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  1. Dog took a new Chrome Soft and owner threw back a Vice. Never used a Vice so it will end up in my practise ball bag.
  2. BTW I'm using the Arccos app and trying to edit my round but it doesn't have a "dog p!ssed off with my ball penalty button" either ;-)
  3. I think this would have been the rule if the ball that the owner threw back was mine. Which from a distance look like the case but when we got to the green it was a different ball, I think he had trouble getting it from the dog and just threw one on the green from his pocket. I think it would have to be deemed as a lost ball but with or without penalty but I can't find the rule reference. The Marshal said to drop a ball where the dog picked it up which I thought was wrong and compounded my mental angist.
  4. I was playing today at a par 3. I hit my tee shot, it pitched on a bank and started to roll down the hill towards the green. A dog then ran down the hill and before it stop picked it up and ran towards his owner. The owner then tried to get the ball and threw a ball back towards the green. Maybe about 5 yards from the original spot. When I arrived at the green the ball that was thrown back was not my ball. The dog and master had disappeared. So what is the rule and what should I do? I took a ruling from a Marshall which I think was wrong. I carded a 5, fumed for 3 holes and ended up missing buffer.
  5. Glad you enjoyed your visit, really enjoyed your pictures and blog over the last week. Showcasing my country and local courses.
  6. The main battery drain is always going to be with GPS enabled. The furthest I've got with mine is to around the 12th on the 2nd round = 6 hours. I also noticed that even in standby mode i.e. with time displayed the battery will drain substantially over a day i.e. you will lose 40-50% of the battery life.
  7. Totally out of order. Never had this happen but once had guys behind hit at the green when we were putting on 3 consecutive holes. I stopped at the 6th and politely offered to let them play thru. The guy got a bit stropy and asked why and I said because they have nearly hit us on 3 occasions at which he started to argue and it kicked off. One of my playing partners is an ex-Royal Marine and wanted to go and rip his head off. Thankfully I talked him down and we disappeared up the 6th never to see the guys again. We were not hanging around but these guys were hitting drives on to 300 yd par 4s and 2nd shots into par 5s from 250yds. In this case no alcohol was involved but I'm afraid you will always come across some right w@nker$ no matter where you are.
  8. This is great simple advice. I usually find that around the 14th I start to tire physically and mentally. This usually results in my grip getting tighter and my swing gets shorter and quicker. A golf Sage once told me my swing should be like the word Tempo. Backswing is "Tem" downswing "Po". So this is what I always fall back on.
  9. Aren't the rules wonderful You're right. I think, so to be clear!! Substitute ball is one that is change or replaced i.e. in the putting case. You mark the ball in play and place another ball down in its place it is a substitute and becomes the ball in play = 2 stroke penalty total. Wrong Ball. In this case the guy has intentionally played a ball that is 100yds further up the fairway. In the case of Wrong Ball it never becomes the ball in play. Every time he makes a stroke with the wrong ball it is a 2 stroke penalty and DQ if he plays off the next tee without going back to the original spot the 1st ball landed and play from there.
  10. If this guy was playing in one of our bounce games he would be resoundly put in his place in terms of rules and slagged for the rest of the round for being an absolute ar$e.
  11. On the point of putting with a different ball on the green in a competition this would again be classed as using the Wrong Ball. You must complete the hole with ball you started with (unless lost) and can only change the ball if it is badly damaged and agreed by fellow competitors. The same rules would apply that I previously stated.
  12. My definitions are under R&A but I think the USGA will be the same Under rule 7-2 he is practising on the course = 2 shot penalty. The 2nd ball never becomes the ball in play i.e. the 2nd ball is classed as the "Wrong Ball" The 1st ball was never lost Rule 15-3a then applies ​If he makes a stroke at the "Wrong Ball" it is a 2 stroke penalty If he completes the hole with the "Wrong Ball" and proceeds to tee off at the next hole he is disqualified To complete the hole he must go back and play from the original spot that the 1st ball landed and this then becomes the "Ball in Play" If you are playing Match Play claim the hole as soon as he plays the practise ball. If it is a friendly game call him a cheating and claim the hole.
  13. Thinking about new set of Wedges. Currently using the original Cleveland RTXs but looking a bit jaded and feel heavy c.f. my Srixon Z565 irons. Had a fitting for the Cleveland RTX 3 seems like they are coming to end of line so good price vs SM7 fitting on Saturday. Thoughts?
  14. I fancy Rickie (won the last time at Gullane) with Russell Knox a good bet with his good form.
  15. Played 2 competition rounds one at my home course West Lothian and another at Crieff. Saturday was a day to forget, hitting the ball well but bounces and lies I was getting found really frustrating. Bunkered 6 times, at the 9th middled my drive to find it was sitting in an old divot wedged between the front edge and the replaced divot. Heading for buffer until lost a ball at the last and 3 putted. I really enjoyed Sunday at Crieff, 23'C/73'F, light breeze and beautiful countryside (5 miles from Gleneagles, 2014 Ryder Cup). Really ripping my driver but nothing else working. Played to my h/c going out, back 9 a bit of a car crash with my putter. 5 x 3 putts. Finished with 32 stableford points. Summary handicap up 1 x 0.1. How did everyone else get on?
