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  1. I am with you here but maybe not go back to work. I retired 18 months ago with a h/c of 9 and gave myself a target of getting to 5 before I turned 60. I was playing 4 or 5 times a week, with competitions twice a week. Well I made it to 5.4 at the end of October and now I feel it is a bit of a chore admittedly it is Winter in Scotland and the conditions are poor. Usually I would be perked up by going to the Canary Islands for 2 weeks in Nov and the 2 in Feb to play golf, but in COVID times this is not so easy. I was also due to be playing in Turkey in November but COVID put a stop to that. For me I think I need to set myself some new targets for the new season which will hopefully give me the drive to get back out.
  2. COVID restrictions are pretty tight in Scotland at the moment and golf is about one of the only things you can do. It is what is keeping me sane at the moment.
  3. We've had a pretty bad week rain wise so the course has struggled to get us on 18 holes. Last couple of rounds we play 11 holes then restart and play another 7. They have also requested us to walk and carry if possible to protect the course. So it is 4 layers of clothes on top, snood, beanie hat, golf mitts, waterproof trousers and golf boots with stinger cleats but I'm still out playing. Chipping is particularly difficult at the moment you just can't predict how the ball will react on the 1st bounce, sometimes it rolls out others it just digs in and rolls 6 inches. Saturday only lasted 14 holes, 15mph wind and a squall came in and just soaked us. Still managed a decent score in trying conditions of 6 over Today 5 over for 18 without really making a putt, had my Mavrik Driver back with the lengthen shaft and this seems to be doing the trick, striking the ball really well. 17th is a 275 yd par 4, down wind I can just about make it, putting for eagle twice on it today (missed them both). Going to try and play the next 3 days forecast is cold but dry so hopefully get a decent score or 2.
  4. snapped this from the local Pro's wall. I would say you are pretty much optimum. I swing at roughly the same speed but my carry is about 10-15 yds shorter.
  5. 3 winter rounds for me this week. I've been using a new Maverik Max with a HZRD Smoke 60 shaft at 43.5 since the end of Sept and hadn't been happy with the distance I went to the range on Monday with my Mevo and came to the conclusion that I was losing best part of 10 mph and 20 yds carry c.f. to the old Epic. Swapped the shaft to the Epic 44.5 Fujikura Pro 62 with the Maverik Max head and have been using that all week with good results. Thursday 2 over, chipping and putting really well, spoiled a bit by an OB at 16. My excuse is that there is a tree overhanging the green and the placed the flag right under one of the branches. Pulled my 9i a little hit the branches and deflected OB. Saturday 7 over in a windy day but not hitting irons well and never really got any sort of rhythm going but still driving and putting well Had a day out at the course across the valley Linlithgow, hoped to get round 18 starting out at 12:20pm but by 3pm only made it to the 12th with a fourball holding up for most of the way round. 2 over for 14 with a lost ball on 6, pulled it left thru a tree and normally cuts, never hit anything. Lost sight of it never to be seen again. Bit muddy and soft and playing off mats bit still enjoyed a change for £12. Outcome is that I've gone back to the Pro who fitted me for the Maverik and asked him to replace the HZRD Smoke shaft with a std length. We'll see what happens
  6. Found my first issue with the Floki. If you use Arccos or Shot Scope you will not be able to screw the standard sensor into the grip but due to the screw mechanism access for length adjustment.
  7. I agree with @HardcoreLooper. One other point anything that you see Novelty before the word golf stay away from it. It is usually poor quality accessories that golfers will never use.
  8. I've always used 44.5" or longer driver,my recent gamer is an Epic 10.5' with a Fujikura Pro 62 Stiff shaft. I was fitted for a Maverik and the fitter convinced me that I should go for the Maverik Max head with a 43.5" HZRDUS Snoke 60. HIs main selling point was that I won't lose much distance and should get better dispersion. I've now played with it for 6 weeks and on the course I felt I was losing distance (even though it is winter conditions). I took both drivers down to the range and using my Mevo, measured the Maverik at 7mph slower head speed and about 20 yds shorter. I'm now using the Maverik Max head on the Fujikura shaft and seem to be getting a lot better results. I would be interested on anyone else's experience with shorter shafts! I'm turning 60 and can't really afforded to give up 20 yds in a season!
  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, I get a Scottish Golf Calendar every year and Traigh seems to be always featured so it was a bit of a must when we were in the area. For the time of year we got the best of weather, we also went over to Skye. But with Covid restrictions you could only get into the visitor centre at Talisker, also played Skye GC that week then Dunkeld and Birnam on the way home. Both worth a visit but not on a bucket list.
  10. Just posted my review. Really enjoyed doing the review as I've mentioned before it gets you doing things that you wouldn't normally do when practising your putting. The videoing in particular has highlighted some issues with my technique that I've worked on. Latest update on stats. I had a total blow out on Thursday when playing The Castle Course in St Andrews, 37 putts, BUT I had moved from slow parkland greens to very fast ironed links greens that are the most undulating greens I've played. Putting for birdie on 8 from 60 feet with 12 feet break and 6 feet downhill is just an example of one of the putts. Back on game yesterday with 30 putts. Today we called off after 4 holes due to fog but 4 single putts. It is still my new Gamer.
