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  1. Neither, baseball, I use to interlock but for the last 3 years I don't overlap at all, just touch. Started with chipping, trying to take my left hand out the stroke now do it on all clubs except putter. Find it more flexible in terms of hand positions.
  2. Lovely golf weather in Scotland over the weekend. 70'F through the day. Wee bit breezy in the evening but still playing until after 8pm in shorts. Practise Friday, Knockout qualifier on Saturday (couldn't putt), 9 holes yesterday evening and hopefully 9 holes after work today. Forecast not so good heading to next weekend.
  3. Hmm looks like MGS needs to do a review. Arccos gives me my iron distances worked out from my on course data, so what I'm looking for is to get consistency on the range. I'm looking to buy a launch monitor and going through the option for me sub £500 is my limit so Sky Trak is out this probably leads me to one of 3 or 4 options. 1. Mevo 2. SC200 or SC300 3. Gramin G80 My initial thoughts are for best functionality and stats including camera then Mevo is the best but I like the G80 mainly due to the versatility i.e it has an on course GPS as well. I'm teched out at the moment on the course. I have Arccos 360, Skycaddie Touch and a Nikon cool shot. I've just sold my Shot Scope V2 but still have a Bushnell Ion watch and an old Garmin G10. Buying the G80 will let me move some of the other stuff on. All input gratefully received.
  4. I initially had problems with it asking me if I wanted to record a phrase but once I disabled it, it stopped. But I've not set it up for Add Drive and Set Flag and I'm using it (sometimes) if no one is listening.
  5. Tried it last night "set flag". Got to set it up via iOS Arccos settings but once set worked a lot better than having to view phone and navigate through 2 screens As long as Apps is running take phone out, activate Siri through home button and say "Set Flag" done. Still feel like a bit of a twat talking to my phone, is it an age thing?
  6. I've worked in Design and Development of Microelectronics for 35 years, laterly as PM for the number one mobile phone audio microchip supplier world wide. For all you Arccos guys that have problem with their smart phones not picking up the audio of a shot , that will be the competitions microchip and nothing to do with me. Retirement beckons in 2 months!
  7. I've tried "add drive", it is positional aware so it worked OK when I was on hole 1, it add the drive on that hole from the mapped teeing area to the next detected shot. On another round I realised on the 2nd tee that the drive was missing on hole 1, I tried to add a drive on hole 1 by selecting the hole but it just gave me a new dive for hole 2. Don't know if Link will allow for Siri Shortcuts, I really want to mount my phone on my trolley and leave it there. Currently my phone is in my front left pocket and with a glove it is awkward to get my hand in the pocket so I end up using my right hand to move the phone to the top of my pocket.
  8. Anybody used the Siri shortcut "add flag", this should work better. i.e 1 button press without looking at the phone. But you look stupid enough hovering around the hole with your phone never mind talking to it. Is this an old man thing?
  9. Alf. S

    The Masters

    Being a Scot, Brit and European, the golfers I follow and route for follow that order so I wanted Molenari to win and a couple of mistakes cost him. I'm fairly ambivalent towards Woods but him winning can only be good for the game. It goes to show you that you can't write off a guy that has won 14 majors. His drive and determination is what has got him there. Is Jack's 18 still his target? Who can challenge him and his will to win? Personally I think his best chance for another Major this year is the Open at Portrush.
  10. Alf. S


