our 14th has a dogleg right to left at 200 yds, on my phone it looks fine and I can edit my drive at 234 off the tee and it is in the middle of the fairway. dashboard has it at still at 234 but has moved it to the trees see below The GPS spec of a Smartphone is 5 to 10 yds but when I compared it to my Skycaddies in general it was only a couple of yds out on Front, Middle, Back. But You can see these inaccuracies if you have a pin close to the edge of the green and you go to "set flag" and your position is off the green. The phone only uses a subset of satellites that a dedicated GPS uses. This is why when you turn on your Skycaddie or Shotscope on it takes a few minutes to give you the yardages. I also believe the Arccos Link is now a dedicated GPS device that will give better accuracy than your phone
  8. I'm going down the Maverik line, new driver ordered with Max 10.5 head, HZRD Smoke 60, 43.5" shaft -1" from std. Fitting didn't show up anything better. I tried the Mizuno ST200 and ST200G with similar shafts to the Maverik and i was getting really low spin numbers, 2000 revs and the ball was going nowhere 15 to 20 yds behind both the SZ and Maverik. Deciding factor was dispersion numbers which were way down c.f. the SZ. The guy was using a GCquad which seemed to give more info on my swing and face contacted than I've seen on Trackman and basically highlighted the face at contact as well as angle of attack. Anyway the Maverik head delivery was 2' better over the piece, it also allows me to swap in my Fujikura 62 from my Epic if I want to go back to a longer shaft. Bye For Now, Happy Golfing
  9. I'll leave my update on the ST200 from today until more feedback.
  10. I think a lot depends on the fitter the Cobra guy didn't impress me!
  11. Currently using the original Epic but also have a Cobra F9. The Epic is looking pretty battered after 3 years and has some issues with the lamination on the base so it is time for a new driver. I've been to two fitting days Callaway Maverik: Ended up the recommendation was the 10.5 Max Head with the Stiff Hzrd Smoke 60 (1 inch shorter) Cobra SZ: 10.5 standard head with stiff Tensei Orange flash shaft. Out of the 2 the Maverik looks favourite at the moment, I 'm just not convinced that I got anything extra from the SZ, while the Maverik gave me slightly more yds and dispersion was much better. In the meantime I've been to the range and worked on my driving a bit and now hitting the Epic a bit better but still prone to the odd high and right. Today spending an hour with the Pro on Trackman and the Ping G410 and Mizuno ST200 c.f. Maverik. Hopefully if I get a good fit he'll let me out on the course with it, which is the true test. I want to come away from the fitting thinking yeah that felt really good which the Maverik got halfway there but the SZ was more a Meh!
  12. I've had Scottys, Odysseys and recently bought a TM Spider X (Bronze one). I desperately want the Spider to work for me but I have kept reverting back to an old TM Rossa Monza, I just feel that I get so much better pace with it and with the metal face the sound is better for me. Last couple of weeks was looking at the TM Truss TM2 which I tried but it is an ugly looking thing so I was looking to try the TM1 when I stumbled across a McGregor MACTEC X 002, it is heel weighted and at the moment is working beautifully, my putting stats are looking great, bridie count has gone from zero to 3 to 4 a round. All for 20% of the price of the Truss
  13. This game is really getting up my nose! Played a bounce game with 3 mates on Thursday shot a scratch 74, bit wayward with my driver but got a few breaks and some good shots. Competition on Saturday drive was again all over the place but not so lucky with breaks, 3 lost balls and a horrendous 87. And handicap goes up by 0.1 Spent 1 hour on range then went out today, driving back in top gear to shoot 77 with a couple of sloppy 3 putts. Can't seem to score when it counts, h/c on the rise and competitions running out to get to 5.4 before I'm 60!!!!
  14. Hope he is not constipated then! Note to self, must use spellcheck!!!
  15. Got a fitting today for the Mavrek then the Speedzone on Tuesday. Then to make the decision! Currently Epic and F9 owner!
  16. 1st post on this thread but then I think this was a pretty good 3w. 13th hole at West Lothian SI 4, 416 yard par 4 and playing into a strong 25mph wind. I pulled my drive a little left and ended up in the semi rough with 215 yds to the front, I fade the ball and with a 3w this can mean 20-30 yds, being up the left the normal shot to the right of the green is blocked by trees. I'm having an OK round and thoughts are that even if I fade the shot it will drop short and right where there is not a lot of trouble, and hopefully a chip and a putt. I middle the shot right down the tree line, pitches 3 yds on rolls out to 12 feet.
