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  1. This game is really getting up my nose! Played a bounce game with 3 mates on Thursday shot a scratch 74, bit wayward with my driver but got a few breaks and some good shots. Competition on Saturday drive was again all over the place but not so lucky with breaks, 3 lost balls and a horrendous 87. And handicap goes up by 0.1 Spent 1 hour on range then went out today, driving back in top gear to shoot 77 with a couple of sloppy 3 putts. Can't seem to score when it counts, h/c on the rise and competitions running out to get to 5.4 before I'm 60!!!!
  2. Hope he is not constipated then! Note to self, must use spellcheck!!!
  3. Got a fitting today for the Mavrek then the Speedzone on Tuesday. Then to make the decision! Currently Epic and F9 owner!
  4. 1st post on this thread but then I think this was a pretty good 3w. 13th hole at West Lothian SI 4, 416 yard par 4 and playing into a strong 25mph wind. I pulled my drive a little left and ended up in the semi rough with 215 yds to the front, I fade the ball and with a 3w this can mean 20-30 yds, being up the left the normal shot to the right of the green is blocked by trees. I'm having an OK round and thoughts are that even if I fade the shot it will drop short and right where there is not a lot of trouble, and hopefully a chip and a putt. I middle the shot right down the tree line, pitches 3 yds on rolls out to 12 feet.
  5. In my latest set I have matching 3i to AW including PW (3i and 4i are parked and using hybrids). I also carry 56' and 52' RTX 3.0. The reason is gapping for me PW is 130 yds Full, 90 yds "Half" Swing AW is 120 yds Full, 80 yds "Half" Swing 52' is 110 yds Full, 70 yds "Half" Swing 56' is 100 yds Full, 60 yds "Half" Swing I use the 56', 50 yds and in, for chipping around the green and greenside bunkers. On days when when it is firm I will swap out the 3h for a 60' this again fits into the same gapping as above. If I remember correctly I had to get the loft changed on the AW to be 2' stronger 48' c.f. 50', I also have all my wedges the same length as the PW
  6. Stilling trying to get my handicap down to 5. Friday non-handicap bounce game 73 net 66 putting really well, 4 good birdies. Saturday handicap counter 77 net 70 for 0.2 cut. Never holed a putt had 4 good birdie opportunity from 5 to 6 feet. Back to 6.9.
  7. I use to carry 52, 56 and 60' wedges until last year and ended up removing the 60' and replaced it with a 2nd hybrid. My distances for the 4H is 195, 3H is about 205 and my 3w is about 225. On start back after lockdown my chipping has been letting me down especially when I tried to open the face of the 56' yesterday dropped the 3H and put back in the 60'. Pretty happy used it 3 or 4 times and got up and down, so it's staying it the bag. It does give me a little more versatility I have a half shot with my wedges that cover 50, 60 and 70 yds and full shots 90, 100 and 110.
  8. I have a decent sized garden and a long lawn so I can probably hit chips 30 feet at either alignment posts or a chipping net. All throughout lockdown I would go out and hit 40-100 balls a day. I also take a wedge into my lounge and practise getting clean strikes of the carpet, ball is going only 5 feet. I should be a great chipper! Afraid not. I think I have developed 3 different setups and when I'm out on the course I just seem to freeze maybe lose a couple of strokes a round due to bad chips and trying to hit high shots forward in my stance. I'm going back basics and putting a 60' wedge back in my bag. The practice is now on course or we have a kids 5 hole course that doubles as a chipping area. I tend to go out mid-afternoon by myself and will try and get a tee time that has no bookings behind me. I will then drop 3 or 4 balls at the side of the green and chip around the hole trying to judge bounce and roll out. I am also following Padraig Harrington on Instagram he is giving a lot of good short game videos!
  9. Going back 10 years ago the visitor fees in our area would be in the region of £25 to £35, our club membership at the time was £650. For some people to justifying the membership at the club they do the basic maths of 650/30 = 22 rounds a years and you break even. Last year on retiring I visited a lot of local courses using GN and the most I paid was £18 with the cheapest £12. Our own course had hot deals for £12, doing the same calculation you are now at 54 rounds which is much harder to justify and makes membership look like poor value for money. Clubs like ours are 85% funded by members, our visitor numbers (not revenue) are up due to the new trend of nomad golfing but membership numbers have dropped, this is not all GN but I see it as one of the issues, they are setting the visitor fees. The one thing that GN are good at is marketing and if you are a new practise facility then you have a different revenue model so it may make sense.
  10. It may work for you but for clubs in my area it has devalued membership and helped in the decline in numbers.
  11. My view of GN in Scotland is on the wane. The flip side of their offering BRS is being phased out by Scottish clubs and Scottish Golf Union is actively promoting their own system to replace it. Why? IMO because it is driving the market in the wrong direction. Example my home club use to charge £25 to £30 a round for a visitor, doing simple maths, if I play 20 times a year that justified my membership. GN signed up a majority of clubs in the area and were offering Hot Deals the average green fee dropped to £12-15, consequently membership has dropped. OK we may be getting more visitors but you need 45 visitors at £15 to compensate. I think by replacing Golf Now Scottish Golf see that they can take back control of the market and push it to grow the game. Just to be clear I'm talking about the non- Marque clubs in Scotland. The marque clubs I assume are having a tough time at the moment due to Covid but due to cost the average Scottish golfer rarely play these courses. Also the marque clubs never use GN!
