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  1. 1. Scott /Arkansas

    2. 10 handicap

    3. Mizuno JPX-EZ

    4. JPG 900 would best fit me. I love my mizzies that I have, but have had my eyes on these since they came out and have wanted to try these! Maybe I'll get lucky. Would love to review these and tell everyone about Mizuno irons some more! Thanks for the opportunity!


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  2. So just wondering if anyone has tried the Cut golf balls, which ones they have tried, what do you think about the pricing, and the pros and cons of the ball for you?


    For me, I have tried the Cut White and the Cut Blue. Here are my thoughts.


    Blue: a little hard off the tee, but love off the irons and around the greens and off the putter. Greensside spin is great!


    White: Absolutely love in all aspects for my game! This ball was closest to what I was using, which was the Srixon Q-Star. I got these great off the tee and have enough bite for me around the greens and feel great off the putter.


    I overall love the alignment line on these balls!


    Tell me what y'all think!


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