  17. In my latest set I have matching 3i to AW including PW (3i and 4i are parked and using hybrids). I also carry 56' and 52' RTX 3.0. The reason is gapping for me PW is 130 yds Full, 90 yds "Half" Swing AW is 120 yds Full, 80 yds "Half" Swing 52' is 110 yds Full, 70 yds "Half" Swing 56' is 100 yds Full, 60 yds "Half" Swing I use the 56', 50 yds and in, for chipping around the green and greenside bunkers. On days when when it is firm I will swap out the 3h for a 60' this again fits into the same gapping as above. If I remember correctly I had to get the loft changed on the AW to be 2' stronger 48' c.f. 50', I also have all my wedges the same length as the PW
  18. Stilling trying to get my handicap down to 5. Friday non-handicap bounce game 73 net 66 putting really well, 4 good birdies. Saturday handicap counter 77 net 70 for 0.2 cut. Never holed a putt had 4 good birdie opportunity from 5 to 6 feet. Back to 6.9.
  19. I use to carry 52, 56 and 60' wedges until last year and ended up removing the 60' and replaced it with a 2nd hybrid. My distances for the 4H is 195, 3H is about 205 and my 3w is about 225. On start back after lockdown my chipping has been letting me down especially when I tried to open the face of the 56' yesterday dropped the 3H and put back in the 60'. Pretty happy used it 3 or 4 times and got up and down, so it's staying it the bag. It does give me a little more versatility I have a half shot with my wedges that cover 50, 60 and 70 yds and full shots 90, 100 and 110.
  20. I have a decent sized garden and a long lawn so I can probably hit chips 30 feet at either alignment posts or a chipping net. All throughout lockdown I would go out and hit 40-100 balls a day. I also take a wedge into my lounge and practise getting clean strikes of the carpet, ball is going only 5 feet. I should be a great chipper! Afraid not. I think I have developed 3 different setups and when I'm out on the course I just seem to freeze maybe lose a couple of strokes a round due to bad chips and trying to hit high shots forward in my stance. I'm going back basics and putting a 60' wedge back in my bag. The practice is now on course or we have a kids 5 hole course that doubles as a chipping area. I tend to go out mid-afternoon by myself and will try and get a tee time that has no bookings behind me. I will then drop 3 or 4 balls at the side of the green and chip around the hole trying to judge bounce and roll out. I am also following Padraig Harrington on Instagram he is giving a lot of good short game videos!
  21. Going back 10 years ago the visitor fees in our area would be in the region of £25 to £35, our club membership at the time was £650. For some people to justifying the membership at the club they do the basic maths of 650/30 = 22 rounds a years and you break even. Last year on retiring I visited a lot of local courses using GN and the most I paid was £18 with the cheapest £12. Our own course had hot deals for £12, doing the same calculation you are now at 54 rounds which is much harder to justify and makes membership look like poor value for money. Clubs like ours are 85% funded by members, our visitor numbers (not revenue) are up due to the new trend of nomad golfing but membership numbers have dropped, this is not all GN but I see it as one of the issues, they are setting the visitor fees. The one thing that GN are good at is marketing and if you are a new practise facility then you have a different revenue model so it may make sense.
  22. It may work for you but for clubs in my area it has devalued membership and helped in the decline in numbers.
  23. My view of GN in Scotland is on the wane. The flip side of their offering BRS is being phased out by Scottish clubs and Scottish Golf Union is actively promoting their own system to replace it. Why? IMO because it is driving the market in the wrong direction. Example my home club use to charge £25 to £30 a round for a visitor, doing simple maths, if I play 20 times a year that justified my membership. GN signed up a majority of clubs in the area and were offering Hot Deals the average green fee dropped to £12-15, consequently membership has dropped. OK we may be getting more visitors but you need 45 visitors at £15 to compensate. I think by replacing Golf Now Scottish Golf see that they can take back control of the market and push it to grow the game. Just to be clear I'm talking about the non- Marque clubs in Scotland. The marque clubs I assume are having a tough time at the moment due to Covid but due to cost the average Scottish golfer rarely play these courses. Also the marque clubs never use GN!
  24. What not to use! I moved from GP MCC Plus to WINN DriTac at the beginning of the year. Great in the dry, like a bar of soap in the wet. Not humid in Scotland but can bet quite wet. Hope this rules out one set of grips
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