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  1. I agree, I can live with the occasional dropped putt when you have to spend 10-15 minutes a round to edit the data is when it is an issue. The power is in the analytics, showing your weaknesses so you can improve. Which Arccos has proven to me it is worth the investment.
  2. Was out today and leaving my iPhone in my pocket it only dropped 2 shots which were both putts. This was leaving my fitbit at home i.e no other device was paired with the phone. Let me try and guess what the shot process is for Arccos recording a shot. You take the club out the bag. the solar cell on the top of the sensor activates and starts the Bluetooth pairing and identifies the club, this will take several seconds. The phone is then waiting for a sound of club and ball contact, it will then record the position and club used. If you then hit another shot within a 5 yard radius it will ignore the 1st shot and replace it with the last shot played. As anyone that has read my review will know I have had mixed results on dropped shots and I always put it down to the phone not picking up the shot. I'm quite a quick player, I don't really have a practice swing more a waggle then hit, I'm now wondering if the mis-shots are more to do with the pairing time rather than the phone mic not picking up the shot. My driver sensor is now worn and dirt has ingressed the sensor and over the winter season in low light conditions it has been the most unreliable recorded shot. So again this would tie in with pairing rather than the shot not being picked up. Anyway, first competition of the new season today, betterball format in 2 club wind; 78 with a triple at the 2nd. Came in 3 under winners 13 under!!!!!
  3. Sorry Pavlord I stand corrected, a case of RTFM. I've always got BT turned on so just went thru the pairing process without having to enter any pairing code. I also just went out to try it and it won't go past the pair screen without BT being on. I tried to see see what my iPhone sees when it pairs or I take the club out the bag and it doesn't list the sensor in the BT menu. So I've got to assume it is hidden in the app. THEZIPR23's comment has got me wondering, I use a Fitbit Versa which is paired to my iPhone does this affect the connectivity speed of sensor? May account for some of my missed shots in the past. Just a side note you should be able to connect multiple devices simultaneously to your phone depending on the type.
  4. Sorry Pavlord, your wrong you'll only need Bluetooth if you're using the new Link belt attachment. The sensors use ultrasonics to communicate with your phone not Bluetooth, hence when you're pairing the phone asks for access to your microphone.
  5. So after much thought about my financial situation at the ripe old age of 58 I've decided to retire. Since graduating University with an Electronics Degrees 35 years ago I have had only 6 weeks out of work so I'm a bit worried if I will fill my time. There is only so much golf I can play. I've always played golf but at the age of 40 I got my first handicap of 22. After a couple of years and a tip from a wise experience golfer I got down to 16 then 12. I had a couple of excellent rounds and was cut from 12 to 8 in the space of 3 weeks, which I could never play to. Now 8 years later for the last 3 years I've oscillate between 7 and 8, getting tantalising close to category 1. They say that once your over 50 you lose 5% muscle mass per year and I'm beginning to notice that my length is reducing. I've got 3 months notice to work but then the heat is on, my target is to get to be a category 1 golfer before I'm 60 so with a season and a half of retirement I'm hoping this will give me the spare time to get there. Wish me luck. Alf
  6. I ended up buying some extra sensors so now I have 18 because I swap clubs out depending on course conditions i.e 3i, 3h, 4h, 60' W. The app has 2w thru to 15w and also x and xx labels soo you could probably use these rather than 7i!
