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  1. Not used the M2 or M4 but have experience with the sister clubs M1 and M6. I use to be a TM zealot ever since the R7. But I had an M1 for 2 years with Stiff Fujikra shaft and it was the worse driver I ever had. It was more the consistency rather than anything else. Sure I could hit some great drives but the off centre ones would go nowhere. Going back a couple of years I was fitted for a Callaway Epic ended up with a similar Fujikra shaft as the M1 and really happy. Tried fittings with the Epic Flash, M6 and Cobra F9 and this year and not getting much more out of them than the older Epic but again the M6 gave me the worse dispersion.
  2. An experience update. Don't wear tight jeans when using Arccos. Played 18 yesterday and was 3 over at the turn (39), took phone out my front pocket and it had me 15 under. I think combination of thick material and it being snug in my pocket meant it missed most of my shots.
  3. Personally I think it the variations in Audio performance across Android is the issue rather than the variations on OS. With Apple the mic input through the Codec is pretty much the same since the iPhone 6. You tune the App for one iPhone you have it for the full range. For Android even across the same vendor the Audio paths can be significantly different. Samsung A series and J series use a lower cost Codec compared with flagship Galaxy S and Note you match this with the mic then the permutations to tune soon get into 10s just for Samsung.
  4. Oops We'll soon be the 51st state if BloJo gets his way!
  5. Hi I'm Alf and I'm bad at course management, I hope by sharing this maybe I will realize this on the course and back off. We have 2 par 5s at my club that I can reach on a "good" day in 2. My destructive shot is a slicing 3 wood which is maybe 50% of the times I hit the club. I can carry my 3 wood 210 yds and I go for it every time. Absolute testosterone driven nonsense. I find our 17th a bit tight and can end up blocked in the trees on the right for my approach and in my head I'm Seve. Instead of chipping out I will try a shot I have never practised or played. Instead of putting for par I end up with a double. This is from Tuesday I consider myself level headed and very objective but on a golf course this seems to go out the window.
  6. BTW this is the 3rd best course at Gleneagles, The King's and Queen's are much more enjoyable IMO!
  7. A game of what might have been on the Europe side as well Charley Hull halving her match when a par on 18 would have got her the point and Anna Van Dame. She was amazing on Friday but someone needs to talk to her about hole strategy, her decision making on both Saturday and Sunday on 18 cost her one and half points. But what a climax on the last stroke on the last green with a wild card pick playing her last Solhiem Cup. She misses USA retain, she holes Europe win. Hollywood couldn't have written the script. Anyway onto Inverness in 2 years.
  8. I admit the conditions are challenging "freezing" come on! We were playing 25 miles south at Grangemouth and guys were wearing shorts. Today 56'F bamly late summer in Scotland. I'm playing in Dundee today so will miss the coverage. EU-ROPE.
  9. get a 64' wedge that's something that can do damage to anyone's game.
  10. Thinking about going up to watch but depends on the weather, only 45 minutes away. I remember last year they were looking for volunteers, I was working at the time so didn't apply, regretting it now!
  11. Good debate. For me I've always been an irons man until recently that is. My 2nd last set of new irons (c. 2013) were Adams CB3s (KBS Tour Regular Shafts) which as standard come 4i to PW with option for 3i and GW. I tried to get the "optional" 3i but in the UK could never get it. That left me with 4i 180yds to 3w 210 yds gap. I tried a set of Titliest 910 hybrids to fill the gap but never really felt happy with them and fell back to using an old set of AP1s with a 3i. My latest irons (c.2018) Srixon z565s (Nippon NS Pro 850gh Stiff Shafts) again come as standard 4i to PW and I bought the optional 3i and AW. I'm now hitting these irons 10yds longer but after 6 months was finding the 3i was dropping out the air i.e.I hit my 4i 190yds and my 3i was about 185. to try and fix this I bought the Callaway Epic 3h (Recoil ES Shaft) and hit it great about 200 so I then bought the 4h and again more consistent and higher ball flight. I also have a 2h but that stays in the garage my thoughts were that the hybrids spin less than my 3w so in high winds I would take out the 2h. I'm now really comfortable using the hybrids and don't think I will be going back 3h, 4h are in my bag with no 3i or 4i.
