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  1. Thanks for the report guys. I use a medium grip as I found I got the ball straighter with it. Takes the hands out of the shot a little more I've found. I think that is good. My main question is about swinging with more left arm versus equal arms, and what that should do to the swing, if anything.
  2. I've been playing with an overlap grip for seventy years. From time to time, starting when Tiger came on the scene, I've experimented with interlock. I've noticed that overlap uses more left arm while the interlock spreads the feel to equal left and right arm. I always end up sticking with overlap, why exactly, I'm not sure. Just an unconscious feel that I got the ball better. But, as I said, I'm not sure why. So I'm wondering, are there any swing gurus here that can give me some finer points on what if any, spreading the swing feel from more left arm to equal right/left arm might be a better way to go. I've been as low as a 3 in my younger days and now have a 9.6 index. However, I've never got the ball very long but probably need to in order to keep my index for the next few years. I'm hoping there are some ideas here that might theorize some changes using the interlock that might help. If there is a better forum more dedicated to swing analysis could you point me to one. Jack
  3. OK. I’ve given up. Just couldn’t get enough feel into the shot. Guess I’ll have to go back to trying to fix my yips.
  4. I’m still working on this. Under pressure last round it showed a couple of hitches in my git-a-long. Judging distance has been biggest challenge.
  5. I bought one at an estate sale a few years ago for $1. Hope you didn't pay too much more than that for it. When I used it it worked well though. Still in my garage.
  6. I just ordered a bending device so I will go back and forth between the Bender and the board until it is just right. I'm also going to try the concept of magic marking a vertical line on the ball also.
  7. If that's the case then I probably need a lesson to see if the pro can isolate myself toe hit issue. As I get older I can't afford to give up much more distance.
  8. I think a lie board and a hitting board are the same thing. It’s a plastic board you hit ball off of with tape on the bottom of the club. I’m using electrical tape so the black marks clearly shoe the club path. So if it’s not the path that’s causing the toe hits then it must be the lie. Or is it?
  9. I have had a very slight outside in swing path forever. The hitting board shows it to be fractional in size. I've always credited the toe-ish(about 50% between the center and the scored face edge) pattern on the club face to swinging on that path. I wonder why you can't hit the ball in the middle of the iron even though you are an outside in swinger. Even though these clubs are supposed to be forgiving I'm sure I'm losing some yardage on my irons.
  10. I just returned from a hitting board exercise with my three sets of irons; Burner2 steel, Burner2 graphite, and Ping E55. All of the board marks on the tape show marks at around half way from the heel to the center of the club. The toe is certainly up when addressing the ball. Over the many years of playing my ball marks(abrasions) have always been outside of center; about the same distance from center as the board marks on the tape. My question is: Will bending the lie to move the board marks to the center of the club move the ball marks any closer to the center of the face, away from the toe?
  11. I have modified the Top-Flite version of the club you linked. It can be seen in the group of clubs in the background of the picture. Originally I tried converting the Top-Flite Chipper and the 50 degree Vokey to long putter style. They didn't work because the longer chips required too long of a backswing and that was too hard to control for solid contact. So after having tried Arm-Lock putting successfully I thought it might work for chipping. The problem with the TF chipper in Arm-Lock mode was that the flight was too low so it was useless from a little ways off the green. The 50 degree Vokey seems just right as it can be used from most chipping and short pitch distances just be adjusting the ball position and the length of the backswing. I'm playing my second round with it tomorrow so we'll see if it continues to be good. It's interesting that the Claw is extremely helpful for the putting yips but not from any significant distance on chips. If someone could come up with something similar to the Claw but allowing for a longer backswing, that might be the best solution for the chipping yips.
  12. I called Winn. They don't make that grip anymore. They do still offer the two piece long putter grip. I can use the lower part to confirm to the non-fat side rule for irons. I plan to use the illegal one in my weekly Men's club event to see if it will work going on.
  13. My angle is legal. 73 degrees. Looking for round extended length putter grips now. Or is there a limit to how thick it can be? Also, I think most extended grips will be putter grips, and finding one that doesn't have a flat side may be tough.
  14. I found the lie angle measuring technique: https://www.hirekogolf.com/how-is-the-lie-of-a-golf-club-measured
  15. That could work if I could fix my subconscious. I think the only real solution is to be hypnotized.
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