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  1. I have never worn a golf watch before and rarely wear a regular watch but I am pleasantly surprised with how the watch feels. I don't mind it and have had success with the yardage numbers it gives, especially the number to the front and the back of the green which you don't always have a reference for. I am struggling with the shot tracking. IT is another process and adds another element to think about when some of us already need to get out of our own way!
  2. Reserved Stage 2 Stage 2 Evaluation In my earlier Intro, I mentioned I am a 10 handicap, not real technical, have played golf for 40 years with very limited use of any yardage or shot tracking devises and have never used a golf watch. During the evaluation, I have enjoyed the opportunity to try the watch, evaluate the product and if/how it helps my game. Evaluating this product with no prior watch or yardage tracking technology experience did open my eyes to the potential of these devises. Now for the review of the SkyCaddie LINX Watch. Product setup In true male fashion, I opened the box, glanced at the directions and went after it with very little attention to the detail. I soon realized a little reading wasn't going to hurt and with the directions provided the set up was pretty straight forward. The watch came charged so it worked right out of the box. The buttons and menu were a little confusing at first but mostly due to my unfamiliarity. With a little playing the menu seemed logical and had some nice options/features. Next, I installed the tags at the end of my clubs and I haven't had a problem with them coming loose or moving a bit as I have heard of other products like this. In addition, I have had not experienced any issues tagging shots. Hold the tag to the watch and in 1-2 seconds and you feel a buzz letting you know it has registered. I then attempted to pair the watch to the app and again it was quite easy and intuitive. I did experience a few rounds on the course where the app on the phone sitting right next to the watch had a difference of 4-5 yards to the middle of the green. I could expect different apps having a difference based on average or GPS location, however it was confusing to me when I expected the two units to sync. When you have 143 and 148 I found myself wondering which one was right or do I take the average. I really liked the app to see layup spots on holes and I liked the confidence it gave me from having numbers to the front, middle and back of the green. Having a different yardage between the watch and my phone app hopefully was a glitch in mine or something they can sync better over time. Charging. Mine came charged and worked great but when I did need to charge it I felt it took a little longer than I had expected. This is fine if you remember you are playing tomorrow and better plug it in the night before but if it is dead and two hours before you play you think about it -good luck. I estimated you can get one, maybe two rounds if you are lucky? That is assuming you shut it off immediately after playing. I wanted to use it a few times but couldn't due to this issue. I never calculated but I would guess 6-7 hours to charge. Maybe this is what one should expect on this technology but, I am used to lightning chargers for phones and am a victim to my children's immediate gratification mindset. A faster charge would be helpful. Getting the equipment ready and to the course was easier than I thought for a non-techy. Setup Score: 9/10 Performance on the Course Watch/Tags I found the watch to perform well on yardage distance. I had a couple issues as mentioned earlier in comparison to the app sitting alongside it but for the most part it was very accurate and I liked having the front and back distances of the green on my wrist. My biggest takeaway from this was how much I love having the numbers to the front and the back of the green. For forty years I have played yardage from the fairway sticks to the middle. That was it! Maybe crazy for some to understand, but now I see why it would seem crazy! Tagging clubs worked without issue. The technology of the tags was easy and recognized the clubs within 1-2 seconds. The issue I had was remembering to do it and then figuring out how to edit a hole later or if I even remembered a shot at all. It was a bit cumbersome to do but in fairness to the product I have a handle on my yardages and found I wasn't as interested in average club distance as some might be? Benefit- maybe but again I know my 9 iron goes 148-151 yards with a normal swing (so 150 works). Now if we can figure in wind we may have something! I found the watch to be very comfortable and liked the look of it. App I was using the App on a Motorola Moto Z Droid phone. Again, I had very little issues with the function of the app. Some had a few other quirks and the company sent all of us replacement watches with “updated software”. My New watch works fine again except for a couple rounds where the yardage didn't match the watch as earlier mentioned. This was on the new replacement watch we were sent with upgraded firmware so I also feel like a couple others that the firmware still needs a little tweaking. In all we are talking four yards which isn't a big deal except my mind just wants one number to process. The shot tracking capability seems robust. The data you can collect is intriguing and can be fun. I need to give this area a little more attention to be able to accurately evaluate in stage 3. I rarely used LIVE mode but it seemed to work when I did. I found the Black Box mode to work better for me. You tag your shots and play golf. After the round, you can view the data. You track your own putts later in this mode. In both modes if you are putting from off the green it became confusing to me so I just tracked some average yardages for basic knowledge. I will concentrate some time to this element of the watch and further comment. Overall Performance I found the watch to be very helpful for yardage information. I found the front and back green distances, along with yardage on an errand first shot to the other fairway to be the biggest tool of the whole product. Having the yardage numbers on my wrist maybe enough for me to recommend this type of product to someone and I plan to continue to use it. In contrast, right now the other features are a bit tedious and cumbersome for my game. I say right now because not being technical I plan to continue to work with it and see if I can grow to like the additional information. In stage three I hope to have a different understanding and more interest in the shot tracking capability. Course Score: 32/40 Editing The editing feature is good. You can go in and edit the round which is helpful for those wanting to get detailed data and statistics. I wasn't enamored with analyzing my shots so I didn't get into this as