  7. Welcome happy 1st post. Yes I'm in the UK, Falkirk
  8. Photos as requested and a bit of self indulgence Maspalomas was pretty unexceptional but was in good condition. Pretty flat with tree lined fairways. Course is quite forgiving with very little rough, a good walk. Only one photo This is the sands that border the course. Anfi Tauro on the other hand is carved out of the mountains and has spectacular views down to the coast. I thought this was by far the best course of the 4 I played. Challenging but not too long 3rd green Drive off the 4th, long par 4 and first birdie of the day 7th green big water carry and picturesque green with waterfall 10th green this hole seemed to have been carved out of the mountain. 12th Tee 14th tee with a good view of the whole resort Final hole waiting to play our second shots. 9th and 18th share the green. 230 yd 3w onto the green for me but a long way away so 3 putted. I was due to play only one more round at Salobre New but that didn't go as planned. You can't walk this course, there are at least 2 10-15 minute buggy runs up mountain paths between holes This course has had major changes since Oct and they are now playing forward golf with only the forward tees in operation and I think this is because the course is so tight. I lost 6 balls on the day compared with 2 in total for the other 3 rounds. The greens were lightning quick. My usual number of putts per round is low 30s, I came off with 46 (with 3 single putts).I didn't have a good day. Couple of Photos 3rd was a par 5 dog leg where you drive to the top of the hill leaving you a 200yd carry across a 60ft drop gully. I got lucky and pitch on the hill to run down to the bottom, left with a 52' wedge and 2 putted for birdie. Good view of 4th par 4, this is the red tee with a 180yd carry to the 2nd marker post. I needed my rangefinder to judge my line. Just carried. With the forward golf, course changes and basically feeling the course was not as advertised had a word with the Course Director at the end and he kindly offered me a round on Salobre Old the next day. This was tight but fair and the greens were fast but not as quick as the New Course the day before. I had my lowest score of the week here with a 78 without holing a putt. Tee shot at the 8th really nice par 3. T 12th green with 13th tee in the back ground Tees shot on the 13th. A good week all in all with perfect weather 24'C
  9. Scotland at this time of year can be a windy, grey place. Getting away to the sun is a nice pick you up before the season starts.
  10. Anyone played in Gran Canaria. There for 3 rounds next week Maspalomas, Anfi Tauro and Salobre New. Any reviews or input?
  11. Me too. tried it last Friday with the Atmos stiff shaft and I was hitting it really sweet
  12. Just saw this and thought I would share of my local club. The sun always shines like this all year round with it being Scotland
  13. Any plans to review and test the Cobra F9 Speedback? Had a taste at a local reseller on Friday and was hitting it really well c.f. my Callaway Epic and against the M6 and Flash. Like 20 yds carry further!
  14. Yeah me too, I'm going to have to upgrade soon and don't know whither to go for iPhone 8 or X. Fozcycle's posts saying his iPhone 7 works every time does throw me and have me doubt my upgrade choice. FYI The main hardware that connects to the microphone on your phone is an Audio CODEC. The CODEC normally has its own microcontroller/DSP this does all the signal processing before passing it to the Application Processor (where the Arccos App runs). The iPhone 6 and 7 have the same CODEC, where as the 8 and X have a newer version but to my knowledge hardware wise there should not be any major performance difference. From a software point of view then the newer phones will have better Adaptive Noise Cancellation but these tend to be more focused on tuning for phone call use i.e holding the phone to the ear the phone will use the video microphone on the back of the phone to cancel background noise in the earpiece.
  15. It maybe worth doing a comparison of user experience against phone use. Anecdotally from the reviews the iPhone 8 and X is better than 6 and 7. Arccos are releasing an Apple watch that will do the sensing will that be any better?
  16. Working in the electronics industry the False Accept/False Reject issues are going to be challenging for any offerings. Connectivity from club to watch, handheld or phone is solvable, especially now that Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth Low Energy are available. The main challenge is being able to differentiate when there is a small movements in sensors and from my experience of both Arccos and Shot Scope neither of them are accurate at doing this, most of my missed shots are putts. Let's see how they respond.