  11. 3 cart/Trolley bags and 1 carry. Grey with green trim Callaway Org 14 matching Epic headcovers. Favourite bag with loads of storage but not waterproof. Grey and silver Powakaddy trolley bag designed specifically to fit well on my Powakaddy FW5 Electric trolley. But pocket space is limited. Red and black Masters Icart Aquapel 100 Bag, waterproof and loads of storage but the umberella is in a stupid position. THis gets used in the off season. I have match Callaway black and red headcovers and also use a set of Muirfield red and white headcovers with it. Srixon Z565 red and black carry bag. This tend to go with me on holiday when I don't take my trolley. I also have access to 3 other carry bags which have been passed down to my sons. Maybe time for a tidy out, the Powakaddy maybe on the way!
  12. WHS went live today in the UK and my official handicap is 5.4.
  13. Thanks guys this is good feed back The ones I looking at are the spiked so hopefully the "nubs" won't wear as bad.
  14. Anyone got any experience with Skechers Go Golf Pro v4 shoes (except for Matt Kutchar)? Time to cash in my winnings for the year and due to Covid and end of year, stock is limited and want a waterproof shoes to use over the winter that will last! It looks like these of FJ contours are the choice.
  15. I don't understand the mentality of some people. If I'm out in a group and someone comes up behind and we are holding them up I will always look to let them thru, if there is space. I'm not a slow player (in my own head) and don't like rushing round a course. If you let them thru, you can play at your own pace and enjoy the day. Sometimes it is a testosterone driven thing. One other anecdote playing with my son and flatmate, ex-marine and rugby player. On the 3rd, short downhill par 4 (320 yds) we are putting and the 3 ball behind drive ball pitches in the greenside bunker, 4th hole 470 yds par 5 on the green putting the guys behind playing their 2nd shots again ball runs on the front, I gesture to the group behind indicating that they are playing right up our backs. 5th hole 290 yd par 4, closest yet, ball pitches 1st bounce on the green. We stop at the 6th and wait for them to let them play thru, 1st guy comes up having lost his ball. And I politely say would he like to play thru and he declines. I then point out that I want them to play thru since they have nearly hit us 3 times and he takes offence and start arguing with me. Meanwhile my sons friend is whispering in my ear "can I just hit him, we can take them, can I just hit him, please". Anyway he went back to his mates and we didn't see them again for the round. I pointed out to Gregg that if he hit him he would get banned and so would I so maybe not the best course of action.
  16. Getting close to review time so probably last graph. After playing with the length now moved it to the max 36" for the last 2 rounds. Greens are slower but I'm really beginning to get confidence with the putter, 7 singles in the last round with a couple of 10-15 footers. Scaring the hole with most putts within 30 feet and pace from every length good .
  17. People say that you should play at your own pace and enjoy the game but if that pace is causing other people issue you step aside and let them play thru. Since retiring I play a lot of singles golf at the club and I realise that I will be held up so if there is no one behind me I don't push the group in front. I will finish the hole then have some practise putts or chips until I go on the tee. If the group are aware they will wave me thru I thank them and move promptly on. The guys I usually have problems with are the older guys who still hold onto the etiquette of the 1980s "Singles have no standing on the course". Saying that at the club a 4 hour plus round is very rare. When the course is stacked you don't have much option but to suck it up. When this is the case then I will normally cut my round short. My worse experience was when I played in the States in Rancho Bernardo just outside San Diego. There was a ladies 4-ball competition on and it was 3 hours for the front 9. At 10 the Marshal ended up shuttling me around the course looking for a gap for me to play. I can't remember the order I played the back 9 in but 10 and 11 were my last holes just before dusk. But I didn't expect to be let thru the Marshal seemed more concerned than me.
  18. The one quote I remember from Rosella is “your brain does know the word don’t” I.e if you think “don’t put it in the water” your brain translates you want to put it in the water. When I reflect back this seems to be so true. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  19. I hate trees! Whoever said they are 60% air is lying. Love the course video!
  20. I've used it on and off for the last 2 years and personally I don't like the Caddie feature. I found the wind direction and speed could be inaccurate on the course I play. It makes a big difference if you play in 15 to 20 mph each week. It also suggested high risk strategies that just didn't make sense. Classic "User Beware" software. I really like the SG methodology of Arccos but it tends to confirm what I already know from my post round analysis. I stopped using Arccos earlier this year the only stats I now collect are FIR, GIR, recoveries and putts via my Skycaddie. Found I was focusing on the stats rather than on playing the game.
  21. Use to do this last year but stopped and been focusing on other things but I think I might go back to this. I don't do this on the green it puts me off I more likely to put the logo at the back and use this to focus on until I've completed the stroke. One interesting fact, if in match play your opponent asks to mark your ball off the green because it impedes his swing or line. You are not allowed to clean the ball and he could claim the hole.
  22. I'm struggling to hang on to any resemblance of middle age. My wife tells me that 14lbs takes 10 years off me. I'm a Boomer but feel if you dress and act like you're old, you'll feel old. I like the comments "you don't look 60". But they probably snigger behind my back.
  23. During summer season I use pink and orange balls on the range because they are identifiable from other players. In the Autumn the range is just cover in leaves so move to yellow and white. On the course we don't have a lot of deciduous trees so it is still white, but I do carry yellow for frostie days.
  24. In the UK Callaway Customer Support and warranty is 2nd to none in my experience. Quality of products sometimes I would question but when questioned they have responded very well. Contact them now would be my advice.
  25. Scottish Golf have started to send out their initial calculations of handicaps under WHS and mine is down to 5.2 form 5.5 I'm pretty happy with that. Some said that WHS doesn't have categories so I can't say I became a Cat 1 golfer but 5.2 is cool. After our Index and Slope came out I did a extrapolation on my excel and it came out at 5.14 so pretty close. Is this a hollow victory or I'm I being harsh on myself?
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