    I use to use Lift golf tees http://www.golfteewarehouse.co.uk/acatalog/xLiftTeeSteppedLongGV-0469.jpg Trouble with them is that they fly through the air like a dart. Hit a good drive and the tee would go 30 yds. I could go through a pack a round, costing more on tees that balls. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  11. Welcome to the Forum and I agree with Kanoito. No matter how you play, you'll still say I left a few shots out there. Your definition of good will differ from mine but overriding I think of good as being able to play to or beat your handicap I've been playing competitive golf for 18 years. I'm never satisfied, started at 22 h/c, target was to get into Cat 3 (12-20), came down to 16, next was Cat 2 (6-12) came down to 12, next single figures now at 7. Next target is Cat 1 (0-5). On the way I have won medals, match play, doubles and opens which make the journey more enjoyable. They are bonuses along the way. BTW I very rarely take lessons maybe that's why it has taken me so long to get down to 7. I sort of know the mechanics of my swing and will tend to try and sort things out myself. An hour on the range with 18 years of different swing thoughts is usually enough time to sort things. What I really need is a mind coach. 4 over after 15 holes on Saturday and looking at a nice cut, 5 over for the last 3. EYG (Enjoy Your Golf)
  12. Whoa, I was being sarcastic. At the end of the day you are the paying customer and as long as you are not ruining it for other golfers play from whatever tee you want. In Scotland the only place I've been asked for handicaps before teeing off was Trump International and the Starter advised us what tee to play off. Started off White moved to Yellow after about 6 holes and even then it was tough!
  13. I was working over there for 5 weeks last year and took my clubs over. Best of the courses I could easily get on was La Costa, a bit more pricey but I played both course and enjoyed them both Bit further out but good value were the Sycuan course played both the 18 holers over 2 week ends Rancho Bernardo Inn was interesting but took me over 5 hours for 16 holes and pricey Carlton Oaks, San Vicente uninspiring. Carmel Mountain Ranch as OK but a bit tight
  14. Not hit my retiral date yet but had my 1st singles medal of the season on Saturday. 2 Doubles in the 1st four holes from nowhere but then steadied to be level for the next 11. Conditions were cold with drizzle and mist coming in but was thinking a nice cut on the way even with the challenging 16th which is a tough par 4. Finished double (3 putt), bogey, Double (3 putt). The 18th was a Sergio moment when the swear words were flowing on the frustration of the last 3 holes. Made buffer so no harm done. Off to Ladybank (ex-Open Qualifier) on Thursday hoping for a better day.
  15. Maybe the starter gets you to hit your 5i off the 1st tee then you are instructed to play off a certain tee for the round. He puts a coloured flag put in your bag so the Marshal can check up on you as you go round. That way you won't get hackers playing off Blue when they should play off Red and rounds taking 5+ hours!
  16. In general in the UK we have White, Yellow and Red. White is the measured and SSS (slope) for men, Red is measure SSS for women and yellow are general tees to save wear and tear off the white. Competition you are off White, yellow for bounce games. It only tends to be the resort courses that have anything beyond this. When any of my pals start talking about golf outings and courses the 1st thing I look at is course length off Whites. And my push back is that "I get a nose bleed if I play courses above 6500", because I find the course too challenging and it takes away from my enjoyment. Looking at the chart I hit a 7 iron 180 yds x 36 = 6480 yds, so I totally agree. I play in national competitions which you get to play in a selection of 4 from 12 courses. Then the final is at a Championship course like Turnberry, Trump International or Castle Stuart. I make my choice based on course kudos and length. I'll try and avoid courses above 6500 yds. I played Tee Forward on holiday this year, without being told what it was all about. The tees were marked with 45, 50, 55, 60. This mapped to total distance the course played 45 = 4500m, 50 = 5000m, etc. Is this the way forward?
  17. That's a great idea on Monday's and maybe take a few photos and text them to old boss
  18. I agree, I can live with the occasional dropped putt when you have to spend 10-15 minutes a round to edit the data is when it is an issue. The power is in the analytics, showing your weaknesses so you can improve. Which Arccos has proven to me it is worth the investment.
  19. Was out today and leaving my iPhone in my pocket it only dropped 2 shots which were both putts. This was leaving my fitbit at home i.e no other device was paired with the phone. Let me try and guess what the shot process is for Arccos recording a shot. You take the club out the bag. the solar cell on the top of the sensor activates and starts the Bluetooth pairing and identifies the club, this will take several seconds. The phone is then waiting for a sound of club and ball contact, it will then record the position and club used. If you then hit another shot within a 5 yard radius it will ignore the 1st shot and replace it with the last shot played. As anyone that has read my review will know I have had mixed results on dropped shots and I always put it down to the phone not picking up the shot. I'm quite a quick player, I don't really have a practice swing more a waggle then hit, I'm now wondering if the mis-shots are more to do with the pairing time rather than the phone mic not picking up the shot. My driver sensor is now worn and dirt has ingressed the sensor and over the winter season in low light conditions it has been the most unreliable recorded shot. So again this would tie in with pairing rather than the shot not being picked up. Anyway, first competition of the new season today, betterball format in 2 club wind; 78 with a triple at the 2nd. Came in 3 under winners 13 under!!!!!
  20. Sorry Pavlord I stand corrected, a case of RTFM. I've always got BT turned on so just went thru the pairing process without having to enter any pairing code. I also just went out to try it and it won't go past the pair screen without BT being on. I tried to see see what my iPhone sees when it pairs or I take the club out the bag and it doesn't list the sensor in the BT menu. So I've got to assume it is hidden in the app. THEZIPR23's comment has got me wondering, I use a Fitbit Versa which is paired to my iPhone does this affect the connectivity speed of sensor? May account for some of my missed shots in the past. Just a side note you should be able to connect multiple devices simultaneously to your phone depending on the type.
  21. Sorry Pavlord, your wrong you'll only need Bluetooth if you're using the new Link belt attachment. The sensors use ultrasonics to communicate with your phone not Bluetooth, hence when you're pairing the phone asks for access to your microphone.
  22. Alf Sheppard, Falkirk, Scotland, UK, ~100 rounds Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin h/c = 7.3, Driver = 98mph Callaway Epic Driver, 3W, 3H; Srixon Z565 4-AW; Cleveland RTX 3.0 52, 56, 60 Wedges Conventional
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