  16. The support sound pretty s*** to me. When I dealt with Bushnell when my course wasn't mapped correctly on my Neo Ion, after a week of ping pong emails I sent them a google map for FMB. Their reply was no use "We'll send you an app and you can map it for us." Pretty poor
  17. Being in Scotland with its temperate climate, you can't beat walking the course in shorts and a tee shirt, which usually happens for about 2 weeks in the year in the Summer. This year in Scotland is an exception we have had very little rain for the last 8 weeks. When I take my vacation it is always to sunnier climates like Spain, Crete, Malta and the clubs go to. One thing I don't like in the drier weather is not having receptive greens at the moment you have to drop the ball short and run it on. Saying that I usually score better in Spring and Autumn when the courses still have some run and you can fire the ball at the pin.
  18. Seriously pay people to pay quickly! In a competition 3 ball I take about 3 hrs 45 mins to go round. I can just imagine it kicking off in the Club House that we cost the group behind $45 because we were too slow.
  19. I'm new to the forum so if this is discussed else where them please excuse me. In competition rounds at my local course which: plays 6200yds Tee is fully booked from 7:30am to 11am 3 balls max Buggies by medical exception Lose a hole and you let the group behind play thru My normal round is 3hrs 45mins, 4 hrs max. What is your average round time? And what do you think can be changed to improve it? I stayed in San Diego for 5 weeks last year and played at Rancho Bernardo one Sunday. Couldn't complete the round teed off at 2pm with an older couple who were only playing 9 holes and by 7pm had played 14 holes and lost the will.
  20. Not really what you asked for but my experience. 10 years ago I had the same issues for 90 yds and in where I had no distance control or swing control. Often I would find I concentrated on length of swing and decelerated. I ended up simplifying it to full and half swing on my wedges. I setup with my feet at 45' to target this limits my back swing. I started with 56' wedge which was giving me 60yds and gap up to 100 yds. 52' = 70Yds PW= 80 yds 9i = 90yds When i get to 90 yds this overlaps with my 60' wedge full so depending on the conditions and the lie and my striking confidence I will alternate between them. Below 60 yds it becomes more of a feel shot and I will general alternate between 52' and 56' depending on the terrain between the ball and hole. If short sided then 60' or open 56' wedges
  21. Let me try and fly this one. How about anybody over 12 years old that dresses like Rickie Fowler.
  22. With participation dropping there should be a relaxed dress code. But dark socks with shorts for me the fashion Police should chase you down.
  23. Occasionally buy a dozen new balls tend to be Pro V1x, Chrome Soft X or Srixon XV and these will normally last the summer season of competition. I don't have a set routine i.e. new ball at the start of a competition, usually play with it until I lose it or it gets a bad mark on it. For bounce games I will use old balls and tend not to be too fussy on what I play with. This year I'm would guess about £80 by the end of the summer maybe another dozen so £120. October to March it is again balls that I have found throughout the summer.
  24. I'm really surprise at how many are using both GPS and Laser Range Finders. I get "slagged" by my pals for using both. I'm a bit of a Technophile and I have a Skycaddie Touch, Garmin Approach G3, Bushnell Neo Ion Watch, Shot Scope v2 and a Nikon Coolshot. On competition days I usually play with the Skycaddie and the Nikon Coolshot. The Skycaddie mounted on my electric trolley so I'm checking the distance and hazard carries as I arrive at my ball. GPS in general have an advantage when you have a lot of blind shots, elevated greens, etc. The handhelds GPS will give you a view of the hole with hazards and in some cases green contours. The handhelds in general tend to have more options, like scorecard view, club distances, elevation. The 2 watches I use when I'm carrying my clubs, I find this less fuss. Again I like to already have the distance in my head when I arrive at my ball. The LRF is used when I'm unsure if the pin is back front or centre to give me exact yardage. At my home course the greens are quite small and at the moment you can't stop the ball on them if you fly them to the green so I'm not really using it. When I playing away from home the LRF is more useful GPS won't give you yardages to unmapped obstructions or exact yardages on large greens so you could be 10 yds out. Finally on back to GPS, Skycaddie market themselves as the number 1 due to them mapping the courses by walking them. And my experience is that they are the most accurate and up to date of the 4 GPS devices I have. The other 3 use commercially available satellite maps. On green centre they can vary by a couple of yards but on front and back as much as 5 yds difference. Also the maps used can be 4 or 5 years old. At my course they have removed and changed a lot of bunkers Skycaddie has updated this but the other 3 haven't
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