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  1. There are many great courses but the Old Course you can say that you're in the footsteps off the greats especially with the iconic photos on the Swilcan Bridge
  2. Usually the guys who play the Scottish Open the week before are better prepared for the conditions and I suspect Royal St Georges is going to be playing firm similar to The Renaissance so bombers maybe not have such a big advantage. Has Rickie even qualified? For me I would want Robert McIntyre to do well but winner maybe Spieth. List of US entries to the Scottish Open.
  3. Had a great day, sunny, very light wind and course in great condition. Didn't play my best but still enjoyed it. Highlights/Lowlights Took 3 to get out Shell bunker on 7, it is pretty big I'm sure there are bones of golfers who didn't make it out buried in it somewhere. And par'd the last to the adulation of the watching crowd and his dog.
  4. Im looking forward to not falling asleep at 12:15am when Rahm is on the 14th hole like I did on Sunday!
  5. Had a hectic week. Tuesday played Gullane No2 (Scottish Open Venue), 14 over main damage done on 3 holes with a triple (lost ball) and 2 doubles (not taking punishment) being in the rough Wednesday played Gullane No3 getting better but 8 over with again a triple with lost ball and 2 doubles Today Played the Old Course St Andrews for the 1st time, the course was in great nick and we had really good weather enjoyed it didn't score well. High/Low lights. No 7 Rolled back into the Shell bunker on 7. Which is the size of a small green and has an 8 feet face which I was up against, tried to get out sideways and ran round it like the wall of death for a 7 Good birdie on 9 to close the front nine 13 decent drive but left with a blind 2nd didn't check pin position played for the front. This is the the 54 yard long green and pin at the back. Left myself the longest putt I've ever hit 90' or more. Bogey and move on. Partner did hole a 50' for birdie. 17 and 18 you tend to get a lot of walkers/spectators, on 17 I pulled my approach to the left of the road bunker short siding myself to the pin behind, putted up the left of the bunker to 8' and holed the putt. To the approval of the 3 person crowd. 18, was lucky to stay in bounds up the right then hit an 8 iron straight at the pin to the approval of the workmen doing the upgrade to the Russacks hotel but 2 putted for a 4.
  6. I'm a young retiree and my wife doesn't play golf. I play on average 4 or 5 times a week of which 2 are as a single at my home club. I try to book a quiet time after the older members have played their daily roll up and before the early work finishers get to the course = 2-3pm. I like to get out behind a 3/4 ball with no one behind me, I will play the course with one ball but if I hit an errant shot play a 2nd. When I get to the green I will putt out. If I'm catching the group and they are going at an OK pace I will practise putt or chip on/around the green. If someone then appears behind me I will play normally which can put a bit of pressure on the group in front. I never ask to play thru but welcome being asked. 9 times out of 10 if there is space in front of the group they will offer me to play thru. As a single when the course is busy and pace is slow, I will tend to only play the front 9 and maybe go to the range but this is because I play all the time. When playing in Europe when on vacation it is quite common to get paired with other people. I really don't mind who I play with high, low, medium handicappers, men woman, old or young. They always have a story to tell and normally find that the 4 degrees of separation applies. I play off 6 and I feel sometime others can be intimidated by this but I try always to put them at ease and within a couple of holes we are all relaxed and will share a beer at the end.
  7. Great attitude, I've played throughout Europe and the US and do the same. I really don't mind who I join up with we've all got one thing in common, golf!
  8. There is one big upside on limited international travel to Scotland at the moment.
  9. You must have cheated!!!!! We could get into a long game here
  10. Lundin Golf Club in Fife for me today, ex-Open Qualifier. Sunny 72'F but with 25-35mph winds, started Double, bogey but came on to a decent game to finish with a 79 and my partner clinching a win with a net birdie at the last. Like most of the courses in Central Scotland at the moment, playing firm and fast. Downwind 300yd drives into lucky to get 200yds. This is the 2nd of a summer 4 leg match play where each of us host the group. Lost 3 and 2 at Dunbar, won 1 up today onto Milngavie in July. FYI if any of you Americans want to phonetically write how to pronounce Milngavie go for it!
  11. Well it's a real struggle for me at the moment course condition not really suiting my game. Got beat in my matchplay tie 5 and 4 that's me out of all the matchplay events had 85 net 79 on Saturday's comp. Then got beat in the League match yesterday 5 and 4. We have had very little rain in Scotland over the past 3 weeks and the courses are playing firm and fast. Yesterday we also had a +20mph wind. Getting loads of distance just can't get the ball to stop. 9th 140yds to go hit a small PW bounces on the green twice and disappears onto the railway line. Being 4 down at the 304yd 12th, partner in the fairway, smoked one down wind at green through the back into the penalty area. I must have gone through 10 of the 14 matchplay holes with my approach shots. Another 2 I tried to play short and run in and they ended up short. Chipping is also a struggle off tight lies. In the doldrums at the moment maybe need to try and practise knockdown shots because my high ball flight is totally unpredictable. Playing a couple of links courses next week and entering the ballot for the Old Course so hoping for better play.
  12. I take Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg a day and I do feel a difference, it is not like night and day but I feel they help. I also have a massage gun that I use on my lower back, which is where I have the most tightness and anywhere else that is tight or giving me problems. But like most people say stretching to try and keep the muscle supple and getting use to it. They say 60 is the new 40, mentally that maybe the case but my body begs to differ.
  13. I had the MX-15 their predecessor and still have a set of MX-25 (Forged) version. From my experience they are a good improver iron, my game at the time was h/c 22 and used them until I was playing of 12. Like many have said they do look a bit pricey. I sold 3i-PW for £50 a couple of years ago. I was never fitted for the MX-15 and were off the shelf regular shafts, because of my success with them I got fitted for the MX-25 which again served me well getting me down to single figures.
