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  1. Remember what Lee Trevino said: “99% of the putts that are short don’t go in the hole.” You guys are obviously commenting without extensive experience watching the LPGA. Believe me. Except for the two I mentioned, they are usually short on putts and often not even close to having a chance to go in. The PGA guys are always burning the cup with the winner making more of the burns than the rest. Comments about only seeing the PGA contenders putt also holds true for the LPGA. Like the PGA they also show non-contenders make tough birdie putts. The stats differentials that are listed are
  2. The input from the posts above on my question have brought up some interesting points that I hadn’t thought of. My statement on their perceived deficiency is not statistics based but comes from years of watching every LPGA and PGA televised round since I retired in 1992. Except for the two that I mentioned they just don’t threaten the cup, whether its for a birdie or a par. They always come up short when they had to get it to the hole because of the situation. I think the one viewpoint of course/green conditions is a very good determining factor. However, the one season I played at Great
  3. I've been watching both tours for years and I'm puzzled as to why the girls can't putt. Lydia Ko and Inbee Park can but every other players that is on TV on Sunday can't make a birdie putt outside 5 feet. They most often don't get it within a foot on a 15 footer. They aren't very good chippers or bunker players either. There must be a reason. If the tour didn't set up the courses so they all had 7 iron to wedge in on the Par 4s they would score like in a US Open. What is it?
  4. Pinehurst #2 is rated so high because raters value things you and I don't put as most important. The whole course is rated high because of who designed it and the table top greens. I've played it too and found it to be a good course but not great.
  5. I based on the Trackman chart for my clubhead speed, which I think is around 75 to 78, then my average distance of about 200 years is about right. Analyzing the data shown it looks like I would want to minimize spin and attack the ball with a slightly upward clubhead flight. From this I have a couple of questions: 1. Do the newer drivers from Ping, Callaway, Titleist, etc., impart less spin by design than my Ping G? 2. Is there a published chart that shows a comparison table for spin rates between different manufacturers? 3. How does Dynamic Loft play in this formula?
  6. I tried arm lock today for the first time. I had a two ball long putter that I sawed off to 41 inches. I have to say it worked pretty good' especially the longer than 10 foot putts. I found that I was less inclined to change the face angle just before contact so that the ball usually went where I was aiming and my distance control was better. Shorter putts were a little more difficult though. The reason was that the stance is uncomfortable getting used too. Having to use the Claw grip contributed because you have to lean over much more. Only one three putt today versus the normal four or
  7. I am a senior golfer. I hit my driver around 200 yards. I'm thinking of toying around with my hosel adjustment on my Ping G driver to see what effect it could have. It made me think that there must be a program where you enter various specs like swing speed, loft, shaft flex, etc., and the computer will calculate your launch angle, carry, spin, and total distance. So by playing around with the specs I could see where my maximum distance lies. The major OEMs must have simulators that their designers use in the beginning stages to see what kind of performance they might get based on club de
  8. Jack - California Hdcp - 9 Current - Taylormade Burner 2 7 iron - 120 yards (I'm aged. That's why it only goes 120)
  9. How do I turn mine off? I get them every day in a small window on my Gmail screen. I get the daily newsletter so I don't need this.
  10. Sign Me up for test of Linx GT John Borchelt, California Handicap - 9 Have used GPS watch - Bushnell Neo Shot Tracking System - Not used
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