  12. What not to use! I moved from GP MCC Plus to WINN DriTac at the beginning of the year. Great in the dry, like a bar of soap in the wet. Not humid in Scotland but can bet quite wet. Hope this rules out one set of grips
  13. In the UK, for regular golfers electric trolleys are pretty much the norm. I myself given the option would use one even when golfing abroad. They take most cart and tour bags comfortably but I have one that is specifically made for electric trolleys. Buggies are my least likely choice and will only use when the course and weather dictate I need to use one. I.e hilly with big distances between green and tee, high temperatures, etc. I have a couple of carry bags that I use during the summer mainly when I’m out on my own or pop out for a quick 9 holes. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  14. In the UK, for regular golfers electric trolleys are pretty much the norm. I myself given the option would use one even when golfing abroad. They take most cart and tour bags comfortably but I have one that is specifically made for electric trolleys. Buggies are my least likely choice and will only use when the course and weather dictate I need to use one. I.e hilly with big distances between green and tee, high temperatures, etc. I have a couple of carry bags that I use during the summer mainly when I’m out on my own or pop out for a quick 9 holes. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  15. To be clear I've never been a natural golfer, although I have been able to hit the ball having good eye to hand coordination but not necessarily in the right direction! I’ve always set small achievable steps and always focused on handicap improvement. When your handicap improves you will win competitions along the way. At 22 h/c it was to get below 20 then to category 2 (below 12) then single figures now it's cat 1 (5 and below) Spending time on the course I've found is the best way to improve but also I've had a lot of kit change and if I do look at changes and try and tie them in to milestones. 1. Couldn't hit a driver off 22 but got hold of a Cobra Ti Offset Driver in the late 90s, this added 20 yds off the tee got. Handicap moved down into the high teens 2. Got fitted for my first set off Mizuno MX-25s in early 2000s moved down into the low teens 3. 2008 moved to using 3/4 wedges in my bag PW, 52', 56' and sometimes 60' moved down to single figures for the first time 4. Got to thinking kit was the answer bought a set of TM LT2 irons went back up to double digits for 2 or 3 years. I’ve had lessons, changed kit regularly and spent time on the range but the most useful way to improve is to go out and play. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  16. I’ve been lucky, most of my working life I’ve worked for American Multinationals which provided great benefit packages including pension contribution. Having 5 to 10% contributed from the age of 26 made it possible. Oh and I keep my wife working!! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  17. Season start last week for me and 2 cuts in 2 competitions now at lowest handicap ever of 6.9. Changes? During lockdown did a lot chipping in my back garden, focusing on pivoting around the sternum. You would think that my chipping would be 1st class but no. I changed my setup so that my sternum is pretty much over the ball for all my shots. Suddenly I’ve gone from 30% fairways hit to 70%. Approach shots not so good but hitting longer clubs better. 3.5 months to drop another 1.5 to reach my goal of cat 1 before I’m 60. Also have Senior Club Championship qualifier on Saturday so a busy time! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  18. 8 For me. 3 spikeless, ECCO general purposes hard wearing used in summer and hard ground conditions Puma Ignite used on holiday, lighter ECCO Biom, which mark really easily and tend only to be used occasionally 5 Spiked Winter golf boots Callaway Black CHEV with metal spikes again Winter Callaway Black CHEV Mulligan soft spikes Adidas White 360 Tour (need broken in) blister generators Under Armour White soft spikes
  19. Not text book but it helps me. I will usually have a walk round the hole to get a feel for pace. I will then crouch 6 feet behind the ball and try and get a 1st read, I will then use my hand to just block my sight of the hole and take a 2nd read this usually gives me a more accurate line. I find the hole and in particular any slope behind the hole can cause me to mis-read the putt. In the UK we mostly bent grass of fescue so don't really have a grain.
  20. Clubs opening for the 1st time since the 23rd March. Members only and in 2 balls. 3 rounds booked over the next 3 days. Just hope I don't make a backside of my self after 9 weeks of only chipping in my back garden/yard
  21. Alf Falkirk, Scotland, UK H/C 7 Srixon Z565:- 3i to GW; Nippon NS Pro 850GH Stiff Shaft Icon
  22. During lockdown I've been trying to develop a more consistent putting stroke. I'm not a terrible putter but I go through some hot streaks and sometimes where I can't get the ball in the hole. The later is usually at the start of the season, moving to quicker greens and the fact that all through the winter we have gimmes within a putter length. My average per round according to Arccos is 33 If I try a normal grip and start with my arms hanging down as most of the golf books tell you I tend to pull my putts to the left. I attribute this to my left side closing the face. What I've tended to do is point my left elbow at the hole (chicken wing), which has helped, but also hard to get a consistent setup. In lockdown I've now started putting my left fore finger down the grip and this seems to help. Has anybody got an interesting putting technique?
  23. Alf. S


    In Scotland we have had all the courses closed since the 23rd March. There are 2 points I wan to make. 1. The game in Scotland for the non marque clubs has been struggling in recent years, my own club is running annually with debt around $150k. There is a debate at the moment because we don't get access to the course that we should withhold fees or look for a refund. In normal circumstances if I was a member of a wealthy club I would back this, but I'm happy to continue on as is. Thoughts! 2. I'm really frustrated by the governing body in Scotland; Scottish Golf that have given out guidelines to close all courses for play. We have a right to roam law in Scotland that means the public can use the course as a right of way this is being abused with picnics and kids playing in bunkers, soccer on the greens and all kinds of s*** happening on the well maintained courses. Personally with a set of guidelines policed by on course marshalls I don't see why the courses can't re-open to singles and 2 balls, no buggies walking only, all course furniture either removed or banded off. With a little common sense the course can be opened. If you think about it the average male with a club in their hand and swinging will ensure that their partner stays at least 6 feet away. We have 5 people in the house in lockdown and I need to get away soon or I'm going to have a Jack Nicholson moment
  24. Falkirk, Scotland, UK Age 59 Current Driver SS = 98mph Rate your fitness level: average Affirmation I will see the entire program through
  25. Alf Falkirk, Scotland, UK 100 MPH H/C 7 Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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