  14. Going back about 15 years for the first time I got down to single figures, the irons I was using were Mizuno MX-15 cavity back cast irons with DG r300 shafts. I started to think I was a player and got myself a set of Taylormade LT2 irons with stiff rifle shafts. After about 6 months and going up a couple of strokes in my handicap I found a way to play with them by changing my swing but hurting my body, ended up with tendonitis. Went back to the MX-15 and then got fitted for a nice set of Mizuno MX-25 forged irons with DG R300 which I used for about 10 years. I learnt my lesson the hard way and 3 sets later still using cavity back forged irons.
  15. After Phil's win 60 is just a number. Saying that in the over 60s got handed the tie because my 71 old opponent doesn't like playing in the rain.
  16. Lost 2 and 1 in the 1st tie and feel like a mug! 3 down at the turn with a concession at 2 when I thought I played the wrong ball only to find on leaving the green it was sitting in the rough, then chipped off a path straight into a ditch at 6 to affective give him a hole. On the front 9 was not playing well. Managed to get back to all square playing 16, which he is getting 2 strokes. I'm on the green for 3 putting for par. He rolls his putt to 2 feet, which I concede and ask him is that 5 nett 4 and he replies 5 nett 3. I thought I had a putt for a half but accept his call and move on to the 17th. When I get to the tee I've re-counted and ask him if he is sure it was 5 since I counted 6. He then re-counts and confirms it is 6 (i.e he has just given me an incorrect score, and loss of hole), this has never happen to me before so I play on being one down. Again at 17 I have a putt for 4, he is 3.5 feet for 5 nett 4, my brain is in melt down, I miss the putt and concede the match, he still needed to make the putt for the win and his short putting had been atrocious all night. Kicking myself for not imposing rule on 16 but felt partially responsible for getting it wrong in the 1st place. Anyway 2 glasses of wine later the forum can be cathartic. Oh and I was the reigning champion for this trophy and I've gone out in the 1st round.
  17. In the over 50s and over 60s matchplay competitions Over 50s tie this evening 45'F. 12-20mp wind and showers, oh and I'm giving the guy 21 strokes. Really looking forward to it back into full Winter layers and waterproofs! Think I'll pack a thermos with hot coffee.
  18. The garage has been renamed Alf's Golf Shop due to the amount of kit I have in there and this is on the wall in the garage. I have another old framed version circa 2000 that i'm allowed to keep in the office. She's very understanding and happy to see the back of me most days.
  19. Played in the Senior League Betterball Matchplay for the club yesterday. Set the scene, my partner and I are 3 for 3 win wise but all the games have been close and we have had to play well to win with matches going down to 17 and 18. This is the 1st season we have been using the WHS handicap system. I'm playing of 4.9 and partner 11.7, the maximum competitor handicap is 20. Prior to WHS, anyone off 20 would be 75% of the difference in betterball which would be ((20-5)*75%) 12 strokes with me off scratch. new rules are that you use the Course Handicap so I get 5, but off a slope of 123 20 go up to 23 and it is now 90% difference. So I was giving 16 strokes to 2 guys who never missed a fairway and betterball net were the best part of 8 under. Started really well and was -3 gross thru 1st 5 but only 1 up. On the 4th, holed my birdie 3 and walked off the green while the other team were putting for their pars and announced we were one up, they nearly had a coronary. "But we're stroking" I pointed out this was only 1 of 2 holes they didn't stroke on. Next hole put my approach to 3 feet, old boy rolls in a 15 footer for par and turns round to say "you'll have that for a half". I wasn't driving well at that time with me cutting the ball but not getting into much trouble, sorted things out on the 6th, setup for the cut and hit it up the left side behind trees, 7th big drive ran out of fairway behind trees. So went one down in quick succession. Played steady on the back nine, 2 over for the 5 holes Eventually we got beat 5 and 3, with net birdies on 4 off the 5 holes. Didn't even win their non stroking hole, par just not good enough! Enjoyed the course didn't much like the thumping.
  20. I've used a mixture of Blue Tack (adhesive putty) and Glue Dots, the Glue Dots are ok for the smaller smooth backed markers but for the bigger ones and rough backed the Blue Tack works. It also allows me to re-organise when I get some more or remove one and used it. The only issue I had was with the markers that have pins in the back, initially I was going to drill holes in the board but decided just to cut the pins off and use Blue Tack instead.
  21. As a side note has anyone else notice significant numbers differences in Trackman inside compared to out? Recently at Callaway fitting centre in St Andrews, hitting off mat into range and driver swing speed 100mph or there about. Trackman at the local pro swing studio indoor about 92mph, all my yardages look similarly 10 yds shorter!
  22. Came across this today, some of you guys might find it interesting. https://randomscottishhistory.com/2021/05/12/golf-etc-pp-324-327/
  23. Was up in St Andrews for a fitting on Monday and played the New Course on Tuesday a few photos. Great weather and course in great condition no rough up so got away with a few wayward shots, except on 10, and tried to hit 3w out of rough. 10th Tee New Coures 18th Tee New Course Oh and they let us start drinking outside again after Lockdown so have a wee bit of catching up to do
  24. Well I didn't make the final, played like a chomper, OB off the 1st tee and just never recovered. Just need to qualify for next years.
  25. I try to collect ball markers from every course I play, they had been stacking up in a big tankard in my office so decide to put them on display. Finished mounting today. Top Left is prestige UK course and tournaments Left centre, San Diego, except for one Left bottom England Centre is all Scottish sort of geographically grouped Top right is Portugal, Turkey, Malta, Creet Below Portugal is Canary Islands Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gan Canaria and Tenerife Centre to bottom right is Mainland Spain and Majorca
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