  12. 2 months into my retirement and golf is not going the way I planned, playing lots of it but game has gone in the wrong direction. gone up from 7.3 to 8.6 so playing off 9. Personally I don't think the lessons mentioned on my previous post helped. I've always positioned the ball back in my stance closing down the club face, the Pro had me move it forward and getting more shoulder rotation. This has resulted in me knifing a lot of shots which have been pretty destructive especially when playing the shorter clubs. 56' wedge knifed = 130 yds c.f. 100 yds means lost ball. One thing the Pro did emphasise was getting a consistent setup, if you hit a bad shot the question should be what did I not do rather than trying to change things on the course which I'm prone to do. Slowed things down and gone back to the old ball position last week's 5 rounds:- 81, 79, 85, 81, 76. The 85 was interesting 1 over after 7 with 2 eagle putts and a lost ball, hitting the ball really well. The 8th and 13th holes at Kilsyth run parallel to each other I sliced my ball from the 8th heading towards the 13th. 4 ball on the other hole searching for a ball must have played my ball. I heard a guy shouting to his partner "what were you playing", reply "can't remember, but that will be it" then plays the ball and off they go. When I got there checking Arccos data the old boy with an army swing must have hit it 260 yds?? Anyway lost concentration and crashed and burned. For the 76, it was suppose to be the clubs Pro's Day yesterday a 4 ball better ball competition but it was cancelled due to torrential rain on Friday so had a bounce game (non hc counter) in 25 mph winds gusting to 35 mph, best round of the season. Left with only about 6 counting competitions until the end of the season so will end up at worse 9 but hoping for some form to get a few cuts.
  13. The key word here is effective. I watch some guys on the tee acting like they're Jason Day and haven't got a clue what they are doing the routine for. They take 30 seconds then top the ball 20 yds and then it starts all over again. For me it is all abut get a consistent set up 1. Club selection including target 2. Grip check 3. One practise swing 4. stance and body alignment 5. I address the ball and do a mini take away to ensure my weight is transferring 6. Tempo, bang Time less than 10 secs. Personally I think we can over think, especially at my level!
  14. First Name/State or Country of residence: Alf / UK Handicap 8 Current irons in Play Srixon z565 The carry distance of the your 7 iron 160yds
  15. I normally don't like playing anything above 6500. There does seem to be stigma with having a par of greater than 71 so anything above 6500 means they have 4 or 5 long par 4s i.e. 420 yds plus. As an average length hitter Driver 230 carry 3h 205, these holes are on my limit. With prevailing wind or up hill I struggle to get there in 2. But my testosterone usually tells me that its a par 4 surely you can make the green in 2, out comes the 3w and 4 strokes later (or worse) I'm home. I play in a national competition where you get to select 4 rounds from 10 courses to play during the season with the season end being a final at a marque course (Turnberry, Trump International, Castle Stuart). My initial selection criteria is below 6500. As other people have pointed out the course lay out does come into play I recent played Rowallan Castle which is a Colin Montgomerie design course which off the medal tees is 6700. I didn't have a good day the length and the fact that it seemed every alternative hole had a bunker that was 230 yds carry
  16. I was one of the original reviewers for My Golf Spy for Arccos 360 and it is almost a year since I started using it as part of the original review. In this time, I have played/recorded 112 rounds all over Europe. I thought I would give an update on my experience. In my original review I broke down the functionality down into 4 area. GPS 2.0 = Rangefinder Automatic Shot Tracking = Recording of on course shot data Caddie 2.0 = On-course advice on club selection and strategy Tour Analytics = Data tools to tracking, analyse and compare your game against similar golfers Rangefinder When I first started using Arccos, if I over or under clubbed I put it down to my strike. Then I started using the set the flag position, I noticed that the green map and the position of the flag on the map was all over the place. In some cases if the flag was close to the edge of the green it wouldn’t recognise you were even on the green. As you will be aware Arccos relies on your phone for positioning so I googled “iphone gps accuracy”. Apple don’t specify the performance but other sites quote anything from 3 – 10 yards. My original conclusion as a rangefinder was that it performed adequately but doesn't differentiate in the market. I would change this to I would not recommend it to be used in this mode and would recommend using a dedicated Golf GPS or Laser. You ever wonder why it takes a dedicated Golf GPS about 5 minutes to start up and find the course, it is locating multiple satellites (not just 3) to increase accuracy of the positioning data. Automatic Shot Tracking I’m going to change this to shot tracking. My original Stage 2 quoted it misses or falsely records 5-10 shots a