  17. Now we're talking. This is my favourite just now Benromach a peaty Speyside which is unusual. Still has the peaty taste without the Laphroaig antiseptic aroma. Usual straight for me. But if it is strong sherry tasting will take it with a bit of ice. Have the best part of 40 malts in the drinks cabinet. Tend to buy a bottle drink 1/2 of it and then keep the remaining for visitors to sample. Except obviously the favorites which need replenish on a regular basis. Have had many a night taking a malts tour of Scotland from the cabinet. When it gets to about 2am the 8 year cask strength Highland Park comes out. This is a bit like firewater and usually the guests can finish it and the night ends.
  18. I've changed my whole bag since November The driver, 3w and hybrids were all Titleist 910 and and these have been replace by Callaway Epic and has given me a more consistent strike My irons were Titleist AP1 710 r300 dynamic gold shafts and these have been replaced with a set of Srixon Z565 with stiff Nippon NS Pro 950GH shafts. These have given me an extra 10 yds on the AP1s Cleveland 588 RTX2.0 wedges updated to RTX 3.0, these are probably the least successful purchase. Better around the green but don't seem to get the same distance as the old wedges And I've sorted of changed my putter from my old TM Rosa Monza to a Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection 10 putter. Although after using the new putter for 4 weeks I'm back to the Rosa Monza yesterday.
  19. I'm pretty much self taught although have had a few lessons. People use to say I had the quickest swing that could fit in a phone box. i.e short and fast. But I've changed over the years so at least I get to about 3/4 swing with very little wrist cock. Looks: C Effectiveness: C
  20. The sensitivity of recording and missing of shots does seem to be an issue. Disclaimer, this is all my conjecture and could be technically totally wrong There are 2 possible ways it could miss a shot. The first is with shot detection. I'm assuming the sensors have some sort of MEMS accelerometer in them i.e. can detect when the club is being swung. With the App enabled the phone is permanently in listen mode. When you swing the club the sensor sends a club unique audio pulse (setup in the pairing process) that the phone picks up and the phone then records club and location of the shot. For the shot to be recorded it must be able to trigger the accelerometer. The problem shots will be the little dinks around the green with your irons. This would also account for the putter having a more sensitive sensor i.e. it can detect smaller movements, and can miss the tap ins. The second is the communication between sensor and phone. In my experience and following the thread this is the more inconsistent performance area. It seems to vary from phone model to phone model and is sensitive to even the orientation of the phone in your pocket. I used both an iPhone 6 and 7 when Oaks is using an 8 and getting better performance. Looking at the teardowns the iPhone 6/7 use the same chip for audio while the 8/X/X(x) use a different audio chip but but the electrical difference is not significant. One thing that has changed between the phones is the Adaptive Noise Cancellation algorithms (ANC) which is enhanced post iPhone 8.
  21. No case, but the phones have 2 mics. I going to dig I should be able to find out the difference between the audio input paths.
  22. You must be special! What phone are you using? I wondering if the newer iPhones have better mic or audio CODECs.
  23. Just received this from the R&A, in summary if the local rule for DMDs is in force then Arccos is conforming. Dear Mr Sheppard, Thank you for your question regarding the conformance of your Arccos Distance Measuring Device (DMD). Firstly I will assume that the Local Rule allowing the use of DMDs is in effect – if this is not the case then using a DMD is a breach of Rule 14-3. In the case of the Arccos device, as the wind information is not from a measurement by the device but is, instead, from a public source, then that is okay. Also, as the caddie option takes its strategy information from data obtained before the round and does not make any alterations during the round, then this is also allowed, as it is essentially the same as a strategy written out before the round and carried with you. Therefore, if the Local Rule is in effect, then the features you mention in your email are both acceptable for use within the Rules. I hope that this fully answers your question, but if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best Regards, Clive Roberts Assistant Director – Equipment Standards The R&A
  24. I said in my review about the course maps been out of date which for my home course is annoying but today I played Turnberry and as some of you maybe aware the POTUS commissioned a whole load of changes about 2 years ago after he bought the course, moving a lot of greens and substantially changing the layout. Arccos was all over the place especially when the green had moved. There is just no way to make sense of the round.
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