much. It worked well and I will be focusing on this for stage 3. Editing score: 11/15 Looks/Wear I really like the feel and how the watch wears. I don't feel strongly either way about the style but the square face is better for me than a round face. Practical - feel over looks, so for me, they got it right! Looks score: 14/15 Likelihood of Purchase As a first timer, I see the value of a watch like this. The SkyCaddie Linx GT is a good product. I am expecting some refinement to the technology and that will help improve what is here. The jury is still out for me on whether the shot tracking ability is a must and if it will be a big impact in the market? A technically sound accurate yardage watch is something to consider. As a 10 handicap this can be that for the golfer wanting a little more information approaching the green or wondering what distance you may need just in case you end up in another fairway? Just saying it can happen? LOP Score: 15/20 Conclusion I feel the SkyCaddie LINX GT is a recommendable product to a golfer wanting consistent yardage numbers. For a higher handicap or professional scrambler who may not be right down the beaten track every time it some yardage help from the side is nice. Just like any tool there is a learning period and human analysis is needed in conjunction with the information you are given. I need to spend more time evaluating the shot tracking ability. I can see the intrigue and for some it may be fascinating to dial in the data. I am still not sure whether it could cause Analysis Paralysis and question if it will really improve my game much? TOTAL SCORE: 81/100
  3. MyGolfSpy Product Test & Review Sky Caddie LinxGT GPS Watch Hope you are all out on the Links. A rainy week in MN has me a little feisty to get out! I will start with a little about me as I look forward to sharing my opportunity to test the Sky Caddie LinxGT Watch. I second and third some of you out there who feel addicted to the game, so am I! It has been told by my Significant other that I am having an affair, she tells that my affair is Golf! I personally try to remind her there are worse things to be addicted to? How did I get introduced to the Game? I started playing the game in the suburbs of Minneapolis I would guess around 8 or 9? My father would watch golf on TV and I don't quite recall but I am sure he showed my younger brother and I a little as to how it worked. That transcended into around the house whiffle ball tourneys! Yes, like horse you take turns “calling the shot or hole”. It goes like this – Start by the driveway, can't go over the house, must hit the trunk of the tree back by the garden, simple, hours of FUN, and sometimes with a little snow for added difficulty! Without iPads and in the days of your parents saying, “go get outside”, we had to have variations to basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and the creativity in the Golf holes and the elements added to the drama! In my youth years, I believe I was much better than I am today. One of my good friends lived on a Par three course where we would play quite a bit, we putted for Nickels for hours, and I must mention I didn't think as much back then! That same friend went on to the PGA winning a couple times on tour and having a very nice career. Cool to be that close to him and I pretend I had a shot myself -just lacked focus of course. In my twenties I played some, then at 29 it kind of quit; kids, family and life took over and I just went in another direction than the course. I was fine with it until I was invited to a scramble around 39 and I looked like I had never swung a club before. Right shank, power shank, too much softball, who does this? OUCH! The bug was back!!! I got rid of my 20-year-old Ping knock offs and at 40 I was ready to rediscover the game/challenge! What kind of Golfer are you? At 46 I am an 11-handicap competitive HAPPY golfer that can't get enough, let me explain. I love competition, I am in sales, games are great of any kind (billiards, bags) it doesn't matter. The tougher the task the more I enjoy – bring any and all, it helps with the focus thing! The key point is HAPPY, so many are so frustrated in their round that the day is ruined. Let's face it I like to win, but win or lose, good shot/bad shot we are walking on perfectly manicured lawns, with beautiful obstacles to maneuver – there aren't many experience's that compare. What do I love about the game? Not to sound redundant but the technicality of the game, the environment, paired with trying to get the best out of yourself can be so rewarding and at times so humbling. I love stepping up on the first tee wondering how much good can I have today? About My game? Currently, I am hitting the driver well with a baby draw (250-270 with an occasional 290); my chipping is usually my strength while my mid irons approaching the green tend to be my weakness, unless I am having an out of body experience with the putter. What's in your bag? In My bag I carry a PING G30 Driver, TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 3-Wood and Hybrids, TaylorMade Bladez Irons, and I alternate between a TaylorMade Spider Blade and Odyssey Works putter. I own five putters (2-Ball, Cleveland Blade, etc.) and love to tell people the sign of a good putter is someone who has many right! As one who considered himself an excellent putter some years ago, for the record, I am not looking to put for Nickels right now. What do want to learn from the test? Not sure how this test will go but what I bring to the table is I don't always find technology the easiest to use. So, in short, I will be looking to see how easy it is to use from a non-technical perspective and what I think it can deliver to improve my game. Out of the box I love the look and feel of the watch (light weight and seems to be less bulky) than some I have seen. It has been pretty easy to set up so for starters that is a plus. I haven't been out to play because it won't stop raining!!! Stay tuned. I am excited to give it a shot!
  4. Your first name, home state/province: Jeff, Minnesota Your current handicap: 11 Have you used a GPS watch? Which one? No Have you used a Shot Tracking System? Which one? No Would love to try!
  5. Can you give me a couple suggestions to the best fitters in Mpls? Golfed for 40 years (since 7), never had a lesson and never had a club fitted. 10.5 - 11 Handicap Can I expect a dramatic difference - can you teach an old dog new tricks or can they i make new tricks with better bones? JW
  6. JW They look nice for one. Interesting to see how they perform? 10 Handicap Ping G30 Weakness -Inconsistency and confidence at times over the putter Strength - Can hit a variety of clubs and not afraid to try the dramatic.
  7. From Friendly MinneSOOOOta. Looks like a wonderful forum to share info, ideas and work my craft!

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