round and in particular putts, my experience over the year backs this up. When I was using Arccos during the review stage I was focused on my clubbing distances, driving distance and not in particular putting stats and approach accuracy, in order to get accurate data for these you have to record the pin position. To do this you can no longer just leave the phone in your pocket you have to fish it out and manually add or use Siri. During the review period I said that I didn’t want to be fiddling with my phone during the round due to the distraction now I was setting the pin positions and since I had it out my pocket checking on my recorded score. Caddie 2.0 My views on Caddie 2.0 have not changed, it is a nice feature, but I found it a bit inaccurate in club selection to be relied upon, putting that to one side I have used it on courses that I am playing for the first time on holes with blind tee shots to give me a club and target area for the drive Tour Analytics My view on the Tour Analytics again haven’t changed for me is the main differentiator. If you are willing to look past the Shot Tracking issues and edit your rounds, it is comprehensive and gives you easy to understand dashboards to highlight your game's deficiencies. You still have to put in the work to improve your game, but it points you in the right direction. In my stage 1 I said, the final acid test is will I continue to use Arccos 360 moving forward, will it replace any of my other technology on the course. For a GPS Rangefinder I'm now using a Skycaddie SX500 with a Nikon Coolshot laser. As for using Arccos 360 I’m taking a break from the technology and have recently taken all the sensors out of my clubs. This for me is a reset on my game I have been struggling this season and the on course fiddling with my phone is a distraction I can do without. Subconsciously I seemed to be focusing more on my Arccos stats than getting the ball round in the minimum shots. An example my putting stats were on the rise, I have a putt from the fringe. When I finish, I set flag and then look at the hole data, thought process; was that 3 putts or a chip and 2 putts? I’ll change the putt on the fringe to a chip that will make my stats better. What I should be focused on is the fact that I made bogey or double. The result is that I have been doing too much on course analysis which has led to lack of concentration. Will I go back to Arccos? One of the reasons I started to use Arccos was to get a handle on my clubbing distances, I now have FlightScope MEVO which gives me a good idea on carry and I can use on the range extensively, in the short term the answer is no.
  17. Really, who says we don't get along! I'm a Scot with an English father, I have loads of English, Irish and Welsh friends. People try to divide us through politics and religion but in the end we have more in common than differences.
  18. Alf/Scotland I Have 50, 52,54,56,58 and 60 RTX 588 52, 56 and 60 RTX 2.0 CB 52, 56 and 60 RTX 3.0 And also a set of Titliest SM4s I would have been great for this!!!
  19. Since I started this post I've invested in a few things 1. FlightScope Mevo 2. Swing lesson lesson 3 Putting lesson with Putt Lab analysis 4 TM Spider X Working out my notice period at work and practising the wrong things H/C went up to 8.0. Driving was really getting me down. But with the lessons last week hopefully I've turned the corner. Marginally missed buffer on Saturday and Wednesday, 6 over 76 yesterday in the Senior League. 2 pitch in Eagles from 34 and 46 yds, putting still cost me but still WIP.
  20. 1st session with it yesterday and pretty impressed so far. One annoying thing is if you hit a shot left, it sometimes misses it due to your body being in the way. 1st thing I noticed on my dats is the smash factor drops 20% with my RTX 3.0 wedges compared to my Srixon Z565 AW. Shaft differences or head? Spin seems pretty inaccurate as well but I wasn't using the silver stickers. Once I get a bit more detail I will post a detailed review
  21. Exactly! He doesn't get to choose is the point. He did blob the hole and ended up beating me by 1 point for the season anyway.
  22. Sorry, hate playing with people who play fast and loose with the rules, Quiet word at the start of the round just to say it is a penalty each time he does it. I play with 3 other guys thru the winter and we have a wee competition, the winner is the best 5 Stableford score. The last round he is having a stormer which means he is going to pip me. He duck hooks his drive on the 16th into a bush, takes a provisional up the centre, declares the 1st ball lost without looking, someone shouts that it has rolled out into the rough, so he decides to play the original ball. Its friendly but this is taking the p!ss!
  23. St Andrews has about 13 courses Old, New and Jubilee are the more established the Castle is newer out by Kingsbarnes or even the Fairmont courses all are good tracks. But I prefer Ladybank, Downfield, or as Barbajo has said Lundin Links they have all been used as Open qualifiers and are members courses Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  24. Alf Falkirk, Scotland Skycaddie Touch / Nikon Coolshot 40 Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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